A Celebration of Medical & Parental Rights: Red Bank 1/13/18

Happy New Year! On January 13, 2018, the Fearless Parent community gathered in Red Bank, New Jersey for a celebration of our medical and parental rights with guest of honor, Dr. Andrew Wakefield. People streamed in from all over the Garden State to my neighborhood restaurant, JJ’s Organic Grill, for a cocktail reception, a documentary film screening of The Pathological Optimist; and a Q&A with Andy. The standing room only event was announced a few days before Christmas and sold out in one week.
Parents and professionals were grateful for the opportunity to break bread with our tribe; discuss our rights; ask questions; show numbers; and express our views in an organized, responsible manner…

How Ineffective Vaccines Enhance Disease

In the current debate over whether or not to legislate the removal of individual vaccine exemptions, the quality of the vaccines themselves gets little attention. According to the CDC, mumps outbreaks are on the rise despite the fact that 94.6% of children in the U.S. have had two doses of MMR vaccine. To combat the situation, the CDC is considering adding a third dose of MMR to the recommended vaccine schedule. In 2010, California experienced the largest pertussis epidemic since 1958. According to the CDC, the U.S. has experienced increased pertussis disease despite high levels of vaccine coverage resulting from the six doses (5 DTaP and 1 Tdap) that CDC recommends all children to receive. Researchers studying the pertussis outbreaks determined…

Dear President Trump, Please Grant Justice for Troops Punished over the Anthrax Vaccine Debacle

Dear President Trump, Sir, I am a retired USAF military officer and pilot. I have 5,500+ hours of flight time as an F-16 flight lead, a F-117 instructor pilot, a C-130 aircraft commander, and an A-10 forward air controller. I instructed and evaluated MQ-1 and MQ-9 missions. I hold a Master’s degree from Naval Postgraduate School and graduated with distinction from the USAF Academy, where I was an All-American boxer. I am also a fearless parent; a devoted father of three children. Like you, I take my responsibilities very seriously. I have a final mission and I need your help. It involves correcting service records for appx 1,000 troops who were punished because they refused to comply with the anthrax vaccine mandate when the program was deemed illegal by…