Are Vaccines Safe? - Episode 43

Vaccination. It's one of the most challenging subjects that parents encounter. Doctors vaccinate pregnant women and babies receive 33 doses of 14 vaccines by 15 months of age, starting on the day of birth.

More parents are saying "no, thanks." This is described as an educated, upper middle class phenomenon but the truth is that vaccine ambivalence cuts a wide swath. In addition to philosophical and religious objections, people are seriously concerned about the new childhood normal of sick, fat, and at risk kids.

When parents try to talk about vaccine safety, they are quickly shot down (pun intended). In the media and in our neighborhood, risks are downplayed, parental fears are sidestepped, and name calling ensues. Parasite. Freeloader. Typhoid Mary. Non-vaccinating parents are told "the book is closed" (on the autism-vaccine link) and they are accused of medical neglect and spreading disease ...Read More >>

Why Have Kids?

I was in a mood when my eyes glanced at this book title. Indeed, I thought, the ungrateful little buggers. Oops, I'm not supposed to express that publicly. The central mothering narrative is that our children complete us. At times, they surely do. But not always. Author Jessica Valenti's central thesis in her new book Why Have Kids? is that there's a mythology about parenting and it's this disconnect between expectations and reality that makes parents unhappy.

Parts of her book are right on the mark but I totally disagree with the rest. I invited author Jessica Valenti to come on Fearless Parent Radio. In the meantime, I'll share my observations with her book, starting with where we agree.

Children make us happy, dammit


Valenti says that women are told a pack of lies. Chief among these is the idea that having children will make us happy. If you want to become a mother because you are missing something in your life, a bit of a warning is in order. Lots of new parents are depressed ... Read More >>

Ladies, Ditch the Bra Vol. 2: The Fred Hutch Study Rebuttal

Bra-wearing is in the news again. More women are ditching their bras because we're concerned about breast health and cancer. Others are removing the underwires. We're not just reading about it on the internet. We're starting to hear it in our doctors' offices, too. Philip Getson, DO warns women about bras every single day. He's a board certified physician and internationally-recognized board certified thermographic researcher in clinical practice for 38 years. Advance this podcast on breast health and thermography to 18:35 and hear what he has to say about bra-wearing, lymphatic drainage, and cancer.

Going braless is catching on.

The No-Bra Bandwagon is A Comin'

Maybe you want to unhook but you're feeling self-conscious? Few of us feel perfectly fearless in the face of cat calls, eye rolls, or the icy glare. It's tough to be in the vanguard when it comes to changing a deeply embedded cultural practice. But the reality of breast cancer is making us brave. It's empowering see the women of Hollywood are taking the lead, with a wink and a smile …Read More >>