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Edison-PCE-6-14-14-3-crop-PSFearless Parent™ is devoted to education and awareness about children’s health. We promote and advance the rights of those who are passionate about evidence-based medicine, wellness, green living, and holistic parenting choices.

We welcome those willing to question authority, dig deep to find answers, and pursue what are at times unconventional choices. Sometimes you have to go against the herd. We’re figuring out who and what to trust, connecting with experts who are finding a better way, and building a community of fearless parents and thought leaders.

Louise Kuo Habakus is the founding director of Fearless Parent™ and lead host and producer of Fearless Parent Radio™. She is a bestselling author; runs two non-profits, Center for Personal Rights and Health Freedom Action; lectures widely; and has appeared in numerous media outlets, including ABC World News Tonight, Fox & Friends, and The New York Times. Louise was a Bain consultant and a C-level executive in the financial services industry. She holds two degrees from Stanford University. Louise serves as an advisor to Focus for Health Foundation, GreenMedInfoThe Documenting Hope Project, and SHE Living TV. She is a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher and the mother of two.


http://vaccineepidemic.com/c: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children

Amazon bestseller (244 reviews, 80% five star)
Skyhorse Publishing

2nd edition paperback: 496 pages (September 2012)
1st edition hardcover: 398 pages (February 2011)


1/22/18:    A Celebration of Our Medical & Parental Rights — Red Bank 1/13/18
11/13/17:  Are CDC-Funded Vaccine Nonprofits Sufficiently Independent?
10/16/17:  How Ineffective Vaccines Enhance Disease
4/8/17:      Is New Jersey the Next Battleground for Health Freedom?
4/5/17:      How to Eliminate Parental Rights in Three Acts
3/31/17:    How the “Anti-Vaccine” Movement Threatens Us All
2/7/17:      Vaccination Questions Answered: Red Bank Event Recap
12/7/16:    Say My Name (Not My Title): Understanding Each Other
11/10/16:  Feminism and the Election: The Gift of Acceleration
10/22/16:  The Antidote to Electromagnetic Radiation? PEMF Therapy
9/16/16:    Emotional Competence for Children’s Mental Health
6/9/16:      How the College Rapist Holds a Mirror Up to Us All
5/6/16:      The Ethics of Eating Meat and Our Food Co-op
5/5/16:      How to Make Inconvenient Vaccine Injury Data Go Away — Recording #3
5/2/16:      CDC Data Stranglehold Blocks Autism-Vaccine Research — Recording #2
4/30/16:    CDC Scientist Connects Vax to Tics, Language Delays — Recording #4
4/30/16:    Why is Thimerosal Still in Vaccines? — Recording #1
4/18/16:    Honest Disagreement in a Pro-Vaccine World
4/10/16:    Do Vaccines Cause Cancer?
4/8/16:      Be a Vaccine Safety Superhero
3/15/16:    A Mind of Your Own When It Counts… Act Now!
3/2/16:      Thinking for Themselves — Kids & Debate
2/2/16:      Wisdom of Our Ancestors on Drugs and Disease
1/16/16:    Hold Space for Vaccination Choice
12/28/15:  A Mother’s Prayer — What to Do When It’s Really Hard
12/20/15:  Happy Winter Solstice
11/25/15:  For You… Because Giving Makes Us Happy
11/19/15:  A Better Alternative to Health Insurance (Really!)
7/24/15:    A Tribute to Nick Gonzalez, MD
3/6/15:      Dear Legislators, Leave the Religious Exemption Alone
2/17/15:    Uninformed Consent: What’s Going on with Merck & Co?
2/15/15:    Uninformed Consent: A Few Things Parents Don’t Know About MMR
2/13/15:    Vaccination: Is It Time to Pull the Wool From Your Eyes?
2/12/15:    Vaccination with Pedram Shojai, MD & Jeff Hays on The Health Bridge
2/10/15:    Medical Freedom: What Rights Are You Willing to Lose?
1/26/15:    Homotoxicology: The Best Kept Detox Secret
1/4/15:      Smart Ideas for Better Digestion
12/1/14:    Buh-Bye, Obamacare! Hello, Health Care Sharing
11/14/14:  Dear State Farm, Your Vaccine Views Are Anti-Parent
10/22/14:  Noise Hurts: The Truth Behind Noise Pollution
10/22/14:  Parents, Should You Nix the WiFi?
10/14/14:  Cupertino, We Have A Problem. WiFi & Kids
10/3/14:    Are You Bought? The Film That Will Blow Your Mind
9/16/14:    Feminism & Parenting: Why Have Kids?
9/8/14:      Ladies, Ditch the Bra, Vol 2. The Fred Hutch Study Rebuttal
8/28/14:    Top 7 Ways to Keep Baby Safe
8/25/14:    The Three Pillars of Radiant Health
7/13/14:    Does Your Deodorant Stink?
7/1/14:      Ladies, Ditch the Bra for Your Health
4/2/14:      Send Your Kids to Summer Camp
4/1/14:      What Are the Kids Doing This Summer?
11/25/13:  School Violence, Psych Meds, and Our Children
10/22/13:  Bullying, I’m Naming Names, Part 2
10/21/13:  Bullying, I’m Naming Names, Part 1
8/23/13:    School Choices: Mistakes and a Leap of Faith
8/23/15:    School Choices: Life Was Simpler Then
7/23/13:    Youth Sports & Bad Behavior, Part 3
7/22/13:    The Youth Sports “Arms Race,” Part 2
7/21/13:    Youth Sports & Life Lessons, Part 1
7/3/13:      Camp Food: What to Do When Your Kid is on a Special Diet?


Radio Shows

9/27/17:    The Pathological Optimist with Miranda Bailey and Andrew Wakefield
2/22/17:    The Politics of a Vaccine Safety Commission with Pratik Chougule, JD
12/28/16:  The Power of Pussy and Sister Goddess Activism with Laura Brayton, DC
8/25/15:    Can Science Teach Kids About Humanity? with Professor David Haskell
5/11/15:    Homotoxicology for Chronic Illness with Mary Coyle, DIHom
4/15/15:    Vaccine Exemptions on the Line with CA, VT, PA state activists
12/17/14:  The CPS Card: Whose Kids Are They Anyhow? with Bob Krakow, Esq
11/19/14:  Bought, the Movie about GMOs and Vaccines with Jeff Hays
11/12/14:  Money-Smart Kids with Rachel Ramsey Cruze
9/17/14:    Holistic Parenting 101 with Brian Leaf
7/2/14:      A Tiger Mom-Free Zone with Shimi Kang, MD
5/28/14:    The Genius of a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck, PhD
5/14/14:    Microresolutions for Change with Caroline Arnold
4/30/14:    Strange Origins of Modern Medicine with Erika Janik
4/16/14:    Kids, Allergies, and Food with Robyn O’Brien
4/2/14:      Interview with a College President with Ed Burger, PhD
3/26/14:    Moms on the Brink with Katrina Alcorn
3/19/14:    Brain Science for Gen Stress with Kristin Race, PhD
3/5/14:      The Big (Fertility) Lie with Tanya Selvaratnam
2/12/14:    The New Normal for Couples with Chrisanna Northrup
2/5/14:      Tween Girls and the Drama Years with Haley Kilpatrick
1/29/14:    Parenting Through Crisis with Bruce Feiler
1/22/14:    Sex after Kids — Just Do It! with Kimberly Ford, PhD
1/8/14:      The Gift of Fear — a book review with hosts Louise and Alison
12/11/13:  How Do I Find a Good Pediatrician? with Stephen Cowan, MD
12/4/13:    Drive and Motivation with Janine Caffrey, EdD
11/27/13:  Dr. Mom, an Interview with Kelly Brogan, MD
11/13/13:  The Beauty of “I Don’t Know” with Leah Hager Cohen


Media and Advocacy Highlights

8/5/15:      Every last one: How to force total vaccine compliance, Weston A. Price
7/16/15:    Debating the value of vaccine mandates, Inside New Jersey Magazine
5/25/15:    Autism One Conference Keynote: New thinking on an old practice
4/1/15:      Youth sports: the good, bad, and ugly, Pathways to Family Wellness
3/17/15:    OpEd: Why we oppose mandatory vaccine measure, The Bergen Record
3/15/15:    BOUGHT, a Fearless Parent exclusive screening, Natural Awakenings
3/13/15:    Religious exemptions to vaccines may get tougher, Asbury Park Press
3/9/15:      NJ Senate OK’s … tightening exemptions to vaccines, The Bergen Record
3/2/15:      Who are the anti-vaxxers? Washington Examiner
2/16/15:    Another perspective on the sensibility of vaccination, The Epoch Times
2/8/15:      Vaccinations: Will you comply? Conservative News & Views
2/5/15:      Chickenpox detected in Brick schools, Asbury Park Press
2/4/15:      Christie urges parental say on vaccines, Philadelphia Inquirer
2/3/15:      Mandatory Vaccine Critic: Risks of Shots Understated, Newsmaxx
2/3/15:      MidPoint Live with Ed Berliner
2/3/15:      Parents deserve measure of choice on vaccinations, Associated Press 
2/3/15:      Vaccination debate spills over into 2016 White House race, FoxNews.com
2/2/15:      The Drive at Five with Larry O’Connor, WMAL Radio
2/2/15:      Parent activist defends Christie’s support for vaccine choice, NJ.com
2/2/15:      Vaccination debate flares in GOP presidential race, Washington Post
2/2/15:      Chris Christie expressed concern about vaccine autism link, MSNBC 
2/2/15:      Chris Christie’s complicated history on vaccines, The Atlantic
2/2/15:      How Christie became a hero of the anti-vax movement, Think Progress
12/6/12:    Some parents balk at vaccinating their children, NorthJersey.com
10/13/12:  Religious exemption to vaccination under attack, Middletown Patch
9/21/12:    Parents troubled by bill to tighten up vaccine exemptions, NJ Spotlight
4/26/11:    Book Review: Vaccine Epidemic, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
4/14/11:    Louise Habakus signs bestseller #114 on Amazon, NorthJersey.com
4/12/11:    Reforming New Jersey’s Vaccination Policy, Seton Hall Law Review
4/4/11:      Holistic Survival with Jason Hartman
3/3/11:      Press conference, US Supreme Court re Bruesewitz v Wyeth
1/26/11:    Chris Christie Middletown Town Hall Meeting
9/27/10:    Observations from UPENN’s ethics of vaccine mandates, Age of Autism
8/15/10:    To V or not to V? Controversy continues, Hudson Reporter
5/27/10:    Vaccine debate heats up in Chicago, Medill Northwestern University 
5/26/10:    Chicago ground zero for vaccine safety debate, Chicago Tribune
12/28/09:  Person of the Year, Age of Autism
11/3/09:    Vaccine choice supporters help elect Christie, Christian Newswire
10/30/09:  Chris Christie signs campaign promise to support vaccination choice
10/22/09:  Rally at gov. debate aimed at vaccine choice, Wayne Today
10/14/09:  Uncertainty leaves parents wary of flu vaccine, NorthJersey.com
10/30/09:  Chris Christie’s on the record campaign promise to me
9/29/09:    Healthcare worker vaccine mandate rally in Albany, NY
7/15/09:    Habakus debates AAP’s Meg Fisher, Morris County NOW
1/28/09:    NJ officials meet with vaccine choice group, Greater Media Newspapers
1/15/09:    Hunterdon hacks with whooping cough jag, NJ.com
1/14/09:    Officials confirm 12 cases of whooping cough, The Star Ledger
1/5/09:      Flu vaccine mandatory for New Jersey children, Legal Examiner
12/14/08:  State deadline nears for kids to get flu shots, The Star Ledger
12/17/08:  Stonybrook New York legislative vaccine roundtable, Age of Autism
12/1/08:    NJDHSS concession memo on religious exemptions to parents
11/30/08:  Reading the news, connecting the dots, USAAA Weekly News
10/19/08:  Flu shot mandate for children draws outcry, new bill, News OK
10/17/08:  ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson
10/16/08:  Preschoolers’ parents protest required flu shots, NBC News
10/15/08:  One thousand to rally for vaccination choice, Christian Newswire
10/9/08:    Fox & Friends Live with Gretchen Carlson (and aftershow)
9/28/08:    Nassau County legislative testimony, Assembly health committee hearings
9/8/08:      NJ Obama Corzine Vaccine Rally, Age of Autism
9/5/08:      Obama dines with donors, The Star Ledger (while parents rally outside)
9/5/08:      100 Middletown parents ask Obama about vaccination, The Trentonian