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Which Nutritional Supplements Are Right For Me? — Episode 97

#97 — Which Nutritional Supplements Are Right For Me? ** April 13, 2016 Guest // Tieraona Low Dog, MD ** Host //  Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD We are constantly bombarded by mixed messages that a given nutritional supplement is good for us one day, and the next day it’s not. With more than 30,000 dietary supplements in the marketplace and new studies coming out every day,
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Just Say No to ADHD Meds

Editor’s note: 11% of children (20% of all boys) are diagnosed with ADHD. Most are medicated because parents are told it is chronic and lifelong and drugs are the “best chance” to get kids on track. Did you know that side effects include psychosis and death? This is Part 1 in a two part series that explores pragmatic steps for parents saying no to ADHD meds as a first-line
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