Life is Intelligent -- Episode 68

How does a woman become a mother? What is the alchemy that transforms us from eager students to knowledgeable parents? Where are the teachers? What are the lessons and traditions and stories we need to hear?

Fearless Parent Radio™ welcomes Dr. Jeanne Ohm, DC and there is no better guest for her inaugural show than Jeanne herself. She has been teaching parents for decades, empowering and inspiring us to trust and respect our conscious and informed choices for family wellness …Read More >>

Vaccine Exemptions on the Line -- Episode 67

There is a legislative assault currently underway across the country, ostensibly in reaction to the Disneyland measles outbreak.

See that map on the right? If state lawmakers have their way, many more states will be colored red -- for no parental exemptions.

On the heels of 134 confirmed measles cases (as of 4/10/15), there are 116 bills in 38 states (as of 4/11/15) that seek to significantly curtail individual rights and expand governmental authority by:

  • expanding vaccine mandates
  • restricting or eliminating vaccine exemptions
  • expanding police and emergency powers
  • expanding or requiring vaccine status tracking for enforcement
  • publishing detailed compliance and exemption rates

Based on media reporting and this extreme legislative response, vaccination rates must be plummeting and exemption rates must be sky high, right? Wrong …Read More >>

10 Tips to Ease Your Child Into the GAPS Diet

When you dared to become a parent, you probably had no idea what a journey you were setting out on… how strongly you would want your child to flourish and succeed… and how barriers to that flourishing would hurt your parent heart.

Being a parent of a child who has been hurt, taken sick, or wounded… or who is simply not thriving as you feel they could… hits you hard.

So you do your research, and you do your best to wade through a lot of information. Maybe you find information about the addictiveness of sugar; or the benefits of traditional foods, cod liver oil and fatty acids; going gluten or grain-free, how important probiotics are, how bad processed foods are, the many uses of bone broth, etc.

Then you stumbled on the GAPS Protocol -- the diet, supplement, and detoxification program designed to repair and seal the gut; restore body and brain; and heal autism, no less! You read the book and its amazing and makes so much sense. You feel this will help your family thrive in many ways and you want to begin making changes for your child. But you have no idea where to start. Changing your family’s diet is completely daunting and you have so many questions …Read More >>