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Are You “Bought”? The Film That Will Blow Your Mind

by Louise Kuo Habakus

Bought is a new documentary film about our health and it’s a total home run. You can purchase the DVD or download the film by clicking the above image or this link.

BOUGHT is the movie you’ve been waiting for.

It’s the movie that you will tell your family and friends: “OK, just 90 minutes and I won’t say another word.”

It’s the movie that reminds you why you drive a 13 year-old car and spend all your money on organic food and supplements.

Listen to the inside story behind the making of BOUGHT on
Fearless Parent Radio with Jeff Hays and Louise Habakus

It’s the movie that clarifies why you repeatedly risk losing your friends, livelihood, reputation, and community by speaking out.

It’s the movie that explains, with compassion, why many people don’t.

It’s the movie about the trifecta of Big Government, Big Food, and Big Pharma; the little guys in the middle; and the way out of this mess.

It’s a hopeful, heartbreaking, and humanitarian movie that has the potential to catalyze a social revolution.

Everyone will be watching and talking about it.

We know you’ll want to be a part of that conversation.

We are asking you to please do a few things:

Next up? Stay tuned for details to prepare for a limited theatrical release. The official release cities are currently NYC, LA, and Salt Lake City. And after that? Well, it’s up to each one of us. Arrangements are being made for supporters to host community screenings and panel discussions. This movie will make you itchy for some good old-fashioned grassroots activism.

This movie speaks our heart.

Kelly Brogan and I are proud to be in the film. But that’s not the reason we’re 100% behind it. This movie explains why we do what we do. It speaks our heart. Please tell us what you think.

By watching through our link and sharing this post with others, you’ll also be supporting Fearless Parent. We hope you’ll sign up with Yekra to share this film widely.

Louise circle 8-7-14Louise drives a dented 13 year-old Honda Pilot. It has nearly 150,000 miles on it and is the beloved odometer of her family life. The post-9/11 departure from NYC. The almost-gave-birth-in-it trip to the hospital. The journey of vaccine injury and recovery. The road from fear to fearless.



  • Stacey Hall

    I have just shared and posted on all my social media pages. Thank you for speaking up for all of us who are on this mission together.

    The Hall Institute of Intuitive Wellness

  • Jerris Vaslev

    Look forward to seeing the movie, and am so glad to know I am not alone (it sometimes feels like that) I drive a 1995 Ford Explorer and spend all my money on the best food I can find, as much organics as possible, and supplements for my 13 yr old rescue dog and myself. I know I am considered by friends and family to be a “health nut” and a paranoid idiot for distrusting the FDA, Big Pharma and Big Food.



  • sabrina

    Always like to know all I can.

  • Dawn Winkler

    So happy to see a film bring both the food issue and vaccine issue to light, simultaneously, in a way that engages people no matter their age or status (parent or not). It is important to note that it is actually completely legal to enroll unvaccinated children in school with either a personal beliefs exemption (in about 19 states) or a religious exemption (in 48 states) and it is only West Virginia and Mississippi only that require a medical exemption. The case of Mary Check, depicted in the film, was about a medical exemption only, in New York state, which for now, does have a religious exemption. Because freedom of religion is guaranteed by our Constitution, religious exemptions are typically easy to obtain in most of the 48 states that provide for them. It is critical that parents know that they have the legal right to say no to vaccines and that their children can still attend school. I’ve lived in four states, my son is now done with K-12 and in college and we did not vaccinate, using exemptions was not a problem as long as I simply stood firm and let them know I am well aware of my rights under the law. Yes, exemptions are being threatened in many states and have changed slightly in some, but they are still available. I would hate for a parent to give up on researching the issue because they were under the false impression that they have no choice, which nearly happened to me, despite losing my daughter because of vaccinations.

  • Rebecca Lynch

    I feel so fortunate to have people in my life who have guided me and led me on the path to inform myself when I was pregnant with my first child. This film is exactly what is needed to help others understand these complex issues. It uses language that make the science understandable, and once understood, you will be blown away! Do not miss this movie, and share it far and wide!

  • Mitchel

    We had a house filled with guests this weekend and all I wanted to do was watch “Bought!” My wife and I watched it last evening – again, thank you – thank you – thank you. It still amazes me that you have these enormous legal settlements (Risperdal!), researchers from prestigious universities (MIT, Harvard!) sharing what they know, the section on Gardasil vaccine was unbelievable… It documents real life lawsuits, specifically two fairly recent settlements worth well more than $2 and 3 BILLION each. It discusses Big Pharma giant Johnson & Johnson’s decision to settle its Risperdal after a mere 6 days of getting pounded in court. J&J virtually destroyed the whistleblower’s life (and countless others harmed by their illegal marketing practices). The drug company had the audacity to fight this for over 10 years in an attempt to prevent it from ever going to court… yet once there, they gave up after 6 days of damaging evidence.

    Bought shows how many questions need to be answered and, until fairly recently, it seems like it has fallen on deaf ears. Most politicians need to be voted out of office; the whole “pay to play” system will be the downfall of our society unless we can change it. My God, it’s nuts! Our society’s inability to have a level-headed conversation about vaccines, GMO’s, toxic chemicals. The fact that mainstream media completely ignores this side of the story completely (which appears to have more science and merit backing it up than the other side does). I’ll brush over the part where they label/brand as “quacks” or “conspiracy theorists” those who question the status quo in an effort to negate the grounded research which contradicts MSM’s financial interests.

    While those who push the “get ‘em all” vaccine party line immediately race to the autism fight, stating this has been disproven (though the #CDCwhistleblower and many other scientists beg to differ). The concerned researchers, activists, and parents who are labeled “anti-vax” are in reality, PRO “informed choice.” They are calling for more science and they are asking policymakers to pay attention to research that already raises questions about links between food and vaccines and environmental toxins and the increased rate of childhood allergies, asthma, cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes, etc… We already have some of the sickest children of all developed countries (and the second highest infant mortality rate).

    For those who continue to say, its NOT vaccines or food, then why be opposed to more independent safety studies or labeling the food? If there is nothing to hide, shouldn’t we err on the side of caution when it comes to our children? Aren’t they what’s most important?

    Bought was an extremely solid, well edited, powerful piece. I could go on and on for weeks with questions and comments, though I’ll spare you the pain! Thank you.

  • Mary Coyle

    Wow – What a powerful documentary! I’m suggesting it to all of my friends who don’t know what to direction to take when it comes to their family’s health. “Bought” has basically done the heavy-lifting, and all we have to do is heed the warning and then pass it on. Restoring or avoiding childhood (and adult) illness is turning into a mine-field out there. Thank you to Jeff Hays and to all those who participated in the film, not only for sounding the alarm — but for giving us the GMO-free food-for-thought that just might keep us and our loved ones out of a lifetime of medications, doctors’ visits, and financial and emotional chaos. And thank you for ending the movie on a hopeful note. Parents are figuring it out together, supporting each other, reading the science, and partnering with a small number of courageous researchers, clinicians, and other practitioners.

  • Brian Rossiter

    A powerhouse film that’s as comprehensive as it is timely, “Bought” explores GMO foods, diet, vaccinations, health conditions such as autism, and taking back our government. “Bought” is a rallying cry to action now because our health is on the decline rapidly. Get inspired and get fired up to take charge of your family’s health and be a leader in your community!

  • Lesly

    Wonderful powerful work. My question is how do we get the collective psychosis that has shut down any possibility of even allowing a smidgeon of possibility that vaccines might not be as safe and effective as the powers that be would have us believe? How do we reach these people? They shut down as soon as see the first scene of the film which has to do with vaccine injury. It almost seems as if unless it happens to them directly there is no room in their minds to even question it – or respect for those that do. I’m even feeling shy about posting on my wall about it as I’ve been shocked by the fallout when i post anything about vaccines – even from otherwise educated and forward thinkers. They seem more open to learning about and protesting against GMOs – but any mention of vaccines and i’m the ol tinfoil hat wearing wacko…..the information is all out there – very clear – how do we get people to listen?

  • Louise Habakus

    Great review of BOUGHT by Kent Heckenlively a founding contributing editor of Age of Autism. He compares BOUGHT to 60 Minutes during its prime, back in the day when investigative journalism meant something: http://www.ageofautism.com/2014/10/bought-doing-the-job-60-minutes-used-to-do.html#more

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  • Richard Goodwin

    Where can we actually buy bulk amounts of this DVD? I can’t find any links!

  • Step

    it’s a presumptuous of this film to think it about profit, that’s only the reward. It’s about the intentional poisoning of most the human race that aren’t part of the controlling class. The most vile and monstrous people that have been causing deaths and destruction to people for 1000’s of years. Now they have the technology and the brain washing to cause permanent and severe damage to life itself. Till people wake up and see it’s not profit or oil but insidious psychopathy to dominate others, nothing will change. Vaccines are the only way to spread disease and permanent destruction without doing so to the controllers. If they spread this horror any other way like food, water or air they would also be infected. This way they only avoid the vaccines or get saline fake vacs instead.

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