Radio Blog: Strange Origins of Modern Medicine

What does healthy living mean to you?

Organic. Green! Eco and sustainable. Chemical-free.

It's the Whole Foods mom, wearing organic cotton and bamboo yoga gear, sipping green juice, jumping into her Prius after a trip to her acupuncturist, and heading to the local landscaping store to buy organic tomato plants for her backyard garden.

Did you ever wonder what healthy living meant to people living in the 1800s in America?

Erika Janik did. For her new book Marketplace of the Marvelous, she delved into the history books and unearthed a barrel full of eccentric compounds, remedies, suggestions, cures, and ideas.

Not only are these ideas really fun to read, but they're provocative and offer insights because they are the precursors of today's notions of healthy living.

Early Americans were stubbornly self-reliant, believed they had the common sense to take care of themselves, and had a justifiably cynical attitude towards doctors and the conventional medicine of the time. It didn't matter that medical schools had minimal requirements, because most doctors attended no school at all ...Read More >>

Radio Blog: Kresser on Food

Women are in crisis, and our children are following suit.

What if there were a simple solution to infertility, poor obstetrical outcomes, and chronic disease in our kids? What if we could leverage the power of nutrition to right these wrongs?

Kelly Brogan grabs "health detective" and food expert Chris Kresser for an hour and asks our burning questions.

  • Where would we start?
  • What would the recommendations be?
  • Would they really make a difference?
  • What are optimal foods for fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding?
  • What are ideal first foods for babies?
  • What are the top three food toxins to avoid?
  • How should we be customizing our diets?

...

Food Stress. I’ve Lost My Appetite!

by Alison MacNeil

Cooking dinner in my house is about as stressful as putting together two pieces of flat-pack Ikea furniture with my husband, hungover, on a deadline, with the kids milling about.

And the sad part is... I used to love to cook.

We have four people and four different diets going at my house. I am Paleo, my husband is dairy-free, my 13 year old daughter eats healthy stuff at home and buys junk food with her allowance whenever she gets a chance, and my son is everything-free.

You would be right to think the following:

Is this woman out of her mind?

Everything-free? Is that even a diet?

Why don’t you just do the same thing for everyone?

No wonder you don’t want to walk into the kitchen. I’d be running out of the house.

Honestly I’ve read so much about food over the last few years, I’ve lost my appetite. Food used to be about families coming together at the table, nourishing themselves, and then getting on with their lives ...Read More >>