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Radical Remission of Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Terry Wahls – Episode 61

#61 – Radical Remission of Autoimmune Disease ** January 28, 2015
Guest // Terry Wahls, MD ** Host // Kelly Brogan, MD

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Imagine that you or a loved one are diagnosed with a degenerative disease that randomly attacks the brain and spinal cord.

Let’s say that the constellation of symptoms cluster around muscle (balance, numbness, tremors), bowel and bladder (leakage, urge, withholding), vision (discomfort, loss, involuntary movement), pain, depression, memory loss, fatigue, and more.

Maybe it’s called Multiple Sclerosis but maybe it’s something else. These symptoms sound uncomfortably familiar and are shared across numerous disorders.

Mainstream medicine says there’s no known cure for MS and the goal of treatments is to control symptoms. It’s understandable to be gripped by fear and feelings of helplessness. What do you do?

Please meet Terry Wahls, MD. Terry has secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and was confined to a tilt-recline wheelchair for four years. She is a physician-scientist who rejected the mainstream narrative about MS. Terry scrutinized the medical literature, created new theories, and tested them on herself with truly stunning results. She now bikes 18 miles at a clip and is galvanized by her new mission to teach about the power of intensive, directed nutrition and lifestyle changes to heal and restore health.

In addition to asking Terry about her amazing experience, we also want to know…

  • how do we manage our emotions, including fear and hope, post-diagnosis?
  • what does she recommend to patients when choosing their medical team?
  • what strategies can we employ to help us with our own medical research?
  • what would she have done differently?
  • what is the applicability of her protocol to other diseases and syndromes, too?

And send us your questions for Terry, too.

terry-wahlsTerry Wahls, MD is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa where she teaches internal medicine residents, sees patients in a traumatic brain injury clinic, and conducts clinical trials. She is the author of The Wahls Protocol:  How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine. Terry is also the lead scientist for a funded clinical trial testing the effectiveness of the interventions she used so successfully on herself in others with secondary progressive MS. Favorable preliminary results were presented at the international 2011  Neuroscience conference in Washington D.C. Read more about her work at TerryWahls.com.

kelly-cropKelly Brogan, MD is Medical Director of Fearless Parent™ and mom of two. She is board certified in Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine, and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Holistic living, environmental medicine, and nutrition are the bedrock of her functional medicine practice. She serves as medical advisor to GreenMedInfo, Pathways to Family Wellness, and Fisher Wallace. Kelly holds degrees from MIT and Cornell Medical School.



  • Lorrance Lawson

    Hello I was diagnosed is 2004 with myasthenia Gravis and want to know can you help me to come off my medication and be healed.

  • barbara schroeter

    Hi…Ihave Sjorgrens….and now thirdstage kidney disease…any clues on how I can assist my body to be healthier

  • roseann

    Hi Dr Brogan,
    Thank you for this recording and all the wonderful work you do in functional medicine. I am determined to transform my health to heal the progressive demyelinating disease I have (for which IVig infusions are miraculously helpful but prohibitively expensive for health insurance). I have been off all of the food groups which commonly cause autoimmune disease, have been purifying my air and water, etc., etc. for almost a year, but cannot seem to shake this awful disease. Do you see patients with progressive autoimmune demyelinating disease or is your practice more limited to psychiatry and prenatal care?

  • Anne

    I think many readers here need to be aware that for many people the Paleo diet does not work. What brought down my Hashimoto numbers was getting genetically tested and finding out, that eating a low-protein, high fruits and vegs. was the right thing for me.

    I would recommend that people find out their genetic defects that may be affecting their Methylation Pathways, their gut leakage and their essential mineral and heavy metal load before embarking on any particular diet. For many the Paleo diet might be a godsend, but for others not so much.

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