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Is New Jersey the Next Battleground for Health Freedom?

by Louise Kuo Habakus

Editor’s note: As a project of a 501(c)3 non-profit, Fearless Parent does not endorse or oppose candidates. We can, however, provide you with a lot of information. Time to wake up, parents. This is the third post in a companion series as reading background for The Truth About Vaccines  documentary. The entirety of this post is copyright protected. If you wish to share, please obtain prior written permission with details for partial use and link back for attribution. Thank you.

It’s one thing to recommend vaccination. It’s entirely another thing to sacrifice who we are — our fundamental rights, values, beliefs — on the altar of mandatory vaccination. If increasing numbers of parents are concerned about vaccine safety, then the appropriate response is to address the concerns. The appropriate response is not coercion via removal of parental rights and violation of health freedom.

California pediatrician Richard Pan was so successful in eliminating parental rights via SB277 in California that he’s coming to New Jersey. Well, not him exactly, but his alter ego, CHOP pediatrician Jennifer Chuang.

Who’s CHOP pediatrician Jennifer Chuang?

Chuang is director of the Adolescent Medicine inpatient services at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Here she is thanking industry spokesman, Paul Offit, via Twitter about “anti-vaccine activism.” We know the anti-vaccine label is a strategic distraction designed to usher in authoritarian policies and medical paternalism.

What’s she up to?

She’s running for NJ Assembly in District 7

Jennifer Chuang isn’t just a 40 year-old pediatrician who’s buds with Paul Offit. She lives in Moorestown, which is a 30 minute drive from Philadelphia and she’s running for political office. Chuang is a General Assembly primary candidate in New Jersey’s legislative district 7.  

Wait a minute. Did we say District 7?

Chuang, Paul Offit, and… Herb Conaway?

District 7 is home base of long-time New Jersey Assemblyman Herb Conaway, who happens to be Chair of the Assembly Health Committee. He’s a top beneficiary of pharma campaign contributions and votes accordingly.

At his hearings, Conaway extends no courtesies to parents making significant efforts to express concerns and defend our rights. He posts controversial bills with the absolute minimum of public notice. He modified his own bill (to match a Senate bill that was moving) with no public notice. He gives parents 60 seconds to speak, using a timer and a gavel, bellowing when time is up. During parent testimony, he leaves the room for long periods of time without explanation or apology and holds private conversations, which are loud and disruptive. Read more here and here.

Conaway also demonstrates his pharma loyalties on the devastating opiate issue. He has refused to move bills that

  • alert patients about addiction
  • alert parents of children receiving opioids about addiction
  • limit the amount of opioids a physician can prescribe
  • expand or mandate physician participation in prescription drug monitoring programs

Check this post out: Dr. Conaway, the 2nd Worst Person in NJ Politics.

Model minority doing Pharma’s bidding

By invoking her Taiwanese heritage in her candidacy remarks, Jennifer Chuang placed her race in issue. I’m Taiwanese, too, on both sides of my family. My remarks are offered as thought provoking commentary for conscious engagement. Chuang herself encourages open dialogue about our nation’s racially and ethnically charged issues: “If we don’t talk about it, then there’s no problem and nothing to talk about.” The personal is political, after all.

Chuang’s candidacy for NJ Assembly follows the Richard Pan model (cue California’s SB277, which we’ve been writing about). And let’s not forget state senator, anesthesiologist Ervin Yen, who was enlisted to track the same blueprint targeting parental rights and health freedom in Oklahoma with SB83

All three are children of Chinese immigrants from Taiwan. Like me. I know their story well. Study hard. Get into an Ivy League school. Make money so you can take care of your parents. It’s tied into the deeply ingrained Confucian ethic of filial piety:

[F]ilial piety is a virtue of respect for one’s parents, elders, and ancestors… The term can also be applied to general obedience… In more general terms, filial piety means… to engage in good conduct not just towards parents but also outside the home so as to bring a good name to one’s parents and ancestors; to perform the duties of one’s job well so as to obtain the material means to support parents as well as carry out sacrifices to the ancestors; not be rebellious; show love, respect and support; display courtesy…”

You see where this is going. In the wrong hands, these qualities are tailor made to be abused. I’m not a casual observer here. It is inordinately frustrating to watch my Chinese sisters and brothers dutifully following the rules and scooping up the “atta boy” prizes while failing to see how they are playing the patsy in a game they don’t understand.

The problem is that they should know enough to be wary. Anyone who survived World War II learned about authoritarianism and its creep. Westerners focus on Nazi totalitarianism but the Chinese also endured epic brutality in the Pacific theater. A quick history lesson about Taiwan tells the tale. My parents were born into Japanese occupation followed by Chinese martial law. The stories they share are grim. General Chiang Kai-shek was not a good dude.

Chuang understands this. She writes about the political oppression of that time. She criticizes one totalitarian regime and yet can’t see that she is being employed to impose medical tyranny on her constituents. It’s already bad enough, this subordinate and unquestioned following of externally-imposed rules, without considering another sobering truth.

Do we really think these Chinese doctors are coming forward in a stunning display of proactive public health advocacy? No! Pharma is deliberately hand picking them to do their shameless racist bidding.

How many naive, obedient, unassuming, aw shucks, model minority Asian pediatricians will they scare up to manipulate us through stereotype and prejudice?

It’s particularly unfortunate because Pharma is taking advantage of our society’s paralyzing political correctness that makes it difficult to call this out without being accused of racism. In fact, I’ve already been called an Asian bigot by people so eager to utter the epithet that they don’t take the time first to understand (or look the word up in the dictionary).

It’s the same authoritarian laws. It’s the same party line. It’s the same claims to care more about children while cutting parents out of the conversation. And it’s racism, too.

They’re coming after our religious exemption

The writing is on the wall, from California. Plus, we already have mandatory vaccination in New Jersey and over 98% of children are in full compliance. First, here are some of her quotes:

First, Chuang’s February 3 letter to the Moorestown Sun, in which she expresses interest in running for office. 

All youth are vulnerable and need a voice in the government to defend their young fabulous lives. In addition to my dedication to serving these youth, I have the background to understand the medical research, practice evidence based medicine, and deliver high quality care in a value based manner.

In her “Chuang for Assembly” speech on April 4, she writes movingly about such things as teaching the art of medicine; bemoaning the politics of declining NIH research funding; wanting children who are not just good test takers but also generous and compassionate; relying upon herd immunity when her daughter’s neuroblastoma treatments prevented her from getting certain vaccines; and only wanting the best for our children. 

Her local Moorestown Patch reported on April 5:

[Chuang] can definitively say that there is no link between vaccinations and autism.

“And when I saw that bills have been increasingly introduced to the NJ State legislature regarding having vaccines become more and more voluntary in nature, I was no longer able to rest,” Chuang said… Vaccinations are the main reason why I, as a pediatrician, felt that it was essential to enter this NJ State Assembly race at this particular time.”

She also delivered this statement (advance to 2:35):

She clearly states that, as a faithful member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, she thinks it’s really important for children to be vaccinated. What she does not make clear, however, is the lengths to which she and her aligned special interests are going to make this happen. As we shared, recent legislative history in California tells the story.

What is she talking about?

New Jersey parents have been going to school on the vaccine issue for nearly two decades, thanks to the dedicated advocacy of many parents. She’s not going to be able to pull the wool over our eyes so easily. 


Chuang writes about the things that I see and feel but her actions do not match her words. 

Medicine is and has always been an art — so why is she advancing medical orthodoxy?

I, too, am worried about the politics of research funding — scratch beneath the surface and see what’s really going on and who’s pulling the marionette strings.

Yes, there’s way too much of an emphasis on obedience and test taking — we have to model this very critical ability to think for ourselves and not obediently pander to authority.

The “immunocompromised can’t vaccinate” line is deceiving and incomplete. Will Chuang tell the truth that the vast majority of immunocompromised children can be vaccinated?

Who does not want the best for our children? What happens if, as a result of the deep love for our children and the product of our own independent critical thinking, we wish an alternative medical treatment for our child? Who gets to decide?


Chuang calls for publicly supporting women and our health care providers when it comes to abortion access. Women have fought hard for bodily autonomy and personal sovereignty, passionately calling for the right to assert dominion over the birth and reproductive choices that impact our bodies and our lives.

How does Chuang do an about face and say, choice for us but not for our children?

This societal carve out for vaccination cannot stand. UNESCO’s Universal Declaration for Bioethics and Human Rights is clear that prior, free and informed consent for all medical interventions is the international human rights standard around the world. Period. Nowhere does it say, “except for vaccines.” 


Over the millennia, mothers have ensured the survival of our species under their watchful and loving care. There is no one that cares more about a child than her mom and dad. If you want to support children, support parents. Engage parents in a respectful and earnest discussion and obtain their input regarding the issues that affect their children’s well-being and welfare. 

I’ve learned to be deeply suspicious of politicians who claim to represent the “young fabulous lives” of our youth in a conversation that leaves out parents. 


I’m also very concerned about legislators that run on a platform with a medical agenda that has the fingerprints of pharma and a professional trade association all over it. We don’t need yet another source of confounding and undue influence for powerful special interests.

Doctors will disagree. Doctors make mistakes. Doctors are very slow to integrate science into clinical practice. I have no interest in having my government legislate and mandate consensus medicine. We live in a democracy and elections are supposed to be about the will of The People. I am voting for candidates to represent me. I have no interest in voting for someone whose higher authority answers to someone else. 


Don’t get us started. New Jersey is the autism capital of the United States. We’ve been dealing with skyrocketing autism and no answers for decades now. A stunning 2010 EPA study identified 1988-1989 as the changepoint year, after which there was an increase in cumulative incidence.

Stop telling us what you know doesn’t cause it until you can tell us what does.

Here’s what we do know. Autism is a behavioral diagnosis not a medical diagnosis. This label does everyone a grave disservice by intentionally obfuscating very important questions about causes (and therefore cures). It is not going to be possible to evaluate a causal relationship between vaccines and autism until our government prioritizes independent research to identify the medical conditions associated with autism. When we finally decide to take autism seriously, we will finally stop applying a meaningless behavioral label to intensely medically sick children. 


Again, what is she talking about? What bills are these? I can’t think of a single vaccination bill that has been passed in New Jersey that made vaccination more voluntary. This kind of careless statement doesn’t bode well for voters seeking candidates with attention to detail and trustworthiness.

Check your party affiliation now for the primary

A primary election is one that narrows the field of candidates prior to a general election. It’s the process by which a party nominates its candidates.

To vote for or against someone running in a certain legislative district, you need to be a registered voter in that district.

To vote for or against a Democrat, you need to be registered as a Democrat at least 55 days prior to the primary election or by April 11. This means you need to read these instructions; fill out this form; and file it with your county’s Commissioner of Registration or Municipal Clerk.

Are the institutions of democracy working?

What the heck is wrong with democratic governance? Our political system is seemingly unable to break free from a divisive partisan morass to address gravely serious challenges. Parents want answers about the pediatric health crisis. Over half of US children are chronically sick and neurologically impaired. As we grapple with complex, multifactorial medical and behavioral disorders and work to find viable options and solutions for coping and curing, we’re increasingly told to back off, grow up, and grow up.

A democratic society is supposed to be a system of checks and balances, with the separation of political power among a legislature, an executive, and a judiciary.

  • Citizens have a responsibility to vote and make clear the will of the people.
  • Legislators are representatives who should represent us and legislate (make laws).
  • Our chief executive is meant to execute these laws.
  • And the judiciary, as keeper of the legal system, is expected to address the meaning of laws and their application, especially as regards the intent of the Constitution.

These formal institutions of democracy play out against a backdrop co-created with powerful players, including corporations, the media, and religious institutions. But what happens when the system doesn’t work as intended?

Health freedom is on the line

Benjamin Rush was George Washington’s personal physician; America’s first Surgeon General; member of the Continental Congress; signatory of the Declaration of Independence; and the only medical doctor to assist in the drafting of the Constitution of the United States. He spoke up for health freedom:

“The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic…Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution; the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people, who wish doctors and treatments of their own choice, to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers. The Constitution of the Republic should make a Special provision for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.”

Democracy requires a vigilant and educated populace. Freedom must be constantly defended. Do not allow vaccines to be mandated without exemptions. Whether you vaccinate, the principle that is at risk is health freedom. 



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  • Jennifer Lee via Facebook

    NJ is up. Seriously, my silent-majority fb friends. If you’ve been following me for the past three years, I’ve posted numerous articles about the rapid erosion of personal freedoms and parental rights in other states, California in particular. Well, NJ is up. It’s no joke. If you value your family, get involved. NOW.

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    She needs to be defeated and defeated by a big margin. It would be really interesting to see who is bankrolling her. We need to organize a campaign to support whoever her opponent is who is mostly likely to win, and actively campaign against her. She is potentially an enormous threat.

    • Melissa Tiganitakis-Chios via Facebook

      Just posted this comment in response to her post today…

      “Dr. Jennifer Chuang, can YOU show me ONE SINGLE STUDY on the safety and efficacy of the ridiculously inflated US vaccine schedule?!

      Parents have the right to ask questions and deserve answers. If you cannot answer them, then it is irresponsible and outright dangerous for you to promote vaccines as safe and effective!!!”

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  • Ann LG

    “Pharma and the AAP are employing a particularly shameless and reprehensible kind of racism.

    How many naive, obedient, unassuming, aw shucks, model minority Asian pediatricians will they scare up to manipulate us through stereotype and prejudice?”

    Yes!! My sentiments exactly.

  • Kim D

    Thank you for all the awareness you bring. Brilliant article…she must be stopped!

  • Hannah Chow

    It’s transparent to all who are critical thinkers that this woman is being placed into politics to further the agenda of powerful forces in industry. My guess is that she was offered a sweet financial deal to be the new face/puppet of big government intruding on our families’ lives. You can clearly see that her talking points are almost verbatim the talking points of the other puppets in government. She was picked for a reason — female, Asian, Ivy-league trained etc. My guess is that her constituents will see right through her and she will not get the democratic nomination. I think the people are finally done being played by politicians.

  • Ariel Mayer, L.Ac

    This is a religious freedom issue. How I practice my religion, and experience my relationship with God, is my personal business and the government should not get in the way of that (as stated in our Constitution). Government should not get in the way of spiritual beliefs or conscientious beliefs either, but those are not laws in this state; Dr. Chuang’s wording makes that hard to understand. I don’t like how she makes it seem like having a conscientious beliefs bill is wrong and that it is ridiculous to allow parents to have the right to make medical treatment decisions for their children. I am always surprised when doctors make statements about any kind of mandatory medical treatment because, from my perspective, it goes against the Nuremberg Code. — Why is it so terrible for President Trump and RFK to investigate the safety of vaccines? Dr. Chuang says that this administration is “questioning the value of vaccines”. They are questioning THE SAFETY of vaccines for the good health and well being of our nation’s children. All Americans should have the right to safe medicine. I do believe that American families have the right to decide for themselves if they want to have none/some/all the vaccines that are on the list required by the AAP. Louise, Thank You for all the work you do in the spreading the word!!

  • Ted Fogarty

    Louise-interesting point on race as OK MD spearheading market capture through regulation is also Asian. TFMD

  • Brant Brogan via Facebook

    Yes Louise! You totally nailed it. When I noticed the vax-mandate charge in Oklahoma being led by Senator/Dr. Yen last year I thought, ‘hmm that’s a coincidence’. And now this with NJ? There sure seems to be a pattern here.

  • Heather Batten via Facebook

    I think it is really important to talk about how vaccines (and the medical industry) are tools of white supremacist culture. I know those words sound harsh on the ears, but it will use anyone and anything to maintain control and produce $$$. Ultimately the foundation of our society is not based in humanity and justice like we say, but rather on the bottom line profit. It’s so important to see this so we can understand how we all have much more in common and much to lose.

  • Alison Fujito via Facebook

    Isn’t it interesting how the first mandate pushers were Jewish (Offit, Reiss, Caplan), and the next generation is Asian?

    Here’s another one: https://youtu.be/BoIJCUQqB3I

  • Isabelle

    Thank you LOUISE for another thought provoking article! I always wondered, who do they think they are to look down upon us with such demeaning tones? Your part about conformity, obedience and that other word you used I can’t remember) makes a lot of sense. Why won’t they answer and delete our questions? I also know why, but what else can we do? How do we STOP them or achieve health freedom?!

  • Jane

    Thank you, Louise. I always draw inspiration from your thoughtful and timely articles.

    For those of us not in New Jersey, l was going to suggest writing on Dr. Jennifer Chuang Facebook campaign page. But, after reading her assembly speech from a few days ago, it is clear that where I see oranges, she sees apples. That that’s the conundrum – bright, good intentioned people reaching completely different conclusions. I however, fail to see how she can fail to see the arrogance in forcing opinion via policy on those who disagree. THAT, is so un-American.


    Anyhow, I still might share with her that her fellow Americans, and yes, some of us also are part of Asian heritage families, want our politicians to to protect our right to informed consent when it comes to any medical procedure -for ourselves and our children. That should span from splinter extraction to vaccination to chemotherapy.

    I’d share that it’s about fundamental American liberty and ethics, not the triumph of anyone’s or any institution’s current opinion/belief. The treatment of individual/family liberty as sacrosanct is what protects us from the slippery slope of totalitarianism. I’d remind her that the road to disaster is paved with good intentions, and beseech her as a peer, to reflect deeply upon her Hippocratic Oath and intention to be a healer, not pawn.

  • Nicole

    We the people of NJ and Any voice that can stop this woman she is not a good person and she is not going to do anything but hurt our state just like California. We can not sit back and let this happen I live a township over from Moorestown, I am from Delran and I am looking for any forums, sites, places to go to make our voices heard and not let this happen! Please if anyone knows of anything that I can help with by voicing and voting against this woman please tell me. We are parents we know what is best for our children, we have a right to what we believe in and for that not to be questioned. Thank you all for commenting and keep it going DO NOT STOP THIS WOMAN HAS ANOTHER THING COMING TO HER, she thinks she is going to stop this and make things her way NOPE NOT HAPPENING! It’s time we really put our two feet down and LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD AND PLWASE EVERYONE VOTE AGAINST THIS WOMAN SHE IS NO GOOD!

    • Louise Kuo Habakus

      Hi, Nicole. Thank you for writing. She didn’t win the primary but you are right that we must be vigilant. We are planning events to bring people together in community. If you’d like to get involved, email us at info@fearlessparent.org. And also join the NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice.

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