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Kelly Brogan, MD

Take Control of Your Family’s Wellness!

kellyWondering which camp you belong in? The alternative hippies with their natural remedies or the science-based experts in their white coats? Let’s blaze our own trail, one that meets the needs of thoughtful parents who want to cut through propaganda and understand what there really is to be afraid of, and how to handle it. Proactive parents are the hope for our children’s future – arm yourself with research, expert opinions, and ancient wisdom so that you can take control of your family’s wellness.

Kelly Brogan, MD is Medical Director of Fearless Parent™ and mom of two. She is board certified in Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine, and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Holistic living, environmental medicine, and nutrition are the bedrock of her functional medicine practice. She serves as medical advisor to GreenMedInfo, Pathways to Family Wellness, and Fisher Wallace. Kelly holds degrees from MIT and Cornell Medical School.

Radio Shows

12/9/15:   Health Lessons from Hollywood with Suzanne Somers
10/28/15: On Yogi Parenting with Sarah Kamrath
9/30/15:   Why My Brain Isn’t Working (Like It Should) with Dr. Datis Kharrazian
6/24/15:   The Pill: The Deadly Dichotomy with Holly Grigg-Spall
5/20/15:   Unraveling & Undoing Post-Partum Depression with Dean Rafflelock, DC
2/25/15:   Rethinking Cancer: Causes & Interventions with Michael B. Schachter, MD
1/28/15:   Radical Remission of Autoimmune Disease with Terry Wahls, MD
12/3/14:   Vaccines During Pregnancy with Suzanne Humphries, MD
10/29/14: GMOs and Vaccines with Stephanie Seneff, PhD
10/1/14:   Holistic Perinatal Wellness with Jeanne Ohm, DC
9/10/14:   In Praise of Thermography with Philip Getson, DO
8/13/14:   Gluten-Free: How To with Jennifer Fugo, HHC
7/9/14:     Mending Your Child’s Brain with Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD
6/18/14:   What’s the Deal With Our Thyroid? with Izabella Wentz, PharmD
5/21/14:   Concierge Pediatrics with Brian Thornburg, MD
4/23/14:   Kresser on Food with Chris Kresser, LAc
4/14/14:   The Paleo Mom on Autoimmunity with Sarah Ballantyne, PhD
3/12/14:   Infertility Medicine with Victoria Maizes, MD
2/19/14:   Holistic Psychiatrist on Medicating Children with Scott Shannon, MD
1/14/14:   Fearless Home Birth with midwife Anne Margolis
12/18/13: Ultrasounds–Safe and Sound? with Manuel Casanova, MD
11/20/13: Colds for Kids with Pina LoGiudice, ND



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