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Parents: Should You Nix the WiFi?

by Louise Kuo Habakus

Is anyone in your house dealing with health issues that just won’t go away no matter what foods you eat, which supplements you take, or how many practitioners and therapies you run through?

Is your child anxious, hyperactive, erratic, ticking, angry, foggy, forgetful, sleepless, nauseous, sluggish, dizzy, itchy, congested, or in pain?

Based on the extensive evidence base and reinforced by the volume of anecdotal stories I’m hearing, it’s worth trying this:

Shut off your WiFi

I just did. I flipped the switch on our router.

And then my family freaked out because it disabled our internet… so I had to turn it back on again. But a Verizon rep helped me to banish WiFi in 30 seconds. No worries; it’s just as easy to get it back. (NetgearLinksys, Belkin router instructions and try “admin”/serial # for username/password.)

Our abode is now wireless-less. The only way we access the internet at home is with a wired connection. Yes, it means that my iPad and my son’s Kindle are now rendered, uh, less functional. “TOTALLY USELESS,” stormed my 13 year-old. (See below for wired iPad hack)

Here’s my thought process and some of the research I reviewed before flipping the switch. It got me so worked up that I wrote an open letter to Apple’s CEO last week.

The body is electric

Toni Bark, MD recently introduced me to Robert Becker’s fantastic book The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life. Our cells communicate with each other via bioelectrical signals and EMFs, which help to regulate important biochemical processes. It’s important for our internal electromagnetic field to stay in balance. When we are exposed to some types of radiation:

  • it affects biophysical events around cell membrane receptors
  • it causes biochemical changes within the cell
  • it impacts cell to cell communication

All of these things can change the way our body works and make us sick.

“I don’t have radiation in my home!”

WRONG. And there’s a lot more than I realized. Electromagnetic radiation involves:

  • Anything with an electric field around it, including power lines
  • Anything with a magnetic field, including an electric source or an engine/motor
  • Anything that delivers or communicates with a wireless signal


Sources of residential radio frequency radiation (RFR) include:


Even more radiation exposure is coming our way as Americans demand ever greater connectivity. Ad-supported WiFi is here (Boingo). Schools and libraries are veritable hot spots. Parks and your favorite stadium, too. President Obama’s goal is to connect 99% of students to high-speed broadband including robust WiFi in every classroom within five years. As more materials are pushed online, imagine the radiation generated by, say, 20 children per classroom, 3 classrooms per grade, 6 grades per elementary school, all wirelessly accessing curriculum on their iPads in the same building at the same time.

As if the above exposures weren’t already overwhelming, we must also consider power lines, motors, and our many appliances — TVs, HVAC systems, refrigerators, electric ovens, bedside electronic radio-alarm clocks, power supplies, voltage converters, stereos, fans, wired computers and laptops, monitors, and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) — plus ionizing forms of radiation exposure via the soil, water, vegetation, air travel, x-rays, and medical devices. (We’ll address some of these in a future post–they’re a different kind of problem.)

Cumulatively, it really starts to add up. So… is WiFi safe?

Radiation is harmful, especially to children

The CDC retracted its precautionary health warning about cell phone radiation just ten weeks after publishing it on June 9, 2014. Other government agencies are no help:

“No one knows for sure [what level of radiation is safe]. This question is of ongoing interest to scientists and researchers… an average of one in four people develops some form of cancer.” [Environmental Protection Agency]

“There are no specific standards for radiofrequency and microwave radiation issues.” [U.S. Department of Labor]

But scientists forge ahead. This excellent paper by Andrew Goldsworthy, PhD provides a plausible biological mechanism explaining the seemingly disparate health effects of non-ionizing radiation from allergies to cancer due to cellular membrane leakage.

As I shared in last week’s post, children absorb up to ten times more radiation than adults. Thinner skulls and higher water and ion content facilitate penetration. Here are a few peer-reviewed studies from the extensive scientific literature (emphasis mine):


“[Microwave] irradiation induced a significant decrease in sperm count and sperm viability… these adverse reproductive effects suggest that chronic exposure to nonionizing MW radiation may lead to infertility via free radical species-mediated pathway.” – Free Radic Res. 2014 May;48(5):511-25


“The evidence is strongest for leukemia from electricity-frequency fields and for brain tumors from communication-frequency fields… association with other diseases as well, including neurodegenerative diseases.” – Rev Environ Health. 2008 Apr-Jun;23(2):91-117

“[O]ur results are consistent with an early effect in carcinogenesis (initiator) by analogue mobile phones, and both an early (initiator) and late (promoter) effect by wireless phones of the digital type.” – Int J Oncol. Dec 2013; 43(6): 1833–1845

In 2011, the World Health Organization classified RF electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless communication devices an IARC Group 2B Possible CarcinogenOther 2B agents include DDT, dry cleaning chemicals, lead, pesticides, and engine exhaust. Many are rightfully concerned about IARC 2B substances, including California Public Schools  [p126]. Why not this one?

Even more alarming, a team of veteran scientists published a 2013 paper in the peer-reviewed Pathophysiology journal arguing that the actual proper designation would be Group 2A Probable Carcinogen should the WHO revisit its classification. Other 2A agents include ultraviolet radiation A, B, C and cytotoxic chemotherapy agents such as cisplatin and nitrogen mustard.


“[E]vidence… suggests an association between RF-EMF exposure and either myelin deterioration or a direct impact on neuronal conduction… The most vulnerable… those in utero through to at least mid-teen years, as well as ill and elderly individuals.” – J Toxicol Environ Health B Crit Rev. 2014;17(5):247-58

People are suffering terribly

There is similarly a growing evidence base to support environmental illnesses caused by electromagnetic hypersensitivity. You don’t have to look far to find the stories:

  • The first accommodation has just been made in a U.S. public school system for a teacher with microwave sickness. She reported that students were bleeding from the ears and nose but the school refused to file incident reports (video testimony).
  • Teachers and students in La Quinta, CA started succumbing to vague symptoms then cancer at a rate three times higher than expected due to “dirty electricity” (EMFs), as reported by NBC News.
  • A tween started vomiting, suffering headaches and insomnia, and stopped growing after his school introduced its iPad program. His mom, Yifan Wang, homeschooled him for a year and then arranged for him to skip a grade to avoid the iPads. She has worked in the wired and wireless telecom industry since 1985: “I know firsthand how technologies, if misused, can cause irreversible and even deadly harm.” Yifan has two Master’s degrees in electrical engineering and holds two patents.
  • A Silicon Valley exec and his medical doctor spouse started getting intense headaches, heart palpitations, tinnitus, and insomnia after a bank of wireless smart meters were installed directly below their bedroom. Jeromy Johnson is now a safe technology advocate.

Recommendations for fearless parents

If we’re waiting for industry, medical, or government leaders to take action, we could be waiting a very long time. Industry will spend up to protect current cultural practices. It takes doctors 17 years before research evidence changes clinical practice. Our government denies the dangers. Parents need to be proactive.

For an extra nudge, read what the insurance industry thinks about future EMF-related claims risks (hint: this is squarely on their radar, more highly rated than drug resistance, cyber attacks, and emerging infectious diseases).

The following suggestions are not for the faint of heart (even squeaky clean celebrity moms find it challenging). WiFi devices are totally integrated into our lives and habits. It will require standing up to the people in our homes and changing the way we communicate with each other and the outside world.


  • Buy or rent an RF meter to measure radiation levels in your home and wherever else your kids spend a lot of time. Click here to buy the basic Cornet ED78S. Email info@fearlessparent.org to buy or rent the more advanced Acoustimeter for up to -20%.
  • Check AntennaSearch to see if there’s a cell phone tower or antennae near your home. Warning: this is upsetting. Since the info may not be up-to-date, Jeromy recommends walking around your neighborhood with your RF meter.


  • Use corded landlines. DECT cordless phone base stations can generate ten times more radiation than the typical internet router.
  • Connect laptops and desktops to the internet via Ethernet cables.
  • Try this simple hardware solution for a “wired” iPad from a retired Motorola scientist.
  • Don’t allow a wireless smart meter to be installed in your home. A family member just had hers ripped out. The utility charged $75 to remove it and levies an extra $10/month to send someone to read the meter.






There’s a lot of corporate and institutional “maneuvering” behind the scenes. The LA Unified School District’s iPad scandal gives you a taste of it. The best chance we have to compel industry to make safer products is for us to wield our purchasing power. Please share your stories and suggestions. We can’t do this alone.

The author thanks Yifan Wang, Jeromy Johnson, and Devin Evert for their assistance and the benefit of their extensive research.

Louise circle 8-7-14Louise is going through iPad withdrawal. When she starts jonesing for some instant connectivity, she forces herself to ask: “Can it wait?” It almost always can.









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  • Sheryl

    Thank you for being brave enough to share this important information. Wifi has the double wammy of being profitable for powerful corporations and politicians, and convenient for the public. Neither of those things make it safe, but they do make it harder to dare to question the safety of wifi.

    We download games on our desktop computer through cable internet. Then we can copy them to the iPad, also through a cable. Most apps work offline in airplane mode.

    • Sonia Story

      Thank you for this article Louise!

      In the field of neurodevelopmental movement we know that EMFs are damaging to children in the womb and this is one of the biggest factors for why so many children have sensory processing and neurodevelopmental disorders. You can screen for this very easily and over 90% of children have gaps in their neuro-sensory-motor foundation.
      Parents can learn simple neuro-reflex integration movements to make up for what children are missing in their foundational neuro-sensory-motor development.
      According to Dr. Harald Blomberg, co-author of Movements That Heal, it is best to Throw out your cordless phones, use the cell phone only for emergencies and have fun doing movement that builds the brain and sensory system so children can function and learn so much better.
      Check it out

      Sonia Story
      sent from an ethernet connection!!

  • Tami Duncan

    This has more resources for this topic than I have ever seen. Amazing job Louise Kuo Habakus!

  • Sheryl

    I was so excited to see that there is a way to connect the iPad to the internet using ethernet. I watched the video that you linked to. However, the iPad he used in the video was a newer model, and had a lightning port. My iPad is an iPad 2, and uses a port for a 30 pin cable, not a lightning port. Is there still a way to make it able to use an ethernet connection?

  • parentsforsafeschools

    I did some scouting around and so far the only tablet I have found where you can purchase an adapter, disable the Wifi and hard wire it to the Internet is Microsoft Surface 2. (keyboard optional) I still have to test it out with my meter to make sure its free of wifi. I have a Home Plug system in my home with 25′ cables giving the kids freedom to use Internet anywhere in the house. If anyone finds another tablet with a USB connection let me know.

    Safe Wired Baby Monitors using D-link 500 and a wired router. Once you have your home set up with the D-link networking (which can be used for your other devices too) you can purchase the camera for your baby’s room.
    http://www.dlink.com/…/dhp-309av-powerline-av-mini-adapter-… (see video)

    Camera suggestions for monitoring your baby:

    To access the Internet in every room in your house, purchase a D-Link Home Plug system to use with a wired router and connect to the Shaw Modem. Hand held devices and laptops can be easily connected without the use of WiFi (some devices require an adapter).

    Note: Rona has the best price on long cables ranging from 10-50 ft


  • Alison

    Excellent article! Thanks for sharing. I also recommend http://EMFsummit.com as an excellent resource to see what the experts are saying.

  • Veronica

    We went wired on our computer and got a hard-wired house phone. The iPads are all in airplane mode and we no longer have DECT phones in the house. We had to make the switch because I developed a hyper-reactvity to wireless radiation 18 months ago. It has been awful for me and I am fearful that it may affect others that I know. Some feel there may be a genetic component to it. It is so awful, I would not wish it on my worst enemy. I certainly wouldn’t want my children to experience it.

    People need to fight back against exposing our children daily to wifi in schools as it is a class 2B carcinogen. I feel for the children who suffer from this condition and do not know what is causing it. How many mothers would know to even look at this if their kids are having headaches or dizziness at school? What if children don’t know how to describe some of the symptoms that they feel? I am a grown adult and it is often difficult to describe the unwellness that I feel in terms that the average person can relate to.

    The truth is in the studies done by the independent researchers. This radiation is genotoxic and neurotoxic. It affects our eyes, blood-brain barrier, our reproductrive system, our memory, learning, and emotions, among other things. It is much more damaging to growing brains and systems. Please… look at the actual research and decide what is best for you and your family based on fact–not on the whims of a multi-billion dollar industry. Even a Harvard pediatric neurologist is telling the school districts to halt the wireless exposure. She did an exhaustive research of all the available studies and concluded that wifi is counterproductive to learning. She feels the studies clearly show dangerous affects. Why is nobody listening to a Harvard trained and employed specialist?? Because that Harvard doctor is speaking out against a multibillion dollar industry.

    That is just what happened in 2002 when the actual director of the World Health Organization came out and informed the world that she was sensitive to mobile phones and wireless devices. Has anybody heard of her–Gro Brundtland? She was also the prime minister of Norway for two plus terms. She, herself, is a medical doctor and highly trained. SHE was ignored and attacked for her admission. She went against the powerful industry and she was unable to obtain recognition for this condition because nobody wanted to carry the story. Have you ever heard about it???

    Please do your own research–look at the Bioinitiative 2012 reports and you decide what is safe for you and your family. DO NOT let the industry decide for you.

  • maureen

    This is so great to see! Thanks for getting the word out about wireless microwave radiation. For more information see http://stopocsmartmeters.com/emr-protection.html

  • Betty Kotevski

    Parents, please take action if your kids are suffering. Look up your anti-discrimination acts and rights. Schools have a duty of care to minimize OHS risks, plus they must generally accommodate children with a disability/impairment, or else be found to have indirectly discriminated. Make the fight legal and political.

  • George

    Hi Louise,

    There are many lies, many cover-ups and misinformation being spread throughout the 21st Century.

    At the end of the war the Russians captured the German’s radio oven, which is now called the microwave oven. After testing, the Russian researchers declared that the microwave radiation coming out of these ovens were dangers and banned them from use within Russia. The Americans were very aware of this research and the dangers because the Russians used the radiation against the US Embassy in Moscow from late 1940s to 1970s.

    The US DIA knew what was going and that the Russians were deliberately attacking the US Embassy in Moscow with microwave non-ionised radiation, and as we know that the radiation is the very same radiation we have in our home, public, work and school places today that is emitted from home microwave ovens, mobile phones and towers, DECT phones, wireless laptop computers and modems, and Wi Fi hotspots.

    The US DIA knew that this radiation was causing cancer in the embassy staff and the staff suffered from many other life-threatening illnesses, such as diabetes, kidney malfunctions, neurological and cardiovascular disorders including neurasthenic symptoms.

    The US DIA stated in classified documents about the health risks from microwave non-ionised radiation, the same that is coming out of Wi Fi terminal within schools, and these are some extracts from a declassified, classified document:

    (1) “A strict enforcement of stringent exposure standards (safety regulations), there could be unfavourable effects on industrial output and military functions.”

    (2) “Personnel (military) exposed to microwave radiation below thermal levels experience MORE neurological, cardiovascular, and haemodynamc disturbances than do their unexposed (military) counterparts.”

    (3) “Some of the effects attributed to exposure include bradycardia, hypotension, and changes in EKG indices.” (High and low blood pressure!)

    (4) “Subjects (military personnel) exposed to microwave exhibited a variety of Neurasthenic disorders and the most common subjective complaints were headaches, fatigue, dizziness, menstrual disorders, irritability, agitation, tension, drowsiness, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness and lack of concentration.”

    (5) “Recognition of the standard (stringent safety regulations) could also limit the application of new electronic technology by making the commercial exploitation of some products unattractive because of increased costs imposed by the need for additional safeguards.”

    They also knew that microwave non-ionised radiation: “Alters the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, and this could allow neurotoxins in the blood to cross, as a result, an individual could develop server neuropathological symptoms, either die, or become seriously impaired neurologically.”

    Now we already know that it leads to brain tumours or other forms of cancer, another reason why the World Health Organisation classified electrical fields (ELF) and microwave non-ionised radiation (EMR/EMF) as “2B Carcinogenic”, and why Insurance Companies refuse to insure telecommunications companies!

    In regards to the banning of microwave ovens in Russia, the banned was lifted in 1984 by some radical Russian political party as restaurant owners were complaining.

  • Stay On The Truth

    None of the wireless devices are safe, even at reduced usage.

    Please see:

    1. “Causality and biological plausibility is admitted to be missing in exposure codes but was found and reported by government certified professionals in Canada. The causal link was also lectured in medical education for education credits doctors, nurses, etc require for ongoing medical licensing….” ~ Curtis Bennett

    2. “…the Ontario government has given 150 million to Wi-Fi radiate children in Kindergarten. What the hell are you doing leaving the causal link out of their medical education for? Those children in kindergarten are not going to be Electro Hyper Sensitive. They will be bathed in RF EMFs and subtly electrocuted.” ~ Curtis Bennett

  • Thea

    Thank you for raising awareness on this issue Louise Kuo Habakus!
    I have made simple changes at home over time and do not miss the wireless. We use technology, but with wires. I am hopeful that as news spreads our school decision makers will act to remove the wifi from classrooms.

    My daughter’s school classroom had radiation levels from the schools industrial routers far higher than we had from our home router. It does not make sense for the kids to be exposed every day-all day when the school could easily run wires to the classes, just as we did in our home.

    I have been attending board meetings, writing letters, and speaking out at Council meetings asking for safe technology in our schools and in our public buildings. At first, I was the only speaker. But now there are many people in my community and, in fact, all over the USA — calling for safe wired connections.

    I sincerely believe that if we parents raise this issue clearly and thoughtfully, communities will act to safeguard our children’s health and future. Please spread the word and speak out in your community. I wish I had known about this issue years ago. I am thankful to have learned about it. I had no idea wifi was radiation, much less that it could possibly impact our health. We need to share this information far and wide.

    We do not need to give up our technology – but simply – to make thoughtful informed choices about how we use our technology.

    • Sonia Story

      Dear Thea and Louise,

      Thank you so much for this EXCELLENT article and comment.
      Thea, please contact me so I can understand how you have been working to create a safe school. sonia@moveplaythrive.com

      I feel like such a lone wolf. Our 14 year old daughter is so mad at me for refusing to let her get a cell phone. Are other parents’s struggling out there with this issue? Our daughter is saying I am ruining her social life and she needs to be able to text.
      I am afraid she will become addicted to the electronics, not to mention the health effects.
      I feel if more parents just said no to cell phones life would be so much better for our children.

      Any mother’s out there care to join me?
      Sonia Story

  • Kimberly

    EMF is a real danger and my family has been exposed to it first hand! Because we live in a mobile home it is especially dangerous because with the metal walls the EMF’s in the home can’t escape out easily. We are essentially living in a faraday cage! We have removed all the wireless, threw out our microwave, cancelled our cell phones, and hard wired our PC. We also have grounding sheets on our beds at night for myself, my husband and our 3 children, including the baby. We had to throw out our xbox too which emits EMF’s even when it is not ON! Keep spreading the word about how harmful this is to save lives! Since we removed all the EMF’s we sleep well, we are less agitated with each other and have had significant less headaches and back pain!

  • Laura Hayes

    The more of this wireless, WiFi stuff we have in/near our home, the less well I have slept. Now that I think about it, it could very well be that the installation of a “Smart Meter” (yet another oxymoron by Big Business!) outside our home near our bedroom a couple of years ago coincided with my husband and me waking up multiple times every single night. Think I might follow the lead of your family member and have the blasted thing ripped out, pay the $75 fee (got to love that I’ll have to pay to have the dangerous thing that I never asked for removed!), and pay the additional $10 per month (no biggie once you price cancer and/or a lifetime caregiver for our severely vaccine-injured son).

    Thank you, Louise, for this excellent 2-part series on all of the radiation that we are all being exposed to that is negatively impacting our health. So much great information!


  • Ashley

    I have lesions on my brain from excessive cell phone usage from when I was younger…. Exposure to Wi-Fi, DECT phones, cell phones, cell towers, wireless anything, etc….render me useless for days….
    PLEASE PLEASE……unplug!!!! Do your research -it is a horrible existence once you’ve been damaged….
    ……I’ve been trying to spread awareness for 10 years….the industry will not blow the whistle on itself!!!!!!

  • Gail Qu

    Excellent article! We had been turning off Wifi to sleep and found that even that has made a difference.

  • Kelly Fincher

    That’s so funny…we just turned our wifi on for the first time! We even wired our house so a master switch could turn off the whole bedroom electricity. I’ve read that industry wants to make the signal stronger so I will probably turn it off then.

    My boys had/have all those symptoms (except hyperactivity). They have had CFS their whole lives.

    I think the chronic illness is more insidious and has to do with the bugs which respond to our bad environment and alter our functioning via autoantibodies. Check out this frightening paper…bacteria heat shock proteins similar to our neuropeptide MSH, so our immune system makes antibodies to the bug but it also attacks our own vital proteins. MSH does tons and is big research in the autism community.


    And we hugged trees too!

  • iprovedit

    Recently a woman I know had a heart rate of 124 beats per minute. Doctors and specialists couldn’t figure it out. I went to her house and found, per meter and recorder, that her wireless “mighty mouse” was pulsing microwave frequency radiation at 124 pulses per minute.

    The heart is electromagnetic and so is the wireless mouse. Just like a trampoline the heavier one always wins.

  • iprovedit

    Ipads don’t have to be wireless. This works using Apple adapters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKp02y4JXVs

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  • sue

    All mothers unite time to show the world how much you love and will fight to protect your kids .

    Mandatory attendence at school comes with implied “duty of care”…Gov around the world have monoplolized on the “industry output ” to make money .

    They have accessed our babies and children to reap coorporate billions ……it is a CRIME …nothing less ….who allowed this ?………

    Sonia …my son goes into high school and was demanding a phone .

    Earlier this year I nearly died from EMR exposure and we have all had a big wake up call …but the school allows mobiles /smart phones/ wireless

    ….I will fight and as re SWISS has stated in their insurance projections …it IS high risk .They do their homework …they know litigation is coming .

    But the schools and councils who spout the Safety Standards blah blah blah …are unawares the “precautionary principle ” has been downloaded to them

    In Australia ARPANZA is playing with words and everyones health…they have backtracted on previous warnings no doubt not to interfere with industry .

    .1..Parents …I have no doubt parents will be liable for providing children with radiation emitting devices ….but had NO idea because of the language used to disarm and sell a “fun ” devices .

    2. Education Departments, Councils, employers are now responsible for the “precautionary principle ” …as ARPANZA has stated but there still is no danger .?………….Sounds like a paradox they keep changing their mind..But the courts are attesting to WHO will pay for the damage …….”the provider”…..Its a human rights issue.

    Thanks for your eloquent and encompassing research ….you are an angel.

    Mad Mother

  • Faith Dyson via Facebook

    I removed electrosmog from my environment – and brain waves (It can be produced by any source of energy, even our own) and my twin sons were cured of autism, my daughter was cured of learning disabilities and I was cured of a severe autoimmune system failure, which, in essence, means we were all cured of the Mitochondrial dysfunction Electrosmog causes – in everyone.

    It throws off Circadian Rhythms which starts the Domino Effect that next takes down the metabolism, which then inhibits cellular formation and function, which then prevents proper Genome replication, which then disables our Mitochondrial activity in forming and fueling our body.

    When the electrosmog was removed, this allowed us to regain our Circadian Rhythms (which I’ll explain more about in a moment) and this allowed the ‘creation’ patterns of our Mitochondria to then began correctly making our cells and causing them to function properly.

    This repaired their ‘cleansing cycle’ which naturally metabolized out of their system – all of the garbage that had been injected into them. The result was new neural growth – without any genetic errors in direction.

    All of this happened because I took my family to an electrosmog free zone and stayed there long enough for the Life and Growth Cycles. a.k.a. Circadian Rhythms of the planet, the good EMF’s, to take back the controls of our Mitochondria.

    That’s why those planetary cycles are here. It’s their JOB to regulate the creation, cleansing and cultivation cycles of our cells, but they can’t physically do that when we keep filling our children with the physical cycles of electrosmog instead.

    Autism isn’t the only result of Mitochondrial dysfunction. So too is every disease, disorder, disability, deformation and dysfunction known to our species.

    Add vaccine ingredients to this mix and the child so electromagnetically disordered won’t be able to get rid of the toxins.

    Yes, the government knew about the effects of electrosmog on our metabolism when it approved it – and vaccines, and all of the other toxins in our food, drink and air supplies – for our use.

  • Peter Sullivan

    Thank you for sharing this! How long did you stay in the electrosmog free zone? Did you have a formal measurement of Circadian Rhythms?

  • Bill Manning

    This is complete hogwash. Not seeing any other detractors, I assume you are editing them out, so lets see if you post mine.

    The only advice in that entire article based on any substantiated data is “avoid holding [electronic devices] in your lap, especially while charging.” Its interesting no one concerned about the RF being constantly beamed down to GPS devices, satellite dishes, cell towers (yes, you are hit with the RF whether you have a phone or not), television sets, AM/FM radios, weather radios, CB radios from emergency vehicles, etc.

    If a person wants to REALLY be afraid of harmful EMF and change their life based on constantly repeatable data, they should be concerned with actual electricity. Refrigerators, power sources on microwaves, electric heaters (especially “in floor” heaters which several governments, including the US have forced changes to), television sets, automobile dashboards, old plug in alarm clocks that sit by the bed (yes there is evidence around this one 🙂 ) and, most interestingly, underground flowing water!! No kidding about the water, there’s data.

    But admitting when “scientists” refer to data and evidence that “EMF” can defiantly have a deleterious effect on bio organisms (including humans), they really mean “Electro Magnetic Fields” emitting actual “electricity” is far to inconvenient. Its much easier to blame the things WE DID NOT GROW UP WITH therefore are new, scary and must be bad. The EMF devices we grew up with are familiar and therefore not scary……but are actually the most potentially harmful.

    If you want to make things safer from EMF in your house, do things like: get a woodstove, turn off the electric heaters and shut down speakers when not in use. But Wifi?!? Methinks thou dost protest too much…..perhaps the wifi was letting something else in your house to which you’re not ready to admit.

    • Louise Kuo Habakus

      Hi, Bill. Thanks for your post. There is compelling peer-reviewed science supporting my views. I provide extensive references in this article and another: Cupertino, We Have a Problem. WiFi & Kids.

      Your “hogwash” and related comments aside, I agree completely with you. Dirty electricity is a big problem.

      It takes an average of 17 years for research evidence to reach clinical practice. We know the many reasons for this. However, new research continues to emerge. People are increasingly becoming aware that they are hypersensitive to RFR/EMFs; some so severely that they are virtually incapacitated. Parents would do well to pay attention to their children’s symptoms and how they might vary based on different environments. For those waiting for the AAP or our government agencies to opine will likely be waiting for a very long time.

      Did you see the article published in Forbes a few days ago? Study Suggests Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids Than Previously Thought 1/13/15

      Thanks for writing.

    • maureen

      “Complete hogwash” just took the life of Jimmy Gonzales, the attorney that used his cell phone since 2001. He had scars in his left palm and behind his left ear where tumors were removed. Another tumor was located just behind his front jacket pocket where he stored the phone.

      He died 2 months ago but you can watch him testify in his city where he urged officials to warn the public.

      Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIlOVJd0lA8

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  • Analog Girl

    Thank you for this very important information. I am looking to start a local coalition in my community to cut down on wireless technology including the use of wi-fi in schools and the implementation of smart meters (our community has just started using these as of about 1.5 years ago). I would love to talk more with you about what it is you do as well as the possibility of using you as a resource on my website. If you are so inclined to start a dialog; please feel free to email me! I truly appreciate people like you in bringing awareness to such important health topics; thank you!

  • Mark

    Thank you for ruining my life with this nonsense. Some people like my dad did found this site and he actually believed it. I’m a student learning for multimedia and it’s very important to me to work with Android and iOS. Those devices can’t connect trough ethernet so I lied to him about shutting down the WiFi forever. After he believed I shutted it down I created a hidden network where you have to manually register your Wifi name + password. The next day he told me that it was his first time in a while that he had slept good. After a year I still lie to him about the WiFi and he is happy to be more healthy with the wifi turned “off”. He has gotten hard on it by wiring everwhere ethernet cables to each notebook or PC, even to Apple TV. But now I’m really done, I will never tell him though, but he says to his good friends that WiFi is bad and he got healthier. I really do not care what he says but god, this year I didn’t use my printer trough WiFI, Bose SoundTouch, Chromecast. And if I look to his stuff he barely touched his new iPad mini. My mom has an iPhone without internet connection OMG. What do you think? This is far from normal even my friends laugh about it but it’s strange and bad at the same time. I did land back then into a fight with him and my solution was to better lie to him instead of proving every detail of this page link wrong. After that, I started a reseach and it turned out that 5Ghz WiFi is more healthier than 2.4Ghz speaking of science. But both do not interfere even near the danger zone of the bandwith of microwaves.

    • Louise Kuo Habakus

      I’m so blown away by your comment that I’m publishing it, even though it offers no useful feedback or insight related to my post. But I do think it’s illustrative of the degree of contempt that people can have for things that they do not want to believe, do not truly investigate, and reflexively malign with such vehemence in the belief that it somehow substitutes for a thoughtful response. You mention that you’re a student and it sounds as if you still live in your chlidhood home. I hope you will find more constructive ways than mocking and lying to your parents in order to express your opinion on important topics.

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