Why is Thimerosal Still in Vaccines? -- Recording #1

Listen to Recording #1.

Selected quotes from Dr. Thompson

“Thimerosal remains in flu vaccines to give cover to its presence in other vaccines outside the U.S.”

“Start a campaign, that Thimerosal from vaccines cause tics.”

“Tics are about five times more common among kids with autism”

“Vaccines cause tics, the Barile article replicated that.”

“I would never give my wife a vaccine that I thought caused tics.”

Transcript to follow.


How to Make Inconvenient Vaccine Injury Data Go Away -- Recording #3

In an effort to efficiently share a few highlights, the following quotes are not strictly transcribed (professional transcript to follow soon, so check back). As with all four recordings, I urge you to listen. You can hear the angst, the struggle, the fear, the despair, and the essential humanity of these two scientists wrestling with one of our most urgent and challenging societal issues.

This extends far beyond the safety of vaccination and the wisdom of the current U.S. childhood vaccine policy. These recordings do not, in and of themselves, constitute proof of wrong-doing. They do, however, raise shattering questions about a breach of the social contract; a broken...


CDC Scientist Connects Vaccines to Tics, Language Delay -- Recording #4

In the days and weeks to come, you will be hearing about data re-analysis, a revised paper, retracted statements, discredited individuals, and above all, about the irrelevance of the recorded conversations between autism parent and scientist, Brian Hooker, PhD, and senior CDC scientist, William T. Thompson, PhD. If you accept the comforting sound bite media assertions to carry on because there’s nothing to see here, then you would be wrong.

This series is for all parents who deserve to listen to and read these conversations first hand, to provide you the opportunity to draw your own conclusions about vaccine safety...


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