Closed Mouth Breathing at Night – A Lifesaver

How does your child breathe while asleep -- through the mouth or nose? Does it really matter, you may ask? Yes, it does – BIG TIME! Let me tell you the story of George Catlin to open your eyes of the importance of nose breathing while sleeping.

George Catlin was born in Pennsylvania in 1796 and started his career as a lawyer, which he did not enjoy. His dream was to paint. Catlin loved people and he loved expressive faces. His life was changed forever when he met a delegation of about fifteen Native Americans from several tribes who were passing through Philadelphia on their way to Washington D.C.. Catlin was fascinated by the Indians and their looks and culture. Within just a few days, he decided to make it his life mission to paint and document Indian culture and history. What Catlin has left behind in his paintings and his book Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life provide revelatory and unique insight into Native Americans life. His testimony also carries with it the fundamental key to what I believe true health is based upon – nasal breathing. We “modern, civilized” people have a lot to learn by studying how the “savages” lived and the exceptional health they possessed despite a lack of modern comforts … Read More >>

What About the Immunocompromised?

Immunocompromised: immune system suppression
due to any medical condition, drug or treatment.

Proclaiming the need to protect immunocompromised children from the unvaccinated is the cause du jour, isn’t it? Let’s force-vaccinate the American population of children in order to protect all of their immune-deficient classmates. Herd immunity! Protect those that can’t be vaccinated by vaccinating those who can!

What does it mean to be immunocompromised?

For those of you who never heard the term before the tidal wave of legislation brought about by Disney 2015, the CDC says there are 3 groups of immunocompromised people:

  • The severely immunocompromised without HIV
  • Those living with HIV
  • Those with immune deficits like spleen or kidney failure

If someone is immunocompromised it simply means that his immune system is impaired and he may get sick easier than the average person.

#1: Pediatric HIV

How many kids in the US catch HIV from their mothers? The CDC says that in 2010 we had 217 children under the age of 13 diagnosed with HIV. You read that right: an average of 4 kids per state got a new HIV diagnosis, and, due to early treatment, infections in children are on the decline …Read More >>

Dear Legislators, Leave the Religious Exemption Alone!

New Jersey is one of many states attempting to eliminate or severely abridge parental and individual rights by changing existing laws to compel vaccination. This morning, several dozen parents and professionals are headed to Trenton to oppose S1147, a bill that makes it much more difficult for families to obtain a religious exemption to mandatory vaccination for their children. Feel free to use a version of this letter. Join your state group or start one. And sign up with NVIC's Advocacy Portal. 

March 9, 2015

Honorable members of the New Jersey state legislature:

My name is Louise Kuo Habakus. I am the founding director of the Center for Personal Rights, a radio host, and author of the bestselling book Vaccine Epidemic that upholds the human right to vaccination choice. I am a former C-level financial executive. I hold two degrees from Stanford University. I am testifying today as an American citizen, a New Jersey resident, and the parent of two children.

I strongly oppose S1147.

You have been told that you must support S1147 in order to protect the public health. What you have been told is wrong. This will not work. It will not make us more secure or safe.

Implementation of S1147 will violate the U.S. Constitution

This bill abridges a foundational right. Freedom of religion. It is not possible to implement S1147 without violating the Constitution of the United States of America …Read More >>