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A Tribute to Nick Gonzalez, MD

by Louise Kuo Habakus

We are overcome by the loss of Nick Gonzalez, MD and can only say that it was too soon, knowing that his departure was always going to leave a hole in our hearts.

He was a clear, steady beacon of light in the wilderness.

He has legions of grateful, awestruck patients around the world who would take a bullet for him. He never made promises. He just got you better. It was never about him; he showed you the way and changed your life.

He had the kind of health outcomes that seem out of place in a world that charges hundreds of thousands of dollars to give a pancreatic cancer patient just 10 months of life with diminished quality and inestimable suffering.

His approach, philosophy, treatment, and results never changed… after 30 years. His roots were deep and grounded. We challenge you to find another clinician who comes close.

He knew the grim economic reality of of cancer — a $200+ billion behemoth that feeds, employs, and enriches a grasping, insatiable industry. When the clinical trial comparing his protocol to conventional treatment was compromised, he spoke up. He went on TV. He wrote a book. He engaged scientists and journalists. He did not go away.

He never sought the limelight; it wasn’t his nature. But he always said yes to the interview. It was only about the truth.

He inspired millions of people.
He saved thousands of lives.
He engaged and challenged hundreds of colleagues and activists.
He was a brilliant and gifted healer, humanitarian, and educator.
He was our mentor.
He was our doctor.
He was our friend.

Our grief is beyond measure.

If you did not have an opportunity to know Nick, please get to know his work. We share a few highlights below, with more to come:

Celebrating Dr. Nick Gonzalez, A Legend In His Time by Kelly Brogan, MD
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podcast with Sayer Ji

Dateline Response to KNOCKOUT Alternative Cancer Treatment  (Dateline coverage here)
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What Went Wrong? The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer



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