The Antidote to Electromagnetic Radiation? PEMF Therapy


It’s time for an electrosmog protection plan. The cell phone is the most adopted consumer technology ever. Just because these devices, and the requisite WiFi and cellular radiation that brings them to life, are indispensable, coveted, and omnipresent, however, doesn’t mean they’re safe...

This post is meant to offer a solution. It is about the development of new technologies that offer great promise for enhancing health and promoting healing. It’s called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, “pulsed field,” or PEMF. I am sharing my thought process, because I started off with a fair amount of annoyed resistance. Like most people...


Teaching Kids about Grooming, Intimacy, and Boundaries

Grooming Intimacy Boundaries Fearless Parent

Before we begin, we should define what we mean by the term grooming. When I say grooming, you might think of beautification, fashion and vanity, or about grooming your child for medical school. In fact, the kind of grooming we need for our children is about love, intimacy and good mental health.

Grooming is an expression of love. Once I went to a women’s camping retreat with about forty other women. It was the first year, so many of us did not know each other. It turned out that the campsite was infested with miniature ticks, and soon, so were we. All of sudden we were dependent on each other to remove these creatures from our bodies.


Why is Thimerosal Still in Vaccines? -- Recording #1

Listen to Recording #1.

Selected quotes from Dr. Thompson

“Thimerosal remains in flu vaccines to give cover to its presence in other vaccines outside the U.S.”

“Start a campaign, that Thimerosal from vaccines cause tics.”

“Tics are about five times more common among kids with autism”

“Vaccines cause tics, the Barile article replicated that.”

“I would never give my wife a vaccine that I thought caused tics.”

Transcript to follow.


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