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Chandler Marrs, PhD

Heal with Friends

Chandler-Marrs-HeadshotHealth decisions are difficult, especially where our families are concerned. As parents, we want what is best for our children but sometimes we make the wrong decisions and are left wondering, now what? How does one recover from a bad health choice, from a medication or vaccine reaction, or from complicated and chronic health issues where there are no easy answers? Heal with Friends is about finding health together. It doesn’t matter if you are physician, researcher, parent, or patient, we want to hear from you and learn from your health experiences. Heal with Friends, the podcast and the online social health community, is about people helping people find solutions to complex health issues. Join us and share your wisdom.

Chandler Marrs, PhD, is proud mom of 20 year-old twins, a research scientist, an entrepreneur, a lifelong jock, and a fierce women’s health advocate. She has spent the last 15 years in women’s health research, first in perinatal mental health and hormones, and more recently in medication-induced mitochondrial dysfunction. Dissatisfied with the state of health and hormone research, she created Hormones MatterTM, an online journal featuring research reviews, commentary, and patient stories across a range of health topics. Concerned with the lack of medication testing in women and children, she conducts online, direct-to-patient, real world medication safety and efficacy studies through her company, Lucine Health Sciences. Her most recent endeavor is the online social health site, Heal with FriendsTM, focused on finding healing solutions for complex and chronic diseases and medication and vaccine reactions.

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