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Larry Palevsky, MD

Talking Holistic Pediatrics

PalevskyLarry Palevsky, MD will interview parents who have used conventional, integrative, and holistic pediatric offices, and will discuss the experiences they have had in dealing with all types of physician opinions on general pediatric topics, acute illnesses, and chronic conditions. From feeding to sleep training, coughs and colds to ear infections, asthma to allergies and autism, Larry guides us through the often confusing waters of pediatrics and family health. With an array of proactive parents as his guests, He empowers and inspires parents to more easily navigate the journey of parenting.

Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD is a board certified pediatrician who utilizes a holistic approach in his work with children and families. He graduated from NYU School of Medicine, completed his pediatric residency at Mt. Sinai, and fellowship training at Bellevue Hospital. Larry runs his own holistic pediatric practice in Northport, NY and Manhattan. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Medicine and is the former President of the American Holistic Medical Association.

Radio Shows

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9/24/14:   Are Vaccines Safe? with Barbara Loe Fisher
8/27/14:   Dads Taking the Lead with Mike Rosano
7/16/14:   Children’s Asthma and Allergies with Amala Holt
6/25/14:   Basics of Holistic Pediatrics with Nicole Leahy & Maxine Webber