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Radio Co-Hosts

Louise Kuo Habakus

Fearless Parent

Welcome to a provocative weekly radio show that’s on the pulse of new parenting. The tone is positive and compassionate, with an emphasis on health and wellness. We’re informed by research, common sense, and traditional wisdom. Refusing to be intimidated by fear, parents are reading the science, finding our own experts, sharing knowledge, and building powerful networked communities. Fearless Parent Radio is a hub for positive societal change.

Kelly Brogan, MD

Take Control of Your Family’s Wellness

Wondering which camp you belong in? The alternative hippies with their natural remedies or the science-based experts in their white coats? Let’s blaze our own trail, one that meets the needs of thoughtful parents who want to cut through propaganda and understand what there really is to be afraid of, and how to handle it. Proactive parents are the hope for our children’s future – arm yourself with research, expert opinions, and ancient wisdom so that you can take control of your family’s wellness.

Sayer Ji

Deep Science and Natural Medicine

If you’re rethinking paradigms on science and medicine, this show is for you. Education equals empowerment and delivers the antidote to overmedicalization. Through the internet, the layperson now has convenient, open access to stunning amounts of biomedical research on the therapeutic value of natural substances in disease prevention and treatment. Enter a world in which old medicine meets the new science; and the “prescriptions” are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and foods. By working with the body’s intelligence, these natural substances have minimal to no side effects, produce astonishingly positive results, are cost-effective, and put conventional drugs and allopathic treatments to shame.

Larry Palevsky, MD

Conversations with Dr. Larry

Larry will interview parents who have used conventional, integrative, and holistic pediatric offices, and will discuss the experiences they have had in dealing with all types of physician opinions on general pediatric topics, acute illnesses, and chronic conditions. From feeding to sleep training, coughs and colds to ear infections, asthma to allergies and autism, Larry guides us through the often confusing waters of pediatrics and family health. With an array of proactive parents as his guests, He empowers and inspires parents to more easily navigate the journey of parenting.


Chandler Marrs, PhD

Heal with Friends

Health decisions are difficult, especially where our families are concerned. As parents, we want what is best for our children but sometimes we make the wrong decisions and are left wondering, now what? How does one recover from a bad health choice, from a medication or vaccine reaction, or from complicated and chronic health issues where there are no easy answers? Heal with Friends is about finding health together. It doesn’t matter if you are physician, researcher, parent, or patient, we want to hear from you and learn from your health experiences. Heal with Friends, the podcast and the online social health community, is about people helping people find solutions to complex health issues. Join us and share your wisdom.

Mary Coyle, DI Hom

Detox and the Self-Healing Mechanism

Learn how to achieve maximum health potential of your child utilizing homeopathic and European drainage remedies, herbal tinctures, and many other natural approaches. Mary discusses multiple aspects of wellness including  subtle energy levels, bioelectrical magnetic fields, biochemical levels; and structure of the body. She will empower you to fully understand the dynamic of the “flow system” of the body, and how to take control of your child’s healing process.

Toni Bark, MD

The Vibrant Body Electric

At our core, we are energy. The essence of life and living matter lies not in chemistry but in the presence of vibrational or electrical energy. Plant life, minerals, and the earth’s electromagnetic field affect us in profound ways: how we think, eat, live, and interact with others. Where does that energy come from, where does it go, and how are we affected by the energy around us?

The world of genetics is shifting to epigenetics and a more nuanced grasp of the varied ways that science, belief, attitudes, and environment shape who we are. We’re seeking a deeper understanding of our bodies, our psyches, our health, our behaviors, and our relationship with the world around us..

Jeanne Ohm, DC

Life IS Intelligent

In this series, participants will be empowered to trust and respect their conscious, informed choices for family wellness. Jeanne Ohm, DC has practiced family wellness care since 1981 with her husband, Dr. Tom. They have six children who were all born at home and are living the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle.

Carla Atherton

Children’s Health ( R )evolutionary

Parenting children and teens is no easy feat. But it is gooood! We grow as our children grow. We change as they change. We advocate, constantly make decisions, concessions, negotiations, and limitations and try to stay sane and intact and healthy, ourselves, along the way. We parents strive to be stress-free, present, informed, and empowered by researching and critically thinking, while doing the most challenging, important, exhausting, amazing job in existence. And for that, we need to stay inspired, ourselves; we need support and conversation and some juicy tips and direction. It is not only our jobs to keep our children alive, but to help them to thrive, heal from injury and illness, navigate emotions and social situations, nourish their spirits, and grow as functional, whole, inspired human beings. Yep. That’s big. And it takes a vibrant, engaged village!

Lisa Bloomquist

Drugs and Mysterious Multi-Symptom Illness

Fourteen pills of ciprofloxacin started Lisa’s journey through fluoroquinolone toxicity and transformed her from strong and active to a weak and anxious person. Lisa Bloomquist was left wondering, “What happened??” Even after her recovery, she still wanted answers about what happened in her body when an adverse drug reaction led her into the scary world of mysterious multi-symptom illness. Her journey, as well as advocacy work and research, are chronicled on www.floxiehope.com. She is honored to further learn and connect through Fearless Parent Radio.

Beth Lambert

Healing Our Canaries

Join Beth as she shares conversations of hope with parents who have helped their children regain their health, reversing chronic conditions like autism, ADHD/ADD, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and other health challenges. What steps did these fearless parents take as they navigated the recovery journey and what pearls of wisdom might there be for us all?

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

A Lifetime of Health

Sarah is a holistic wellness maven who delved deeply into all aspects of nutrition in order to birth and raise healthy children with no learning disabilities, allergies, or other issues that are so prevalent in our young ones today. Understanding basic nutritional principles as practiced by Traditional Societies that have stood the test of time is incredibly important today as our modern lives are filled with half truths about wellness.

Judy Converse, MPH RD

Learn, Grow, Thrive

Your kids were built to learn, grow, and thrive, but over half of US children have a chronic health condition or disability. We live in a new normal where kids routinely take multiple meds for everything from asthma and allergies to behavior, learning, and mood problems, and where pediatric specialist visits for neuropsych evals and GI work ups are routine. Want to get off that merry go round, or avoid it in the first place? Judy will help move your family toward robust health and away from the pharma-dependent kid routine. She talks up integrative medicine and nutrition tools to energize the innate capacity kids have to be healthy, enjoy school, fight infections, and go out and play.

Cornelia Mazzan

Tune Into Your Radiant Self

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? — Mary Oliver

Join Cornelia to explore the inner and outer landscapes of our lives, finding the radiance and possibilities within each of us through meditation, yoga, healing work and other varied holistic modalities. Let’s journey together towards those things that bring us inspiration and joy.