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Mary Coyle, DIHom

Detox and the Self-Healing Mechanism

coyleThousands of synthetic chemicals and pollutants are in our air, food, water, and drugs. Babies are born pre-polluted, children are chronically ill at epidemic rates, and adults are succumbing ever earlier to cancer, heart disease, and neuro-degenerative disorders. “Detox” is bandied about but what does it mean and how do we go about it?

Mary Coyle, DIHom is a homeopath with extensive training in homotoxicology and German Biological Medicine.  She is the director of the Real Child Center in New York City. Homotoxicology utilizes cellular drainage, nutrition, and time-tested homeopathic techniques to stimulate the self-healing mechanism in your child. It is a therapy geared to enable your child to move to the next level of health. Mary writes and speaks about detoxification at the cellular level. She is a contributing author of Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism (Skyhorse, 2013).

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