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Vaccination Questions Answered: Red Bank Event Recap 1/24/17

by Louise Kuo Habakus

Fearless Parent’s much anticipated and coveted “A Conversation about Childhood Vaccination” event at the Two River Theater in Red Bank, NJ on 1/24/17 was everything we hoped for. We’re happy to share highlights, including the program and lots of photos now (scroll down) and hopefully video very soon. Please comment below if you’d like to share feedback or stories. And we’re happy to include your pics — send ’em over!

What happened?

Four hundred people — parents, professionals, activists, speakers, exhibitors, donors, and volunteers — said: “Yes. We want this.” The event sold out three months in advance, with hundreds turned away and on the standby list. Hurricane gusts, annoying hail, incessant rain, a closed airport… nothing could keep this event from happening. 

We lit up a local theater with truth and beauty. The venue was alive with information, support, hope, compassion, and love. Everywhere we looked, people were smiling, nodding, laughing, crying, sharing stories, helping, giving, and holding each other up. Eyes were opened and everyone was so moved. It was an extraordinary celebration of community.

Parents had their vaccination questions answered and everyone left wanting more.

Event highlights

We featured…

Seven inspiring, pragmatic, and collegial visionaries — donating precious time and travel to speak about their activism; holding space for important ideas of empowerment, integrity, transparency, justice, respect, compassion, and human rights; sharing narratives informed by professional training and personal experience:

♦ Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Esq — Vaccine safety and environmental crusader; law professor; author 

♦ Larry Palevsky, MD — Holistic pediatrician

♦ Kelly Brogan, MD — Women’s health pioneer; holistic psychiatrist; NYT bestselling author

♦ Sayer Ji — Natural health expert; influencer; philosopher

♦ Bob Krakow, Esq — Vaccine injury litigator; long-time activist

♦ Brian Hooker, PhD — Biochemistry professor; CDC transparency activist

♦ Sarah Bridges, PhD — Neuropsychologist; mother of vaccine-injured, government-compensated child; author

A five-hour community event moderated and curated by Louise Kuo Habakus — Fearless Parent founder; bestselling author; former C-level corporate executive; and mother of two vaccine-injured children.

Dozens of exhibitors and sponsors sharing information to feed body, mind, and spirit; donating amazing silent auction items and fun gift bag giveaways. 

So many volunteers moving heavy boxes in the rain and mud; working hard to transform the theater into a beautiful community fair; some without tickets arriving many hours early to help, not even expecting to get in.

Hundreds of like-minded parents, professionals, and colleagues gathering with love and intention. Some attendees and speakers trekking to a place they had never been before, crossing continents or multiple state lines, and driving (or taking the train) for many hours each way to attend.

A Fearless Parent Humanitarian Award presented to Barry Segal, founder of Focus for Health Foundation, in grateful recognition of his generous support for our work and for numerous other important vaccine safety initiatives, on behalf of my children and yours. 

And the local Asbury Park Press newspaper, which covered the event with this story: “Kennedy, panelists, raise vaccine concerns at Red Bank forum.”  It’s perhaps the most information I’ve ever seen published about vaccine injury and the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in a mainstream lay publication.

Key messages

I just finished watching many hours of event footage of the program, expo, cocktail reception, parent testimonials, post-event gatherings, and one on one interviews with speakers, clinicians, and parents. I’m blown away. We are thinking hard about how best to distribute this information. In the meantime, I invited a few people to send their key takeaways and here’s a bit of what they shared:

♦ Heed your intuition. It’s your inner compass — use it!

♦ Community is everything. Find your safe place to learn and explore. Surround yourself with supportive energy.

♦ Roll up your sleeves and start (or continue) your education.

♦ Think hard about where you get your information and in whom/what you place your trust.

♦ Established and emerging science is linking the injection of foreign proteins and adjuvants with a host of immune-mediated diseases including autoimmunity, anaphylaxis, neurological disorders, and more.

♦ We interact with deep intelligence with our environment. Engaging in a warring posture with microorganisms is a fool’s errand and will end badly.

♦ Change what you buy, change the world.

♦ Self-care is subversive in the very best way.

Holding out for a hero? It’s time to look in the mirror. How can we expect our political and other leaders to carry the torch on this issue when many of us can’t even discuss the topic with our closest friends and family? Online information is great but there is no substitute for community engagement and physical presence. The ball is in our court.

Thank you to Focus for Health and many others

Click to enlarge

Everyone loved the goodies and giveaways


Credit: Mark Traverso

Some of the spectacular donations included:



books and apparel

Gift bag contents varied and were selected from a wide selection of items — some of which are featured above — Dr. Bronner’s magic soaps; Bach’s stress relief pastilles; Poofy Organics lotion sticks; Rinkorganics lip balms; Activation Products’ EASE Magnesium sprays; P2 Probiotic Power’s Breathe and Soothe & Protect Your Skin sprays; doTERRA essential oil samples; Ts and baseball caps; and a selection of books and movies:

If you’re hankering for a limited edition “I am a Fearless Parent” bag, please make a “friends and family” (no fee) PayPal donation of at least $20 to info@fearlessparent.org and put “gift bag” in the comments. Donations over $50 will receive items of greater value, including both books and movies (we’ll endeavor to accommodate requests). If you’re in New Jersey, we can try to make arrangements for pick up or delivery.

A special thank you to Skyhorse Publishing and Sarah Bridges; Harper Collins and Kelly Brogan, MD; Gary Null Films and Richard Gale; Kate Birch, RSHom, CCH, CMT; and the Center for Personal Rights.

Don’t miss Skyhorse’s special e-Book bundle offer to event attendees — seven e-Books for one small donation.

What’s next?

Fearless Parent put this event together with a tiny group of incredibly passionate volunteers; a few dozen fantastic sponsors and donors; and lots of amazing on-the-ground, local, grassroots energy. This is all about community; so good for heart and soul. 

We’re scoping out a venue for the spring but we’ll need your help. If you’d like to join our planning team, please get in touch.  

Event program

Click to enlarge


Please email any photos you’d like to share to info@fearlessparent.org.

Louise Kuo Habakus introduces Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Esq
Credit: Mark Traverso

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Esq keynote presentation
Credit: D. E. Phillips

Two River Theater, every seat filled
Credit: Mark Traverso

Community expo
Credit: D. E. Phillips

Lining up to get in!
Credit: D. E. Phillips

Barry Segal, Louise Kuo Habakus, Dolly Segal
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Panel discussion and Q&A
Credit: D. E. Phillips

Panel discussion and Q&A
Credit: D. E. Phillips

Panel discussion and Q&A
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Louise Kuo Habakus
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Esq
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Larry Palevsky, MD
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Kelly Brogan, MD
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Sayer Ji
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Robert J. Krakow, Esq
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Sarah Bridges, PhD
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Bob Krakow presents Fearless Parent Humanitarian Award to Focus for Health founder, Barry Segal
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Brian Hooker, PhD
Credit: D. E. Phillips

Cristina Bennati; Heather Natoli
Credit: D. E. Phillips

Community expo
Credit: Mark Traverso

Cocktail reception
Melanie Dragone; Cornelia Mazzan; Kelly Brogan, MD; Louise Kuo Habakus; Sarah Kamrath; Sayer Ji
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Sarah Bridges, PhD; Jeanne Ohm, DC
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Maria Rickert Hong; Louise Kuo Habakus; Kathleen Yazbak
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Shannon Mulvihill; Brian Hooker, PhD; Sheri Marino
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Dolly Segal; Barry Segal; Laurie Powell, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Esq; Bobbie Manning; Shannon Mulvihill; Sheri Marino; Jennifer Po; Brian Hooker, PhD; Tiffany High; Bea Pudelko
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Michael Foncannon; Jason Pucci, Esq; Shannon Mulvihill; Stacy Allan
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Amanda Smyth; Sarah Lane, OD
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Laura Brayton, DC; Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Eileen Iorio; Bobbie Manning
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Lyn Farrugia, RSHom, CCH; Cynthia Hildebrand, DHom; Debbie Sullivan, RN
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Dominic Sama; Carolina Zocco-Sama; Robert Sama; Kathleen Yazbak
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Michael Foncannon; Jason Pucci; Dolly Segal; Marco Dragone; Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson; Melanie Dragone
Credit: Mark Traverso

Kelly Brogan, MD; Brian Hooker, PhD; Pat Robinson
Credit: Mark Traverso

Jeanette Forlano Slaw; Jen Slaw Napolitano
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Shawn Brogan Diddy; Jeanne Ohm, DC
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Louise Kuo Habakus; Michael Foncannon
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Eileen Iorio; Louise Kuo Habakus
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Sayer Ji; Larry Palevsky, MD
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Cornelia Mazzan; Louise Kuo Habakus
Credit: Michael Mazzeo


Eileen Iorio; Maria Rickert Hong; Louise Kuo Habakus; Kathleen Yazbak
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Lisa DeMizio; Sue Fischer Collins
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Two River Theater, Red Bank, NJ
Credit: D. E. Phillips

Louise Kuo Habakus; Kelly Brogan, MD; Sayer Ji; Larry Palevsky, MD
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

robert f kennedy jr esq

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Esq
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Louise Kuo Habakus
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

kelly-brogan md

Kelly Brogan, MD
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

robert j krakow esq

Robert J. Krakow, Esq
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

sarah bridges phd

Sarah Bridges, PhD
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

larry palevsky md

Larry Palevsky, MD
Credit: Michael Mazzeo


louise kuo habaku and kelly brogan md

Louise Kuo Habakus; Kelly Brogan, MD
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

cornelia mazzan and louise kuo habakus

Cornelia Mazzan; Louise Kuo Habakus
Credit: Michael Mazzeo

Brian Hooker, PhD; Denise Otten
Credit: Michael Mazzeo



  • Jillian Burne via Facebook

    Louise Kuo Habakus — Packed house! So proud of you all – it was an awesome night.

  • Frankie Timmers via Facebook

    Very good & interesting & powerful work being done here by my friend, Louise Kuo Habakus!!!!
    Her blog is very informative.
    She brings us a message that’s important for us all to hear!

  • Nancy Krane Gualario via Facebook

    400 + inquiring people ( myself included) attended this groundbreaking sold out event. With many enlightened speakers including Robert Kennedy Jr…..information, empowerment, and guidance was the theme of the evening.

    If you have questions about vaccines, join the conversation…you can begin to understand what many have come to know as truth…VACCINES CAN AND DO CAUSE DAMAGE, contact Fearless Parent today!

  • Terri Walker via Facebook

    I would love to have been there. Plenty of lettered professionals to satisfy the skeptics

  • Giulia Miller via Facebook

    Is Spring 2017 too early for our next event?

  • Susan Goltra Judge via Facebook

    I am on board to help.

    • Louise Kuo Habakus

      Your high “get it done” vibration is what we need, Sue. Will add you to our planning group. Spring is tight but there’s a ton of demand and momentum — we’re seeing if we can pull it off!

  • Davette Phillips via Facebook

    Thank you ! 🙂

  • Maria Rickert Hong via Facebook

    What a fabulous event, Louise, thank you!

  • Cynthia Ferreira via Facebook

    Such a pleasure 😉

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    Def in the spring ?

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    Beautiful inspiring event ❤️

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    Awesome. Keeps getting better and better. Time to take the conversation to a new level.

  • Lisa Lembo Mattessich via Facebook

    Louise it was an awesome event. Let me know what I can do to help for Spring 17!! ❤❤❤

    • Louise Kuo Habakus

      We’ve been together from the beginning, Lisa. Thank you so much — would love to have your beautiful energy. I’ll add you to our private planning page!

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  • Jane Sheppard via Facebook

    So sorry I missed it! So inspiring to see the highlights, especially your key messages ❤

  • Michelle Sydney

    Thanks for this informative and visual recap. I’m also interested in a brief summary of each of the panelists’ talks, even a sentence or two. I’ll stay tuned. Reassuring to see such a large crowd gathered. May the movement continue to grow and the messages coming out be heard and heeded. Thank you!

    • Louise Kuo Habakus

      Amen. Thank you for your good wishes. We’re working on ideas for sharing video and transcripts. Please help in whatever way you can!

  • Laureen Forman via Facebook

    We are organizing in CA for another fight for our children’s lives! Attending second meeting tonight. Let me know what you need as I am from NJ and have lots of friends there who know me, my son, and my vaccination stance. I have been privately told by some parents – thank you for what you post, I made a different decision for my child.

  • Cynthia Ferreira via Facebook

    I am so grateful for the amazing work you and others have done regarding this important topic over the years. I find such comfort in being surrounded by this like-minded community and had such a lovely time chatting with so many of you last night. It was my first time doing a vendor show with my own products and received such a warm welcome… today my heart is full and my energy inspired ❤️

    Shared and for the first time I wrote about this on my wall. Hoping some show interest. I’m working on personally reaching out to friends that are on that fence of ‘lifting the rock’

  • Lisa Fassi Mullin via Facebook

    Happy to help with the event coordination …I’ve spoken with the coordinator and we’ve exchanged ideas.

  • Nancy Krane Gualario via Facebook

    BE AN INQUIRING MIND! How the antivaxers are winning”, i like it! We get to choose what we put in our bodies!

  • Laureen Forman via Facebook

    NJ peeps – step in to help. All states need to be having community meeting regarding medical choice for ourselves and our children.
    One size health care does not fit all – look at how unhealthy we are as a nation.
    Pharma medicine has proven to suppress symptoms and not heal the body.

  • Lisa Marks Smith via Facebook

    Be involved. We just beat the elimination of exemptions in Ohio

  • Giulia Miller via Facebook

    I would love to personally organize one in New York City. I can get ppl in Connecticut to do one….

    under any specific aegis?

  • Sarah Lane via Facebook

    Looking forward to more!

  • Pat Robinson via Facebook

    I flew up from North Carolina for this Vaccine Conference in New Jersey. It was amazing to be in a space with 400 other like-minded families discussing vaccines rationally.

    Fearless Parent is considering another Vaccine Conference this spring. Chime in (or share post) if your community might be interested!

  • Ryan Andrews-Hodges via Facebook

    Omg. Come to Virginia. I’m on a mission to somehow get the gardasil HPV vaccine off the market!!

  • Michelle McCrady

    Thank you for an awesome evening. Will be moving back to DC area this spring. If you are ever looking to set something up down that way, please let me know how I can help. Not a medical professional or legal expert – but I am a Fearless Mama willing to do what needs to get done.

  • Amanda Smyth

    It’s amazing how the energy of the night was captured in the photos! An honor to be a part of this important and vital conversation! Lets keep this energy moving by continuing the Conversation about Childhood Vaccines…

    More events across the country are needed! We can all be an active participant in the change we want to see!

    Fearless Parents ROCK!!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing and informative event. Thank you to all who helped!
    ‘Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.
    – Henry Ford

  • James McCrae via Facebook

    Amen sister!

  • Karen Burns via Facebook

    This is important to all New Jerseyans….. parents for their kids and everyone one else. They are starting to look into making a [mandatory] vaccine schedule for adults….

  • Beth Salerno via Facebook

    If you missed the SOLD OUT event in Red Bank, here is the re-cap!!

  • Doula-Care via Facebook

    Vaccines can be a touchy subject….but don’t let fear stop you from getting fact-based information. (Data from sources that don’t stand to make billions of dollars if they convince you to trust their products without question.)

    We are lucky to have health advocates working to empower you with facts locally!

  • Meagan Thiry Arnold via Facebook

    I had my ticket for that event since October. My husband had to travel and I didn’t have child care. Three friends were able to go and bring me back information.

    Thank you Louise Kuo Habakus. I’ve been to other Fearless Parent events so I knew these are wonderful. However my good friend Jamie Bruesehoff bought me this bag of goodies!!

    • Michelle Angelucci via Facebook

      Bummer. Same thing happened to me when Vaxxed was in charlotte. I had to drive to Raleigh to see it…which worked out for me because my hero Dr. Suzanne Humphries was there.

  • Kathleen Yazbak via Facebook

    A phenomenal event with amazing speakers and a warm, engaged, enlightened community!!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing turnout

  • Miranda Bailey via Facebook

    Wow. It seems many people are engaging in discussions around this issue.

  • Heather Holmes via Facebook

    It was a wonderful event, Louise, and you and your folks did an amazing job. Thanks for including me!

  • Dawn Loughborough via Facebook

    I would like to help but have limited time. Will help.

  • Jeanette Forlano Slaw via Facebook

    EXCELLENT event! So glad that my daughter and I were able to attend and finally had the chance to meet you, Louise! Thank YOU and all those who organized, presented and spoke! God bless and take care . . . <3

  • Lauren Michele via Facebook

    Would Love to get much more Involved here. Louise Kuo Habakus please Add me to planning group or any other info

  • Sharon Rasa, DC

    Hello Louise…I would have really preferred sending you a hand-written note to thank you for an extraordinary evening in Red Bank. Your heart, passion and consciousness created a space unlike I’ve experienced in these types of events and venues. I believe the message of every speaker was heard “loud & clear,” and clearly added another ripple in the force. My deep appreciation for the evening and your work. …To be continued

  • Joanne Baldwin

    I flew in from UK for this event and I would do it again in a heartbeat. What an amazing experience to be surrounded by like minded people discussing a topic that affects us all. This is a conversation that all parents should be having and a community that everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of. This is not about pro vs anti, this is to do with safety, informed choices and empowerment! Louise you are incredible and the speakers that you chose were perfect! I’m excited to see these events continue, they are so needed and I will always be here to support you!

  • Lisa Paladino, CNM, IBCLC

    Hi Louise,

    I just wanted to let you know that it was an honor and a blast to be a part of your event. As a New Yorker, it makes me want to bring something to this side of the bridge! The theater presentation was amazing, but the best part was being an exhibitor with so many wonderful people. The connections that were forged are already influencing my practice.

    Thanks for what you do. You are an inspiration.

    Be well,

  • Gail P.

    How do I get a summary of the questions and answers from this conference?

  • Jack Knight via Facebook

    Come join us:
    Come join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/264772697287338/

    Mish Michaels loses WGBH science job — because she doesn’t believe in vaccines

  • Denise Gabay Otten

    as a result of posting pictures of your event all over my Facebook pages.. an old friend of the family just texted me back asking if I could help heal her grandson…

    It’s the butterfly effect.
    Your seminars are reaching across the United States
    Thanks so much for everything you do!!!

  • Wendi Combes, RN - Jubilee Health


  • Kelly O'Donnell Emanuel via Facebook

    I attended this event. Incredible speakers and fantastic turnout.

  • Cornelia Mazzan via Facebook

    Such a great event! Here’s a recap for those who couldn’t be there

  • Sarah Bridges via Facebook

    Honored to speak & meet the wonderful people at this event

  • LaRonda Gumm

    Great event! So happy to be there! So many great speakers, exhibitors, and great energy all around. Looking forward to changes! The silent auction was great too!

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