Just Say No to ADHD Meds

Editor's note: 11% of children (20% of all boys) are diagnosed with ADHD. Most are medicated because parents are told it is chronic and lifelong and drugs are the "best chance" to get kids on track. Did you know that side effects include psychosis and death? In our two part series, we explore pragmatic steps for parents saying no to ADHD meds as a first-line response.

When a child receives a diagnosis of ADHD, it's hard for parents to deal with the emotional repercussions, let alone sort out the mass of information. There is one message, however, that will be coming through loud and clear from almost everyone parents are likely to consult -- doctors, teachers, psychiatrists, and practitioners -- and that’s:


To medicate or not to medicate, that's the big question

An ADHD diagnosis is particularly prone to this knee-jerk response from professionals who are so convinced these children have a genetic disorder that they have called off the search for a better understanding of the underlying conditions. Our society has become conditioned to trust the physicians and jump to a pill for the 'quick fix'Read More >>

The CPS Card: Whose Kids Are They Anyhow? – Episode 55

So you think they're your kids? Sure, you gave birth to them. You raise them, teach them your values, ferry them far and wide, and shower them with love and stuff.

Did you know your children can be taken away from you in a heartbeat?

It doesn't take much and you might have no warning, before there's a knock at the door from Child Protective Services (CPS).

Let's back up for a moment. For most of us, our reflexive response is to support structured resources that protect children from abuse or neglect. We've read terrible stories of little ones tortured beyond imagination. We whisper a quiet prayer that, please, the next time, a curious neighbor or concerned teacher might find the courage to intervene. We'd like to imagine CPS caseworkers as a caped avengers of sorts, swooping in to save the day.

But what happens when you're on the other side of the equation? Let's say you get into an argument with a doctor or a teacher? What if a neighbor doesn't like the way you're raising your child? Can anyone call CPS about you? Is it true that allegations can be unsubstantiated and calls can be made anonymously? CPS is obligated to investigate every single call. And more parents than you can imagine fall down the rabbit hole. They find themselves in a true nightmare, waging an epic battle for their children …Read More >>

How Vitamin K2 Can Save Your Life – Episode 54

Millions of people are taking calcium and vitamin D supplements thinking they're helping their bones. The truth is, without the addition of vitamin K2, such a health regimen could prove dangerous, even deadly.

Without vitamin K2, the body cannot direct calcium to the bones where it's needed; instead, the calcium resides in soft tissue (like the arteries)—leading to a combination of osteoporosis and atherosclerosis, or the dreaded "calcium paradox."

It's time to bring attention to the enormous health benefits of Vitamin K2 in making the body less susceptible to dental cavities, heart disease, prostate cancer, liver cancer, diabetes, wrinkles, obesity, varicose veins, and other ailments …Read More >>