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Do Vaccines Cause Cancer?

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This article is copyrighted by Fearless Parent™ 2016

by Louise Kuo Habakus

I know people will be immediately furious with the title — do vaccines cause cancer? Absolutely irresponsible! What’s wrong with you? This is why your movement will never get anywhere! You think everything bad is caused by vaccines!

Be mad, if you must, but keep reading. Progress never happens by silencing contrarian voices. This post is for parents… because the hardest time to learn about cancer is when someone you love has been diagnosed. It’s difficult to come from a place of empowered strength when panic and fear set in. The second hardest time to learn about cancer is when no one is sick. Why spend precious free time on something so terrifying? I’ll tell you why. Cancer is part of our new normal. One in two men and one in three women will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. But it’s not just adults. If you can’t bring yourself to focus on this topic for you, please do it for your children.

I’m writing this article because the best way to learn is together, through community. I know how tough it is to go against the herd when talking about vaccines. The same is true about cancer. And you might be intrigued to learn that there’s a connection between the two.

The real cancer experts

TTAC Video Trailer 11There’s a big opportunity to hear — for free — from the world’s leading cancer experts. The real experts who are independent, courageous, and cutting edge. I know many of these people. They are my friends and colleagues, they are my family’s doctors. Or I know them through their work. I’m helping to promote this docu-series because it’s all part of the same issue.

We aren’t able to make informed decisions without real information. And, the more people that understand, the closer we get to real societal change… and healing.

Let’s start with some basic facts

Vaccines are a universal exposure. Not all children eat the same food or breathe the same air. But they’re largely all getting the same vaccines.

  • Over 99% of American children have received at least one vaccine and 90-95% are fully vaccinated (CDC MMWR 10/17/14).
  • If you’re over, say 30 years of age, this is more than three times the number of shots you got. Over 50 years? More than four times.
  • Every single state mandates vaccines as a condition of daycare and school admission.
  • The vaccine schedule has never been tested as administered for safety or efficacy.
  • Children are sicker than ever — with chronic, autoimmune, neurodevelopmental disorders that are through the roof and of “unknown etiology” (i.e., no one knows why).
  • Incidence of all chronic pediatric conditions escalated after we sharply increased the number of vaccines.

This doesn’t prove anything. It doesn’t disprove anything either. More to the point, it does not validate what we are doing.

What we are doing is unprecedented in the history of mankind. We did not evolve, over thousands of years, with this kind of exposure. I’m not just talking about the human body’s ability to handle what’s in the vaccines. I’m also talking about this degree of artificial manipulation of the immune system. Human babies did not encounter the simultaneous, repeated, and cumulative injections of many dozens of different kinds of bacterial and viral material — whether attenuated live or inactivated toxoid or genetically engineered recombinant — during their peak neurodevelopmental window, starting on the day of birth through three years of age.

Parents who know this are understandably puzzled when they are accused of being crazy because they assert their right not to vaccinate their children.

Cancer in children is a big problem

You will hear that there have been major advances in the cure rate of cancer but that obscures a single compelling fact. The incidence of childhood cancer is up. A lot. The following information is courtesy of CureSearch.org:

  • Cancer occurs across all ages, ethnic and socio-economic groups and remains the number one cause of death by disease in children.
  • The number of diagnosed cases annually has not declined in 20 years. The average age is six.
  • 12% of children diagnosed with cancer do not survive.
  • There are 375,000 adult survivors of children’s cancer in the United States (1 in 530 adults ages 20-39) — 60% suffer late-effects, such as infertility, heart failure and secondary cancers.

What we are talking about is an epic amount of suffering.

What does vaccine safety research say?


There is so little vaccine safety research, it boggles the mind. Equally distressing is the fact that we rely upon vaccine makers to do the research for product approval and licensure.

The outright inadequacy of vaccine safety research is acknowledged by the federal government. Here is a sampling of the language used by the government-hired think tank, The Institute of Medicine, in their Reports on Vaccine Safety over a fifteen-year period:

“[M]any gaps and limitations in knowledge… inadequate understanding of the biological mechanisms… insufficient or inconsistent information… inadequate size of length of follow-up… limited capacity of existing surveillance systems…few experimental studies…”

“Clearly, if research capacity and accomplishment in these areas are not improved, future reviews of vaccine safety will be similarly handicapped.”

You can read more in our book, Vaccine EpidemicThere you can also find out the percentage of the total vaccine budget that’s spent on safety versus promotion and distribution. (All right, I’ll tell you… it’s 1/2 of 1%.)


Vaccine makers don’t test vaccines for their potential to cause cancer.

Yup. It’s not on them. They are crystal clear about it. Every single vaccine package insert says it. I know because I looked. As an example, here’s what Merck says about its MMR vaccine:

M-M-R II has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or potential to impair fertility.

Parents should know that every vaccine administered to their children has not been evaluated for its ability to cause cancer, genetic mutation, or infertility.

I urge you to go look, too. Here are package inserts for every FDA-approved vaccine.

What you’ll find is sobering. Let’s take the Hepatitis B vaccine as an example. If you open Merck’s RECOMBIVAX HB Hepatitis B vaccine package insert (go to page 4, under ADVERSE REACTIONS), you’ll see data for sample size and observation period used to justify licensure of this product given to newborns:

In three clinical studies, 434 doses of RECOMBIVAX HB, 5 mcg, were administered to 147 healthy infants and children (up to 10 years of age) who were monitored for 5 days after each dose. Injection site reactions and systemic adverse reactions were reported following 0.2% and 10.4% of the injections, respectively. The most frequently reported systemic adverse reactions (>1% injections), in decreasing order of frequency, were irritability, fever (>101°F oral equivalent), diarrhea, fatigue-weakness, diminished appetite, and rhinitis.

If this vaccine was associated with increased cancer incidence, how much of it do you think they’d capture in 5 days?

I will also add that, in my lectures, parents are horrified to learn that safety testing for a vaccine given to newborns was conducted on only 147 children, and these children were significantly older and prescreened for health.

But can vaccines cause cancer?

Vaccines are biologics. They are a pharmaceutical product derived from animals, humans, or insects. There are many different types of vaccines (i.e., live attenuated, killed, inactivated toxoid, subunit/conjugate), and they are produced from different types of cells (i.e., primary, diploid, continuous cell lines).

Biological vaccines are not safe in any form. Anyone who takes issue with that is going to apply a relativist argument. There are things that can be done to make them safer but parents must know that this is a different discussion. Vaccine makers do not prioritize safety above all else — they try to balance a number of competing variables. In order to improve a vaccine’s effectiveness, price, or time to market, it almost always comes down to a tradeoff with safety. For example:

  • The antigenic material in vaccines is expensive. To use less of it, they’ll add an aluminum adjuvant.
  • Single dose vials are expensive. To reduce cost, they’ll add the mercury-based preservative thimerosal to multi-dose vials (yes, they’re still doing this in some vaccines, including the flu shot given to babies as young as 6 months of age).
  • Cells cannot replicate indefinitely. They reach what’s called the Hayflick Limit  and this is the reason that vaccine makers love to culture viruses on continuous or immortal cell lines.


Normal cells can only divide a finite number of times before they break down by apoptosis (programmed cell death). Some cells, however, mutate and keep going and going. We’re not talking about stem cells here. We’re talking about cancer. Some vaccines are grown on cancerous tissue. The most prominent example of this is the HeLa cell line. Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine used these cells. The story of Henrietta Lacks at the hands of the medical establishment is so reprehensible that it makes me hyperventilate just thinking about it. If you haven’t read the book about her life, go get it now. It will give you some insight into the varied ways that ethical shades of gray in medicine become black and white.

So… if you get a shot that is cultured on continuous cell lines, then you are injecting biologic material grown on neoplastic or cancerous tissue. And there are deep, deep concerns that these cells might be contaminated with occult oncogenic agents that can cause cancer. You can read what the FDA says about it here and here. And in this Scientific American article, a professor who studies a contagious cancer says that injecting someone with cancerous cells can cause cancer.

The European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products provided this 2001 position statement on the use of tumourigenic cells of human origin for the production of biologics, highlighting harrowing risks including gene mutation, translocation generating a novel gene, or the presence of biologically active bacterial or viral oncogenes. While EMEA’s focus was on cells of human origin — which happen to be used in the rubella, hepatitis A, chickenpox, polio, rabies, and the smallpox vaccines — these risks also exist for biologics, including all remaining vaccines, made from cells of animal and insect origin.

The inactivated polio vaccine is cultured on Vero or kidney cells from the African green monkey. The Vero cell line is a continuous cell line. (Read what former Merck vaccine chief Maurice Hilleman had to say about how the polio vaccine caused cancer via SV40 contamination from the “greens” (monkeys).

We are moving away from primary and diploid cell culture systems and towards the use of continuous cell lines. (Read about CCLs in History of Vaccine Development.) This should not come as a surprise, as pandemic vaccine development requires large scale manufacture with process parameters that can be ramped up very quickly and run smoothly and cost-effectively.


Adventitious agents are bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, fungi, and other pathogenic material that are unintentionally introduced. It happens. It causes cancer (among other problems). It cannot be prevented. The problem is that you can’t screen for something that you don’t know (or won’t admit) exists. And there’s that pesky tradeoff with cost again. It’s expensive to screen and filter these things out.

Peek at this FDA presentation called Unexpected Finding of Adventitious Agent in a Biological Product (just in case it gets taken down, access the PDF here). It explains in some hair raising detail what our government knows. See below. For example, note their repeated use of quotations around “free” of adventitious agents… their admission that they missed adventitious agents in the past and that new agents are being discovered… and the risk/reward tradeoff they’re making for us.

  • Stringent regulatory requirements in place to ensure, to the extent possible, that products are “free” of adventitious agents. (slide #4)
  • New technologies have the potential to detect adventitious agents not previously known or detected… (slide #10)
  • Formalin inactivation did not completely inactivate SV40 (slide #11)
  • More sensitive PCR assay showed that previously undetectable quantities of reverse transcriptase [from endogenous avian retrovirus] were present in some vaccines (e.g. measles) produced in avian cells. (slide #11)
  • [B]enefits of vaccination far outweigh any remote risk of vCJD [human form of mad cow disease]. (slide #13)

Sometimes, when government and industry are caught flat-footed, as happened with the pig viruses found in the rotavirus vaccine, they’ll argue that it’s not known to cause disease in humans. They might use the word safe. But we know they mean “safe” and that you’d prefer to make the decision for your children rather than have them make it for you.

The truth about cancer

Vaccines are just the tip of the cancer iceberg. We have a lot of inconvenient questions that disturb a $125+ billion industry. Many people are afraid to tell the truth but not all. If you want to know more, then you’ll want to check out this new docu-series. Here’s the trailer:

TTAC Video Trailer 13


Louise circle 8-7-14

Louise Kuo Habakus is the founding director of Fearless Parent™, lead host and producer of Fearless Parent Radio™, and mom of two. She is a published author and runs the non-profits Center for Personal Rights and Health Freedom Action. Louise was a Bain consultant and a C-level executive in the financial services industry. She holds two degrees from Stanford University. She is an advisory board member of GreenMedInfo, S*HE Living TV, and The Documenting Hope Project.



  • Elaine Sooy Goodman

    I have been blessed with an excellent immune system, which I have allowed to work. I am virtually antibiotic-free, having taken just one round of penicillin when I was 20. I am 75 years old. My oldest son reacted violently to his DPT shot when he was less than a year old. He also had a convulsion after receiving his infant MMR. He developed schizophrenia at 20. One theory is that schizophrenia is caused by early insult to the brain, via virus or allergen in utero or shortly after birth. I have four sons. The third has MS. I have long believed that my sons’ problems are the result of tampering with a perfectly good immune system.

    • Louise Kuo Habakus

      Thank you for sharing this with us, Elaine. Most people don’t know that the whole cell pertussis vaccine was introduced pulled in 1997, after over 30 years on the market. It was causing so many cases of death and catastrophic neurological damage, that it threatened the entire vaccine program. In its first decade of operation, 72% of the claims in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program were related to this vaccine (formulated in a combination vaccine as DwPT with diphtheria and tetanus).

      Japan stopped using whole cell pertussis in 1975 due to severe vaccine injuries. They raised the minimum age to receive vaccines to 24 months (from 3 months) and skyrocketed to the top of the infant mortality charts (least # of deaths — no SIDS). Japan invented and introduced the safer acellular pertussis vaccine (as DTaP) in 1981.

      It took the US 15 years to adopt this safer vaccine, in 1997.

      Hannah Bruesewitz suffered seizures and permanent brain damage from the DTwP shot she received in 1993. Her parents sued Wyeth alleging its vaccine was defective and was a safer alternative. They took it all the way to the Supreme Court where, in 2011, the highest court in the land opined that vaccine makers cannot be sued for design defect liability. And parents were on notice that, when it comes to vaccines, the only one receiving immunity is the pharmaceutical industry.

      YOYO = you’re on your own.

      Read Hannah’s story, as told by her father, in our book Vaccine Epidemic.

      ps. Japan stopped using the combination MMR vaccine in 1993. It lowered the minimum age to 3 months but with far fewer shots than US babies receive. In 1998, Japan overturned all mandatory vaccination laws.

    • Vaccine papers

      There is indeed a powerful and proven link between immune activation and schizophrenia, and autism. Both autism and schizophrenia are caused by brain exposure to cytokines during early stages of development.

      many scientific papers on this subject are available at vaccinepapers.org

  • Jeanette Forlano Slaw

    Once again Louise, thank you for another well written, well documented and very timely article. Thanks for your relentless pursuit to inform and educate others on subjects that mainstream sources choose not to touch; and thanks for compiling credible information that those of us who read with an open mind can share with confidence. God bless and take care . . .

  • Sue Keller via Facebook

    The catch phrase is “to the extent possible.” So, SD40/polio vaccines would never, ever happen ever again, at least to the extent possible.

  • Jean Munoz Keese via Facebook

    Whether you consider yourself pro-vaccine, or pro-vaccine choice, you should care about the safety of what is being injected into our children. Vaccines have not been tested for their carcinogenic impact. We continue to see a rise in the number of vaccines on the schedule (coincidentally, the increase in the schedule began when vaccine manufacturers were removed from any liability in the event of vaccine injury and/or death). We also continue to see a rise in childhood cancer. All parents should be demanding safety studies to look into this further. Parents should demand an objective study to show whether the current vaccine schedule as a whole is safe – this does not exist. Parents should demand a study to show multiple injections at once is safe – this does not exist. There are many questions that must be answered in regards to vaccine safety. Ask questions before you vaccinate.

  • Cyndy Bowman Odenwald via Facebook

    Reasonable questions which should be explored by science, not silenced by media and money.

  • Amy L

    It’s probably no accident that, in a recent study conducted in India about the successful homeopathic treatment of autistic children, the number one remedy is Carcinosin, made from cancerous tissue…

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    Thank you thank you for this wonderful piece of information. God bless you sandy shepheard

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    The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic:
    R.E. Tent, DC, ND, PhD presentation

    Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward Haslam:
    Author interview
    Buy the book

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    Poly 80.

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    vaccines as well as all viruses and all cancer cells produce Nagalase, and all autistic children have high levels of Nagalase in the bodies. Now, once you have Nagalase deactivating your immune system, and everybody produces a few cancer cells naturally (which would be eaten up by a healthy immune system) the cancer can take off by being fed sugar, carbs, sweets.

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    Louise, your clarity of information and depth of understanding are like a breath of fresh Spring air. I learned so much from this article and look forward to watching the docu-series. Now I have even more reason to be wary of vaccines, to continue to support families who question their safety and who are graciously and against great odds exercicising their freedom of health choice.

  • Karen Dollar via Facebook

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    “The federal government says children should get over 70 doses of 16 different vaccines by age 18. . . . The vaccine schedule has never been tested as administered for safety or efficacy.” This should make everybody go ballistic.

  • Francine LoStocco via Facebook

    Yes. Of course, why are all these children getting cancer. The government gave a lot of money for research for children’s cancer. The cancer industry has to justify the money. Since more adults are refusing chemo, they are going after the children, by medically kidnapping and forcing treatment.( their treatment) it is quite diabolical.

  • Jamison Jones via Facebook

    I have read package inserts that clearly state this was not tested to see if it is carcinogenic , big pharma is not on our team , they are on team $$ , and Control.

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    unfortunate that their vaccines are not tested on children. Gardasil….NEVER tested on children and yet TX made it mandatory to shoot up little girls to bring the pushers out of bankruptcy. It worked. They were in the black within 6 months. Who cares about little girls from TX?

  • Sue Galcher via Facebook

    Until there is a study comparing the long term health outcome of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children we do not have the data to answer this and many other questions on the benefits and downsides of vaccinations. Please can a post doc researcher take this on and get questionnaires distributed?

    • Harriet Emerson via Facebook

      Absolutely. Congress has requested that comparison study several times. Also, studies to determine which individuals are susceptible to vaccine damage.

    • Annette

      I read that there’s been a study conducted in Switzerland, outcome is that unvaccinated children are generally healthier. I sadly don’t have a link. But maybe someone else can find it?

  • Sue Galcher via Facebook

    Big pharma will do everything in its considerable power to prevent such a study from ever happening, or if it does, destroying the reputation of the researchers carrying it out.

  • Katie Jales via Facebook

    could be …. all the inserts I have read state they haven’t been evaluated for carcinogenic potential …

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    The government has to reverse this no liability to the vaccine manufacturers law. They can do anything they want. Which other company has this free of any consequences deal?

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  • Richard Baumhower via Facebook

    I always wonder why young children get cancer.
    I think that the vast majority of cancer is caused by toxins, but young kids haven’t been around long enough to have been exposed to a lot of toxins, BUT, they have been massively exposed to the toxins that are in every vaccine that is given.
    I am confident that vaccines cause serious illness, injury and death, not to mention autism, and now I am thinking they very likely could be the culprit in most childhood cancer.

    • Annette

      Children are being exposed to chemicals, but it’s the cumulative effect. The vaccines provide a steady supply so it becomes harder for the body to process it.

  • Debbie Z. O'Leary via Facebook

    I know it is Monday…this is worth reading. Share away!

  • Las Vegas for Vaccine Safety and Choice via Facebook

    Fearless Parent is one of the most credible source in the field of health, wellness and holistic parenting. I am sharing a compelling article on childhood cancer and vaccines. Naturally we tend to only think about the short term side effects and injuries. When faced with the decision whether to vaccinate our children or not, parents are strongly encouraged to consider the chronic, long term, and mutagenic effect of vaccines.

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    Just wanted to thank you for doing what you do.

    I just pray that my kids don’t get cancer. I didn’t know better when they were babies and the pediatrician told us what shots they needed. I just signed on the line and held my baby as they got their shots.

    I was smart enough to switch doctors when our pediatrician wanted to give our son the gardisil vaccine at age 9 or 10. The light finally clicked on and I started to question him.

    It’s unconscionable what our government allows and it really pisses me off when you hear other countries have been smart enough to not let the vaccines be given when they realize the adverse effects.

    I now have a good and caring pediatrician.

  • Bonnie Tirpe Heikkila via Facebook

    Over 30 years ago my dad was diagnosed with cancer and fought it 7 years…during that time it was very rare to hear someone having cancer. My husband was diagnosed in 2013 and passed in June of 2015..Going to the cancer centers for his treatment you realize the staggering amount of people who have cancer, to include children. I did not see so many so very young having cancer when my dad did. There are many factors to getting cancer and we all have it inside us..it takes something to activate it within us…..environmental or otherwise and I have always wondered if vaccines could be part of that being children get it at such young ages. I believe until cancer strikes your family and you are actually in the hospitals to see most people are unaware of just how many people do actually have this disease today as compared to 30 years ago. Since my husband passed away my cousin did and his sister now has cancer….a real eye opener!

  • Thomas Dammel via Facebook

    Yes they have in the past, and the effects of introducing SV40 to the worlds population via the Salk vaccine for polio, are still being felt.

  • Ursula Santucci Steuer via Facebook

    There is so much wrong with vaccines, just the idea to inject them goes against natural routes.
    The ingredients are all harmful!
    The idea of using animal and human cells is harmful and frankly very disturbing!

  • Beth Etie Liggett via Facebook

    The rates in kids is crazy….not just cancer, all kind of “epidemics” autism, diabetes. Sad for our youth and its up to us to fight for their well being.

  • Loreen Larsen via Facebook

    What was shocking to me given SV40 was that when the pig virus in the Rotarix was discovered by a private SF lab , missed by Pharma and the FDA.

    It was temporarily removed from the market and when found that it was in the seed stock ( Every single dose ever given and unless they start over with the Vax – EVERY FUTURE DOSE.

    They simply changed the label and put it back on the market.

    This same virus was found in very sick and dying dogs for the very first time in Ohio & Ca .

    No one knows how the dogs got the pig virus.

    But given SV40 took
    30 + years to develop into cancer.

    This is SCARY!!

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    Cancer has been around LONG before Vaccines.

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      At today’s rates???

    • Luana Angelina Navarro via Facebook

      I think the rates of cancer in children are extraordinarily high now

    • Mike Barbi Arnold via Facebook

      And, cancer is caused by many different things. To say it’s been around since before vaccines is irrelevant. Cancer was also around before cigarettes … see where I’m going?

      • CM

        Sure Mike, smoking causes cancer. Did you know several decades ago they used to claim that smoking was healthy?

        Bullshit they did not know that it caused cancer. It’s only because of how blatantly obvious it became that smoking was causing cancer that they had to admit it.

        Vaccines increasing your risk of cancer – now that’s much less obvious and even harder to prove.

      • Louise Kuo Habakus

        Hey, Mike. It’s very easy to sweep all manner of ills under the “plausible deniability” rug. Just because a lot of things can cause cancer doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look very closely at any one culprit… especially one that is recommended by the US government and mandated by all 50 states as a condition of daycare and school admission for virtually all children.

        Here’s a little bit of backstory on the sordid tobacco chapter. It took decades before tobacco companies owned up to their cancer sticks and were forced to label cig packaging. It’s not something on which anyone looks back with any pride. Click here for the embedded links:

        Q: How long does it take for research evidence to reach clinical practice?
        A: Seventeen years.

        That’s nearly a generation. And it takes many generations longer when billions of dollars are at stake.

        To remind myself of this, I did a bit research about the history of cigarettes and lung cancer to explain why I don’t think we’ll be seeing a lot of government leadership on an analogous issue — EMFs and radio frequency radiation. It’s sobering and instructive:

        The US Surgeon General’s 1964 Report on Smoking and Health was fifty years overdue.

        In 1994 (30 years later), we watched as seven tobacco CEOs testified under oath that they did not know nicotine is addictive.

        Today (60 years later), the US market ranks #3 in a $744 billion global industry for a product known as cancer sticks.

        As a side note, I find it interesting that lung cancer — which is the leading cause of cancer death, exceeding breast, colon, and prostate cancer deaths combined — was so rare at the turn of the last century that “… medical professors, when confronted with a case… told their students they might never see another.” Sound familiar? The first documented autism diagnosis was 73 years ago and was similarly declared exceedingly rare. Today, the CDC says that 1 in 68 children born in 2004 has autism. Yes, there’s a 12 year data lag. The CDC can pinpoint the tomato patch implicated in a single case of salmonella poisoning but won’t be able to tell us about autism prevalence in children born this year until 2028. The autism rate is 1 in 41 children (and a staggering 1 in 28 boys) in New Jersey. Is it really a big mystery? We know it’s not just better diagnosis. Why aren’t we doing the research?

        I do not believe proactive leadership regarding cell phone radiation dangers will come from government or industry…

  • Sibyl Haynes via Facebook

    And then children can be medically kidnapped and force-chemoed.

  • Alayne

    My son was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor about six months after being vaccinated with MMR. His first symptom of the tumor developed about three months after the shot. After brain surgery, a year of multiple chemo drugs and six weeks of radiation to the brain, he has remained cancer free for nine years. I never revaccinated him because I learned of the carcinogenic property disclaimer in the vaccine inserts, I don’t KNOW that the vaccine caused the tumor, but I refuse to risk a relapse.

  • Anonymous

    Echo chamber- not one dissenting voice ?

  • lex

    Hi louise, thank you very much for this movement you are championing. It is people like you that keeps powerful organisations in check. The pharma industry is a big problem to medical line. I have a 1 year old son now and had never given a 2nd thought about vaccine until he took the 6-in-1 (DTP, IPV, HepB, HiB) when he was 5 months old in Malaysia. He did not took that well. Rashes, fever, facial expression gone and stopped talking for 2 weeks. Seeing your own baby regress is when your parental instinct kicks in, forcing me to really look into what went into my baby’s body. And so, I go into research overdrive.
    Unfortunately, from a western medicine perspectives, you will almost always hit a wall when you come to vaccine. I think this is due to the limitation in the base theory – that diseases all comes from external sources, the germ theory. Fortunately for me, in the east, we have a well established and even thriving system, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) that I can look into. And what I found, coincide with what you have been championing all along. That vaccine causes a lot of long-term harm to the body.
    The ancient Chinese actually started vaccination, albeit in a different form. It was called ‘inoculation’ and it works by rubbing off ‘dying virus’ from the dried scab of smallpox scar into the nose of otherwise healthy human. Ancient Chinese discovered this after rounds and rounds of smallpox outbreak (with lots of death) all over china. To them, the theory is sound and it saves millions. Yet, what is wrong with our current vaccination approach?
    The answer is in the injections. TCM explains that human gets sick from either internal weaknesses or external attack (pathogens). Vaccines are designed to protect us from external attacks. Due to this focus on internal weakness, TCM actually has been observing human immunity for a much longer time than our conventional western medicine now. And to me, it seems that TCM understood immunity better, albeit in a more general manner.
    Our immunity comprises of 4 protective layers and the progression of external pathogens have to go through these 4 layers to go into our body. First, it’s our skin layer, which TCM term ‘Wei Qi’. Followed by ‘Qi level’, then ‘Ying Qi’ (organ level) and finally ‘Blood level’. The further (or deeper) the pathogens seeps into, the more dangerous (or stronger) the disease will be. This is almost like a castle invasion, where you prepare different calvary of defenses and even if the enemy came in hordes, you can be assured that its numbers are being reduced in phases everytime it passes through your 4 level of defences. By the time, it reaches ‘blood level’ (if it ever does), limited effort is required (from the kidney) to finally eliminate this attack. Yet, modern vaccines, which uses injection method, directly bypasses all other 3 levels to go into the final level.
    For mostly healthy and strong human, this is ok, especially if it’s only one type of ‘weakened’ pathogen that we are dealing with. However, as you know, vaccines are being combined, and more and more types of ‘recommended’ vaccines are being introduced into the market. (Really? chicken pox? flu?). Everytime we are being vaccinated, our kidney goes into overdrive to work on the ‘blood level’ immunity. TCM maintained for over thousands of years that our kidney energy (or essence they call it) is limited and the more you exhaust it, the weaker you become. There is almost no way you can extend or increase this kidney essence. I reckon this is closely linked to what we call DNA/genetics now. We can only do so much with what we’ve been given. And modern vaccines reduces it. The more we jab, the lesser it becomes. This also explains why certain people have no problem with getting the 100 types of vaccine jabs recommended by the pharmaceuticals and continues to claim that ‘vaccines make me stronger’. While others (especially babies), goes into convulsion and even become autistic after their few jabs.
    TCM goes further into explaining how vaccines also cause modern day epidemic such as allergies, rhinitis, excemas, etc etc. It’s simple, because these are all grouped into the same ‘root condition’ by TCM. Your yin has decreased so much, that body has to create ’empty heat’, which translate to one/ more of these. Can these chronic conditions be cured? Yes, but it wont be easy because the underlying root cause is most likely kidney yin deficient. The lack of yin (fluid/energy) in the kidney.

  • Me

    Do you know that vaccine cause cancer in animals (dog, cat and other) ? It is proved and well documented and seems to occur in 1/1000 – 1/10000 and time frame interval, from few months – 11,15 years after vaccination. It is known as VAS (VACCINE INDUCE SARCOMA) a very aggressive form of cancer induced by vaccine.

  • Varun Shetty

    There have been numerous studies showing safety of vaccine in general and with resprect to leukemia. here is one such study : https://academic.oup.com/aje/article/167/5/598/211885

    There are many reasons why children can have leukemia. Establishing causation is difficult, and in this case silly as there is studies have shown no association between leukemia and vaccines. Vaccines have saved millions of lives. If you need evidence, just go to countries in Africa and other developing nations where unvaccinated children still diet from H influienza, pertussis, measles and other preventable diseases. The memory of polio is fresh in our minds when we see people who have been handicapped by it. It is easy to forget all that when you generally have a healthy population. Please refrain from spreading misinformation.

    • Louise Kuo Habakus

      Hello, Dr. Shetty.

      I see that you are a pediatrician. Thank you for writing and for sharing the Am J Epidemiol paper. I took a quick look at the paper and gave a more careful read of your comments. I offer the following observations:

      — You link to a single, small study (n = 399) and focus solely on leukemia, which is eclipsed by many other more commonly diagnosed cancer types.

      — No evidence of an association between childhood leukemia and vaccination is not the same as evidence of no association.

      — The evidence in the study you cited was explicitly described as inconclusive and the results contradictory: “[T]he evidence remains inconclusive, and results from case-control studies of postnatal exposures and immune susceptibility factors, including infections, vaccination, breastfeeding, and social mixing, have been contradictory.”

      — I must disagree with you. We do not generally have a healthy population of children. In fact, more US children than not suffer from a chronic condition, disability, and/or disease, is obese, or at risk for developmental delays.

      — Every vaccine package insert discloses that the vaccine has not been evaluated for carcinogenic potential.

      — Establishing causation is indeed difficult, as you state. Our children deserve a whole lot more, and better, safety research. The vaccine schedule has never been evaluated as recommended and administered for safety and effectiveness. Inadequate studies shouldn’t be used to wave away concerns. This is a wholly inadequate study — no one should rely on it or others like it to draw conclusions regarding safety.

      We invite candid critiques of our work but challenge you to offer better support for your assertions. You didn’t come close to making a case that my article — largely supported by government and peer-reviewed sources — is “misinformation.”

      Louise Habakus

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