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America’s New Normal: Chronically Ill Kids

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by Judy Converse, MPH RD LD

When it comes to this topic of chronically ill kids, do you have moments that pierce the bubble of consciousness and take your breath away?

I was waiting to board an early flight to Denver recently, sipping a bracing hot cup of black tea, when I witnessed a scene that would’ve stopped parents from 1975 in their tracks.

An overweight boy of about eleven years was speaking in stilted singsong as he furiously scissored his fingers close to his eyes. He hummed and rocked in an effort to whitewash the crowds, loudspeakers, beeping carts, and blaring TV monitors. Meantime, his younger sister ping-ponged around the gate area, pulling on other kids, jumping off furniture and squealing loudly. Their harried father, his tone quiet and steady, stuck close to his vulnerable son while he attempted, with little success, to lasso his daughter by voice alone.

Well versed by now in juggling his kids, he was a cool cucumber. I wondered how. This could make any parent crack, sigh, or drop head to hands in despair. But no. This was his normal. Nobody in the gate area raised an eyebrow.

Another family sat across from me. Their oldest girl, about five years old, was bald with hollow eyes. Her pink, sparkly headband, festooned with a sequined daisy, screamed cancer even louder than her fog grey pallor.

The cancer parents wore a veneer of happy calm that seemed a little deeper than just …veneer. What else is a parent to do in the face of losing a child? So here was their normal: A sickly daughter who may live, or not. Cancer specialist visits. Pink headbands. Nobody in the gate area blinked.

Our kids are sicker than ever

Autism. ADHD. Cancer. One full jet, ten kids boarding, three with serious, life-threatening conditions. I had a morbid “Would You Rather” moment:

  • The kid supported by insurance and adored by the public (ever “like” a cancer kid on Facebook?) but with odds of dying sooner (cancer kills more American children than all other chronic conditions combined), or…
  • The kids with chronic, poorly understood conditions, barely covered by insurance, often ruthlessly bullied by peers, scorned by teachers, or maligned by the public, with a good chance of dying young? Kids with autism have higher mortality rates than peers, and die most often by drowning due to a lack of sense of danger. ADHD kids are at higher risk of death from all causes once in their teens.

We’re going backwards

Over half of US children now suffer from a chronic condition, disability, or disease. Americans spend the least on food, the most on health care, have the most highly vaccinated kids, and have the sickest kids of any industrialized country. More kids than not are now chronically ill, developmentally delayed, and eating or injecting prescription medications from cradle to grave – which is going to be a quicker trip for them than it was for their parents, according to data on life expectancy in the US. We are inured to childhood autism, epilepsy, allergy, asthma, diabetes, obesity, Crohn’s disease and cancer. We are dying younger. We are going backwards.

I grew up not knowing a single child with these conditions. I neither had the flu nor flu shots (as there weren’t any). I only remember being sick when I had the chickenpox, which was a rite of passage for the ten and under.

Causes of death for US children have shifted since 1970. As then, accidents and injuries still top the list. And poverty is still a potent predictor of higher mortality. Chances of surviving cancer are stronger for children now, but there has been a fifty percent increase in cancer rates in children compared to forty years ago. Is this due to “better diagnosing” too, as we have been told about the staggering increase in autism?

Correlation with chronic illness

I don’t know. But I do know this: The current crop of devastating diseases and conditions correlates with three disturbing modern factors:


In 1983, children were required to have ten vaccines by age six. That changed to forty-nine by age six in 2013 — not counting flu shots. To maximize profits, manufacturers and health insurers bundle as many vaccines as possible into one syringe. And doctors, once told to give no more than four simultaneous vaccines, are now expected to give up to nine. This means that twelve-month-old babies can get a total of twenty-five antigens in one day — an astounding immune assault for a twenty pounder.

Pregnant women are now encouraged to have flu shots – which was found to trigger more fetal deaths. Still, nobody blinks. Our government just adds more, telling pregnant women to get TDaP shots too (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis).

The FDA has never tested the results of giving all these vaccines together in one day, or the cumulative effect of giving so many to a very young child. By the age of six, under the current schedule, kids get at least eighty-five viral and bacterial antigens, plus mercury (still in flu shots), aluminum (linked to Alzheimer’s), formaldehyde, nut oil adjuvants, and contaminant viral or bacterial DNA.


A major departure from global consensus on when to safely vaccinate babies occurred when the first GMO vaccine was introduced in 1991. Vaccine manufacturers convinced the CDC that hepatitis B virus could be eradicated in a single generation, by jabbing babies on the day they were born. The CDC bought in, and roped in the FDA to license it for this market, despite quietly acknowledging that newborns did not actually need the shot. These government agencies and pharmaceutical interests then monitored outcomes with “post market surveillance” – that is, they colluded to use newborns, usually without parental knowledge or informed consent, in a massive experiment to see what would happen. For 24 years now, all babies born in the US have been vaccinated at birth for hepatitis B virus – unless a parent knows to opt out. This was not mandated. It was just done, because the CDC started telling doctors to do it.

It has not eradicated the virus.

This shot, administered at the very vulnerable moment of birth, may well be responsible for more developmental or immune system injury than any other vaccine. The federal government’s VAERS database has 15,356 serious adverse events reported for hepatitis B vaccine and 8,477 of them are in children age 0-4 in the US (meaning, the child died or was permanently disabled by the vaccine). It was banned in France in 1998 because of links to autoimmune diseases.

After my son was given this shot, without my knowledge or consent, and nearly died, I wrote and published an investigative memoir about how this disturbing project took root, and how it has achieved nothing other than enormous profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

A horrific footnote: The newborn vaccine contained the adult dose of mercury in it for over a decade — 200 times the EPA limit. Tens of thousands of children had been mercury-poisoned at birth, when the brain is most vulnerable. There were no fines, no sanctions, not so much as a wrist slap because there were no lawsuits. Individuals, after all, have not been able to sue vaccine makers for injuries or deaths since 1986.


In 1995 genetically modified crops entered the US food supply without review or regulation. Papaya and tomatoes were the first foods tinkered with (Hawaii is locked in one of the hundreds of Monsanto battles). Soon after came soy and corn — key ingredients in infant formulas and processed food for infants and children. For the first time in human existence, infants were injected with GMO viral material on the day they were born, and ingesting GMO formula.

GMO foods and vaccines jam genetic traits across species into each other, in combinations not possible in nature. Because of disturbing data on how GMO foods disrupt beneficial human gut microbes, trigger allergies or cancers, and injure organs, other countries refuse American GMO crops, ban GMO foods, or require GMO labeling. Not us. The government’s symbiotic relationship with Big Food ensures that we have no idea what we’re eating. No action is taken on a federal level since the FDA dubbed GMO foods “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS), a designation that requires no safety testing. This happened simply because a Monsanto consulting attorney told the FDA to do it that way, in 1992. A quarter century later, consumers are wising up – and trying to get state-mandated labeling laws. Predictably, these usually fail thanks to outrageous sums of money poured into states from corporate interests eager to keep you uninformed enough to continue buying their products.

What we can do?

Want a family? Research toxin-free health care, food, and home. Talk to friends who vaccinate and those who don’t. Compare. Which parents struggle with sleep, behavior, developmental delays, allergies, or learning? Whose kids are calm, content, growing, and thriving? By age four or five, whose kids are riding a bike or climbing things, and whose kids are still in a stroller?

If you have kids with health challenges, the good news is that our bodies respond to restoration efforts. The younger kids are, the quicker they respond to nutritious food and non-toxic health care.

In addition to Fearless Parent, read Green Med InfoVaccine Free ChildHealthy Home Economist. Read Vaccine Epidemic and my books and blog.

I don’t doubt that our rank and file physicians earnestly believe they are doing a good job by routinely prescribing medications for reflux, constipation, behavior, mood, focus, attention, sleep, chronic infections, inflammatory conditions, and more for infants and children, all day, every day. But do they ever stop to think: When, why did this become normal? Why are we okay with this? Do children need all these drugs?

Your kids can be healthier. You are empowered to choose who works with your children. It’s never too late to restore your children’s birthright to good health. Think outside the box. Interview family nurse practitioners, naturopathic doctors, osteopathic doctors, classical homeopaths, or family practice physicians to find the right support for your family. It still takes a village. It shouldn’t take a pharmaceutical arsenal.

References and further reading

judy-converseJudy Converse, MPH, RD, LD has been practicing integrative nutrition for infants, children, and teens since 1999. She is a licensed registered dietitian with master’s and undergraduate degrees in nutrition. She has authored three books and is a contributing author of the bestselling book Vaccine Epidemic. Judy lectures widely on nutrition supports for children with autism and other special needs. She lives in Colorado with her husband and son. Join her at NutritionCare.net where you can find her blogtwitter, newsletter, and Facebook feeds.



  • Alisha

    I’ve been screaming the same things for years, I just don’t have this forum. Thank you!

  • Stephanie seneff

    Thank you so much for telling such a poignant story bringing to light what I have been observing for so many years – I’m astonished that young people seem to think “the new normal” is the way things always were. Is our collective memory so short that we can’t recognize the looming catastrophe? I trace the problems to two factors working synergistically, and your article supports this: (1) Too many vaccines with toxic chemicals like glutamate, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, and neomycin injected past all the barriers, and (2) GLYPHOSATE (Roundup) contaminating the food supply. Roundup, despite Monsanto’s assurances, is NOT harmless to humans. On the contrary, I think it is the most important factor in the autism epidemic and probably most of the other chronic conditions facing our children today: eczema, asthma, ADHD, food allergies, obesity, diabetes, etc. This has to stop and every individual mother can move us in the right direction by feeding their kids organic food and saying ‘no’ to vaccines!

    • Antivax Max

      I agree Stephanie. I have watched numerous videos of you speaking about this issue. I believe it all and wish that this would go mainstream so that MANY more parents could protect their kids. Thank you for doing what you do Stephanie.

  • Colleen Holland

    Thank you for for being an educated voice of reason! I too practice in Colorado (prenatal and pediatric DC) and have seen an enormous increase in the number of seriously ill children in the last 15 years. It baffles me that so many refuse to see the link between our children’s health and the “rank and file” practices in medicine and agriculture. When we question these practices, we are met with vitriol and violence. Sadly, our government encourages this vicious bullying in the name of profit.

    • Jo Flemings

      The worst part is when the professional culture and organizations of medical experts continually decry, coerce and ‘punish’ people who bring these concerns to light or want to tread lightly where correlative issues abound. For example, not just contrary counsel, but disdain and disapproval and disrespect directed at the mother of an infant who prefers an adjusted vaccine schedule because her kid has allergies- the serious kind, FPIES. Not no vaccines, just not all the vaccines at once- requesting to have them spaced out more, mind you, with every intention of getting all the vaccines.

      • Erwin Alber

        Vaccination is a dangerous fraud and an institutionalised medical superstition involving the systematic poisoning of children for profit under the guise of disease prevention.

        I recently watched the excellent documentary ‘Bought’. I cringed when a mother whose son suffered severe vaccine-related autism said, when asked if she would vaccinate if she had another child, that she would definitely not follow the CDC-recommended schedule but might opt for an alternative schedule!

        I find it so sad that the brainwashing goes so deep, to the point where parents find it difficult to even consider that going vaccine-free may be the only safe and sane option.

        I used to believe in vaccination, but then arrived at the inevitable conclusion that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

  • David Spadaro DC

    Is there a list of citations that accompany this article that can be included to back up these facts?

    • Louise Kuo Habakus

      Hi, David. We embedded source links for many of the facts. Let us know what you’re needing and we’ll try to accommodate. Louise

    • Sam W

      Why David? Do you not have any common sense? Have you seen the pharmacy commercials on every television station ? Have you not seen an autistic child at the grocery store lately? Have you not wondered what might or might not be causing this? Do you study any medical issues at all ? Do you have children of your own? Do you only believe articles that come with publications, citations, clarifications ? Have you read the studies on how many of those publications are falsified? How do you think these medical doctors have been told to pay for these huge cancer treatment centers? Think for yourself David. Try and feel the chaos around you David. Spend a little time with yourself for clarification

      • Kelsey

        Sam, have you considered that David is asking this question because as a Chiropractor he is asked to back up the information he is putting out there? I applaud him for doing his due diligence. We are constantly encouraging the public to ask questions and to be well informed… then when someone asks for those resources you belittle him. Stop! You are doing exactly what the Pro-vaccine movement loves… rather than being encouraging to someone that asks questions, and offering sound advice and research to back up the things you’re stating… you’re just spouting off more questions, and information that you are not citing! Let’s help, not hinder the anti-vaccine movement. Encourage the dialogue rather than belittling people that just may not know the answers, and that is why they are seeking out sources.

        This article is spot on, and is something that needs to be seen and read by many more people in the US.

      • Dave Spadaro

        To Sam W,
        Why? well,I will answer to the inquisition: I simply did not see the bibliography at the end of the article, hence the request for the citations since I agree with what is being said. But you want to attack someone, here’s a suggestion, start with your local and state politicians and get frustrated with them when you receive their form letter.
        When I am shopping in the supermarkets or department stores, or out walking in public the amount of chronically ill children and neurologically impaired children and young adults I see is frightening, yet there is no real outcry from the medical community nor the government agencies, just more drugs to treat the symptoms and more bills being submitted and approved for mandatory vaccines for children and adults, ( CA just passed a new law, SB277, and this new one is on it’s way: “Alert! A Congressional bill to force mandatory vaccinations across the nation has entered the House of Representatives under the name “Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015” or HR 2232. This bill is essentially a national version of the SB277 mandatory vaccination legislation which passed in California earlier this year “).
        When people just rely on emotions and hearsay, ( editorial articles etc.) we end up with no change to the current system or with more laws that strip us citizens of our rights, rights of religious exemptions, and rights of choosing what we want in our bloodstream without the promise of a real need, safety or efficacy from the agencies that are mandating or the manufacturers of their products.
        We have to have as much factual information as possible, A body of literature, not just one or two papers, when presenting argument against big money funded lawyers, agencies and presenting to the politicians that are supposed to be working for their constituents. When one writes to his senators or puts oneself out there to educate about what is happening there is a necessity to cite your sources otherwise it will be looked upon at as “pseudoscience” or just anecdotal information no matter how well meaning or truthful or factual.
        As for your questions, – I think I have a high level of common sense, ( business sense, not so much). YES, to :seeing the never ending slick marketing for the next drug, studying medical issues, to seeing autistic children and young adults everywhere. NO, to: believing every article with citations (and it’s a constant dilemma), but at least you have the amount of sources to then accept or dispute.the information. Yes- I am aware of how research can be skewed, as well as data manipulated to show a ‘favorable’ outcome as well as how the funding of the research can have a remarkable effect on the outcome of that research. I am also aware of chaos that seems to be increasing these days regarding health and food and other aspects of our lives. I do think for myself, while I still can, (and it’s still legal), and will not require you to tell me how to think and to “spend a little time with myself”, ( I don’t know about you, but I prefer a partner),
        I did not appreciate the attack and will not respond to you again.

    • Louise Kuo Habakus

      Hi, David. Just added a long list of references and further reading!

    • Erwin Alber

      Here is a good source of medical information David:


      Also check out the documentary if you haven’t already!

  • Ken Jaques

    This is a well written post, thanks for writing it. Like you, I know there has to be a better way. I have initiated a Healthy Community project in my city, bringing citizens together in a model of Education, Outreach and Community Engagement. It’s stories like these that contribute to the Education piece. Sharing this story is part of the Outreach, and getting people to talk about it is the Community Engagement piece. It will take a village, but we will reverse this trend. “When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘we’, even I-llness becomes we-llness” ~ Malcolm X

  • Laraine Abbey

    Great post…right on the money…and I do mean money. Pharma, CDC, FDA, and the American Academy of Pediatrics are driving this profitable ‘freight train’ of devastation right over our children. I too am old enough to remember when childhood cancer and chronic disease were rare. Better diagnosis? Ridiculous. The ‘better diagnosis’ crowd has no understanding of natural health and its requirement for REAL food nutrition from properly tended pesticide/herbicide free soil. They know nothing of the gut/brain connection & microbiome influence. They are in the dark ages of germ phobia & patent-medicine worship, where the focus is on symptoms & not causes.
    We are deteriorating. Our woman suffer fertility problems, our men can’t ‘get it up’ and our children are damaged. All that patent medicine has to offer is an ever increasing parade of health damaging drugs, antibiotics & vaccines!

  • Sam W

    Excellent article! I believe I will begin to use the words “non-toxic Healthcare” in my every day life. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen this usage and I like it very much. I had a 70 something-year-old patient with arthritis who was confined to a wheelchair probably 50% of her day. She had been that way for years. Took her off corn and gave her a little time and she no longer needs the wheelchair. She will never be able to go back and crochet again. But she is quite happy with being self-sufficient again . Thank you for your article

  • Lisa S

    Not to mention ear infections, allergies, mouth breathing and oral health issues. GREAT ARTICLE!!! thank you!

  • becky

    Please don’t assume that everyone who is bald has cancer. There is a growing number of people who suffer from an autoimmune condition known as alopecia. They are not ‘sickly’ or ‘dying’ – their body simply fights against their hair follicles which causes their hair to fall out. I can’t tell you how many times someone has addressed my daughter about cancer – and she hates it because she doesn’t want people to “feel sorry for her” or “think she is sick”. with that said, I would like to know if there is a connection between that autoimmune disease and vaccinations. (i feel there is as I am seeing more kids her age with alopecia…something i don’t remember as a child growing up)

    • mlr

      Alopecia ? & gluten. ? Maybe?

    • CS

      Hi, My girlfriend’s daughter developed alopecia around 12, right after her HPV injection (within weeks)
      . She is now 20 and it has never corrected no matter what intervention. Her mother knows it was the vaccine.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Becky, I’m sorry your daughter is dealing with alopecia. As an ND, I’ve found that a big part of the autoimmune puzzle is Vitamin D3. That’s one of the first tests I would run…

  • Guisselle

    I loved this article. I am a mother of 2. One vaccinated child, one unvaccinated. My older son has all his vaccines. After the last round of vaccines before starting school, he began getting fevers with no other symptoms. He has had every single test possible, bone marrow aspiration, blood work of every kind and nothing major shows up. The only thing that shows up consistently is that he did not develop antibodies for any of the things he was vaccinated for. I was given the option to continue giving him booster shots until his blood work shows that he has developed anti bodies -yeah, no thanks, that is NOT an option. He can be fine one day and wake up with 104 fever the next. When he has a cold, we are always ready to rush to the hospital because at any given time colds mbecome MAJOR ILLNESSES. The only thing the doctors have noticed looking through his records is that he was a perfectly healthy child until 2 weeks after the last round of shots. The immunologist we see told me that if I ever had anot her child, to educate myself on vaccines. Needless to say, when my second was born, I was armed with a lot more information than I had with my first. My second child -the unvaccinated one, is as healthy as can be. Even when his brother has been very sick with flu,strep, and other communicable diseases, he has not gotten sick. He doesn’t have any upper respiratory issues as his brother does. My fully vaccinated child is at more risk of getting sick than an unvaccinated child as he has issues with his immune system-that began after being vaccinated. The fact that he is fully vaccinated doesnt mean anything, he is just as much a “threat, danger” to other vaccinated kids because his body did not develop the “protection” it was supposed to from vaccines. Everyone’s body reacts differently to everything. There’s no reason to judge anyone as parents we all try to do what is best for our children.

  • Cori Gunnells

    Judy – Thank you for the well spoken and deeply observant article. I agree with all your points. I’ve been through this personally, and have known many others who have (childhood cancers, and ADD/ADHD, autism-spectrum, etc…). There is one very important thing I’d like to point out to you that is missing from the list that ails us – geoengineering/climate engineering toxins. We can do our best to steer clear of vaccines, GMOs, fluoride… but none of us can avoid the toxins that saturate our air everyday, sprayed by planes in the GeoE programs. I hope you will read this article, view the video, and explore the website. Thank you. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/heavy-metals-in-atmosphere-autism-add-illness-its-all-connected-video/

    • Candy

      Great article! I agree with Cori Gunnells. Geo Engineering is real and people need to know the damage it’s causing to our children. Thank you for making this point!

  • Karen

    There are SO many toxins that we consume, breathe, and are shot into us—it’s no wonder everyone is sick. Have you seen the recent study of the amount of aluminum in bees—causing cognition problems and death? And the study of 1,000 whales being full of all kinds of metals and toxins? Just google the studies…if it’s in them, it’s in us, folks. Why? Aluminum nano-particulates have been showing up everywhere—it is a known horrific neurotoxin…why is it so prevalent in our atmosphere?

  • Fran Davies

    If vaccines and GMO foods laden with Roundup weren’t enough, we also need to address the spraying of aerosoled aluminum in our skies, aka geoengineering. Lung disease has risen from #9 to #3 killer in the US the past two years. I have a new grandbaby on the way. I want her to thrive, not just survive.

  • Yvonne

    Your article and comments are very interesting to me. Here in Australia, the government is proposing to take away childcare payments for those children who are unvaccinated. and attend childcare. I am a grandmother, my children and grandchildren have all passed that stage, so does not impact me. However, the number of vaccines being given to children by the age of 4 is a worry. I also think there is fear being spread, especially to younger parents that all childhood diseases carry a death sentence. Vaccinations for very serious diseases such as smallpox, diphtheria and the like have been life saving, but trying to eliminate every disease known to man, which seems to be the aim, and I might add a huge bonanza for the pharma cos. , is out of hand. Babies here, too are being injected with hep B vaccine at birth. it is not mandatory, but encouraged. I am glad I do not have to make these decisions any more.

    • CS

      Hi Yvonne, There is a lot of misinformation out there with regards to how much vaccines had a hand in controlling diseases. Please read “Dissolving Illusions” by Dr. Susan Humphries for a factual account. Most of these diseases had a 95-99% drop in mortality before the vaccines ever came to market. Also, only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated against smallpox. In fact, outbreaks only occurred in highly vaccinated regions. In Leicester, England (1871) the people rose up and refused to vaccinate for small pox any longer as their children were being seriously damaged by the practice. They adopted better hygiene practices, cleaned up their food and isolated anyone who might show signs. They never had another outbreak in 60 years (and yet, all around them there continued to be outbreaks) until they stopped the practice of vaccinating against small pox. With Polio, the year they started vaccinating was the year they change the criteria for inclusion. Several diseases gave the same symptoms and had all been lumped into the realm of “Polio”. After the introduction of the vaccine, these diseases were no longer included and there was about a 30,000 drop in diagnosis for Polio. Also, the same year they banned DDT spraying which also gave people symptoms that mimicked Polio symptoms. Again, this resulted in another huge drop. Vaccines did not erradicate polio and smallpox. That is total misinformation put out to control and scare the masses into vaccinating.

  • Lisa

    I’d like to share this link with the readers here.

    A Letter to Moms, November 12, 2015:
    “One in six children now has some form of developmental delay. ADHD and autism are now common, and rates are rising every year…” http://www.clearlightventures.com/blog/2015/11/12/a-letter-to-moms

    Scientists are repeatedly finding evidence that EMFs, like glyphosate, are neurotoxic, EMFs as in the radiation given off by smart meters, smart appliances, cell towers, cell phones, all WiFi enabled devices, cordless phones, and baby monitors. Nitric oxide is all over the body and plays important roles such as transporting oxygen to tissues and used by the nervous system in inter-neuron communication and signaling. NO is generated in a calcium-dependent manner in response to glutamate mediated NMDA activation. In glutamate excitotoxicity, over-stimulated neurons create an excess of NO leading to neurotoxicity. Pathologically high levels of glutamate causing excitotoxicity allow high levels of calcium ions to enter the cell. Ca++ influx into cells activates a number of enzymes which go on to damage cell structures–oxidative stress, DNA damage, and apoptosis. Neurodegenerative diseases of the central nervous system are skyrocketing — MS, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s– CFS, MCS too. It’s not only children being affected.

    A great place to begin researching is THE BIOINITIATIVE REPORT 2012.

  • DA Frank

    Another cause of great concern is the horrendous amounts of aluminum being sprayed in our skies which then falls to the earth, allowing all of us to breathe in these toxic (cumulative) nano particles KNOWN to cause neurological conditions such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, MS and others. Lab tests of snow, water, soil, even our own hair are registering aluminum levels that are astronomically high. Yet one is called a tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist if they try to bring attention to this reality.
    Watch these two documentaries to learn how extensive and serious an issue this really is. I believe it is at the TOP of the pyramid of all issues that are affecting our health and environment… worse than vaccines, GMOs, etc. Please watch and learn.

    WHAT in the World Are They Spraying

    WHY in The World Are They Spraying

  • Erwin Alber

    Thanks for the great article!

    Humankind is heading for an unprecedented biological disaster of global proportions due to this medical insanity peddled as disease prevention, yet this medical child abuse is going to increase with the push for making vaccinations mandatory for school entry – and for adults!

    Watch, like and share this excellent presentation by Laura Hayes:


  • Debbie Valenti

    I am astounded reading all of these! My 3 children had several vaccines MMR, polio, DPT and one or two others. I am counting my blessings that they are healthy and well. I did not get them the HPV vaccine. Something just didn’t feel right about it (I’m a nurse). Recently, I was quite shocked to find out and see the commercials that are telling parnets and grandparents to get the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine when they have a child or grandchild! When I practiced nursing in an ER (years ago), patiens were to be given the Tetanus shot after any kind of puncture wound or any deep wound. We were admonished to be certain that it was NOT DPT.! That means NO PERTUSSIS was to be given to adults! I don’t know when this changed but I am a bit leary. As far as the ginormous number of vaccines to be given to children under the age of 6…this is insane! BTW, thanks for admitting me to this group!

  • Maureen McDonnell,RN

    Judy- you & I have been on the same page for a few decades now & so it doesn’t surprise me that I just published an article very similar to the excellent one you’ve written. Mine is “An Inconvenient Truth Regarding Our Children’s Health…What Moms Can Do NOW!” & it can be found on my website http://www.sokhop. Saving Our Kids Healing Our Planet. Like you, I’m done holding back – we have to not only let the world know the truth – we have to empower & mobilize the moms!
    Congratulations Commrade!

  • Barbara

    Great article. I wish you had included doctors of chiropractic in your list at the end. Thinking outside the box is what that profession has been doing since its inception. Many have done wonders to help injured children regain their health.

  • NHWCenter

    Isn’t this sad? I see it a lot in my practice (but thank goodness its a minority) of parents who worry more about what their kids wear, promoting the “keep up with the Joneses” attitude with their kids as they do for themselves rather than learning how to correct the health problems of their children or to live better by taking responsibility to learn how to better care for their health. Parents like this usually stop bringing their children to me or I tell them that I’m not the right person for them. The fixation on medication (that includes antibiotics and vaccines) as being the holiest of holy is only damaging our children (and adults) more and more as many people are becoming chronically ill or dying younger and younger. Looking for quick fixes, taking meds to avoid the emotional stress, choosing to live life with more stress, jumping to have unnecessary surgeries, procedures that further damage our health (1 CT scan =500 x-rays, mammograms are high radiation that is accumulative in the body, and the contrast in MRI’s is extremely toxic to the body). Unfortunately this is the propaganda that has permeated our culture since the advent of Radio/TV switching our belief system to rely on the medical system to define what is health and health care thus relegating our health to medical professionals. It’s just as it has been planned since the Pharmaceutical Cartel took over our country and medical schools since the early 1900’s. It takes strength to question and stand up to these kinds of negative corporate power but I see more and more clients trying to reverse this trend (and their brainwashing), and I admit that after 38yrs in the medical profession it was a complete mind altering experience for me too ~ for which I am so much happier and as are the clients I see.

  • Concerned Professional

    Thank you for a great article. I was told today by another pediatrician that my children can not be seen there because I no longer vaccinate. I’ve realized I’ve been knocking on the wrong doors. As a health professional myself it makes me sad to see so many fellow medical professionals ignore basic ethics and allow this harm to happen to innocent children under their “care”. This is a sad sad state for our country.

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