Emotions: The Root Cause of Illness – Episode 38

Holism starts with the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (thanks, Aristotle). And it builds on the realization that great insights can be gleaned in understanding how the parts relate to each other.

Because they are interconnected. And they comprise a system.

When we talk about Mind Body Spirit, the components are straightforward enough:

  • Mind: our intellect and reasoning, the faculty of consciousness and thought, what enables us to be aware of the world and our experiences;
  • Body: our entire material or physical reality;
  • Spirit: the nonphysical part that is the seat of emotions and character, also called the soul.

Mind Body Spirit isn't just a buzzy, New Age way to describe a kind of well-being that goes beyond the physical. It's also a way to help us better understand the physical. Our emotions are tied to specific organs in our bodies and will, over time, present as specific physical ailments. For example, feelings of defeat and low self-esteem are tied to the pancreas and manifest as impaired sugar handling (or glucose tolerance) …Read More >>

5 Things Your Dentist Isn’t Telling You

by Victor Zeines, DDS, Special Contributor to Fearless Parent

Over the past 35 years, I have witnessed the face of dentistry change. There is still a great deal of education to be done, but dentistry is gradually incorporating some complementary approaches into oral health and wellness.

Is your dentist merely someone who drills and fills? Maybe you already feel virtuous because you respond to your dentist's admonishments and get your teeth cleaned every six months like clockwork. This is a missed opportunity to approach your oral and overall health proactively.

Understanding preventive measures and exploring interrelated conditions are essential. I have seen remarkable, positive changes for patients who follow a holistic path. What lies beneath my holistic practice of dental hygiene is a long-held belief that the health of the mouth works in concert with your total health. Here are five things your conventional dentist probably won't tell you:

It's all about your immune system

Healthy people have healthy mouths. If your immune system is challenged, it's going to show up in your mouth. We're talking about cavities, inflamed gums, bad breath, a coated or swollen tongue, perpetual "cold" sores, and a whole lot more …Read More >>

A Positive Take on Tween Tech

by Amie Butchko, Special Contributor to Fearless Parent

I'm not naive. But I am fearless or crazy enough to argue that technology, and yes, I'll say it, even video-gaming, can be good for kids.

Here's the thing: kids are obsessed with technology, some more than others, and it isn't going anywhere. So isn't it time we make our peace with it, and actually use it for the powerful tool it can be?

I ferry my three children to soccer, swim, golf, lacrosse, guitar, and violin. I do it all. But I admit when it comes to downtime, I struggle with forcing my three children off-screen, outside, and into the world. Maybe I struggle even more with not succumbing to the ease of leaving them to it on tough days. But here are the six reasons why, as long as the content is age-appropriate and supervised by myself, I don't feel guilty about letting them use new technology.

brain gain1. Brain Gains

Believe it or not, scientists like Daphne Bavelier of the University of Rochester on her Brain and Learning Page have proved that video games can be beneficial for the brain …Read More >>