Cornelia Mazzan

Tune In To Your Radiant Self


Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? — Mary Oliver

Join Cornelia to explore the inner and outer landscapes of our lives, finding the radiance and possibilities within each of us through meditation, yoga, healing work and other varied holistic modalities. Let’s journey together towards those things that bring us inspiration and joy.

Cornelia Mazzan is Creative Director of Fearless Parent and a co-host of Fearless Parent Radio. She is a mom of one. Cornelia is co-leader of NJ BirthNetwork and is trained as a birth doula, a yoga instructor, and a Reiki / energy work practitioner. Cornelia is the past President of Real Mama, Inc. and an aspiring midwife. She has a degree in Fine Arts and is a web and print Visual Designer with 20 years of experience.

Radio Shows

7/23/14:  Birth, Breath & Death with Amy Wright Glenn