Radio Blog: Hope and Healing in a Military Family

Recovering a child from a severe chronic illness is neither a myth nor a rare occurrence. Every day in this country children are regaining their health and wellness thanks to the intense love and commitment of their parents and caregivers, often in partnership with courageous, dedicated, and cutting edge clinicians.

The journey to recovery is challenging, expensive, and emotional. Now imagine guiding your child to recovery while managing the stress of having a newborn while your husband deploys to Afghanistan.

Military families have nearly double the rate of autism as the general population, and the stresses in these families are uniquely challenging. And yet, there is hope for families in the military …Read More >>

Is Genetically Modified Baker’s Yeast Spreading Obesity and Diabetes?

by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, Special Contributors to Fearless Parent

The current contentious GMO debate focuses on the health impacts of foods that have been genetically engineered on purpose for taste/texture, resistance to pests/disease, and other qualities.

It appears, however, that the food supply may already be contaminated by accident with genetically modified microorganisms designed for other purposes. And these “inadvertent” GMOs are associated with a host of metabolic diseases that directly tie to widespread health woes, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and inflammatory gut and immune/autoimmune problems …Read More >>

Radio Blog: A Doula’s Reflections on Life and Death

This is a beautiful gem of a book, written by a woman who looked within and then outside her inherited Mormon faith and traditions to find insights into life's biggest questions about love, pain, and mystery.

Critical of the corruption found in the denial of feminine intuition and curiosity, Amy Wright Glenn remained hungry for spiritual support and missed having rituals to honor the the rites of passage and life, including weddings, funerals, births, and deaths.

As a privileged witness of miracles in her roles as birth doula, hospital chaplain, and yoga teacher, she focuses on meditation and the power of breath to open the heart and to facilitate remarkable journeys at the thresholds of life, motherhood, and death … Read More >>