Miranda Bailey and Andrew Wakefield, The Pathological Optimist--Episode 106

There’s a new feature documentary in town called The Pathological Optimist. It’s about Dr. Andrew Wakefield. You know, the British gastroenterologist who’s credited/blamed with linking vaccines and autism to millions of parents and thereby single-handedly birthing the modern anti-vaccine movement. Yes, that Andrew Wakefield. Andy inspires… hyperbole. Mention his name and it’s likely to provoke a fight. In a 2015 New York Times article: he was alternately described as “one of the most reviled doctors of his generation” and “Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ rolled into one.” I mean, Mengele or Mandela... seriously? There's gotta be more than meets the eye here, right? We live in Tabloid Nation, after all, where paparazzi...

Cell Tower Hypocrisy: Rescuing Firefighters, Not Kids

Editor’s note: California is once again in a trendsetting legislative battle with dramatic implications for our collective public health. Big Telecom wants fewer impediments to deliver next generation connectivity: more, faster, e-ver-y-where. It’s time to say: NO. The technology we love is harming us and, most of all, our precious children who absorb ten times more radiation than adults, with their thinner skulls and higher water- and ion-content brains. Please share this post widely.
Dear Gov. Jerry Brown,
I have a story to share with you. It involves inside information from the telecommunications industry; firefighters and what their brains look like following a five-year exposure to a cell tower outside their station; and a bill currently flying through the California Senate and…

How to Eliminate Parental Rights in Three Acts

In my last post, How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All, I discuss the vaccine debate as high drama, by design. Parents are playing into a high profile narrative that’s a lose-lose proposition for us and a home run for special interests. We may think it’s about vaccines. It’s really about parental rights and the role of government in our lives.

Welcome to the vaccine conflict as political theater.

What’s happening exactly? Look West, parents

To answer this question, set your GPS for Sacramento, California. There are three bills that tell the story in three acts, with some hard-earned lessons that apply to parents in all 50 states. The final act is in our hands…

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