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Feminism and the Election: The Gift of Acceleration

by Kelly Brogan, MD and Louise Kuo Habakus Cars were at a 12 minute standstill and the traffic light repeatedly cycled green to red. In the streets, throngs of sign-toting New Yorkers were giving voice to their passion. There were tears and profanity. The waves of protesters streamed endlessly. “FUCK TRUMP” was the choice mantra of this movement. The perplexed Nepalese driver turned and
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America’s New Normal: Chronically Ill Kids

Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Sign up here. © 2016 Fearless Parent Note: The entirety of this post is copyright protected. If you wish to share, please obtain prior written permission with details for partial use and link back for attribution. Thank you. by Judy Converse, MPH RD LD When it comes to this topic of chronically ill kids, do you have
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Dear Mr. President, Our Food and Vaccines Are BOUGHT

Every single day — for weeks now — the Wall Street Journal has featured articles about measles, the imperative to vaccinate, and the societal problem of delayers and refusers. President Obama told parents on NBC’s Today show: “There is every reason to get vaccinated and no reasons not to.” Filmmaker Jeff Hays has a response to President Obama and the Wall Street Journal: “Watch my movie.”
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ADHD Solutions Beyond Drug Pushing

Editor’s note: This is part 2 in a series of pragmatic steps for parents saying no to ADHD meds as a first-line response (Part 1). by Kelly Brogan, MD “She has a remarkable ability to attend and stay on task,” said my daughter’s nursery school teachers as we sat together on diminutive, paint-splotched furniture. My mind wandered to greater, unstated questions: what is happening to
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BOUGHT the Movie: The Big Health Sell Out – Episode 51

#51 – BOUGHT the Movie: The Big Health Sell Out ** November 19, 2014 Guest // Jeff Hays ** Host // Louise Kuo Habakus Listen to Fearless Parent Radio online on PRN.fm at 7pm ET or on your phone by dialing (619) 550-0869. Once the show has aired, listen via our Archived Shows page, iTunes, or Podbean. Listen to the inside story behind the making of
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Are You “Bought”? The Film That Will Blow Your Mind

by Louise Kuo Habakus Bought is a new documentary film about our health and it’s a total home run. You can purchase the DVD or download the film by clicking the above image or this link. BOUGHT is the movie you’ve been waiting for. It’s the movie that you will tell your family and friends: “OK, just 90 minutes and I won’t say another word.” It’s the movie
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Top 7 Ways to Keep Baby Safe

by Louise Kuo Habakus The luscious baby photos in parenting magazines belie today’s new childhood normal. Frazzled parents-to-be are fretting about chronic illness, obesity, and developmental delays. Using the Three Pillars of Radiant Health as our guide — respect the microbiome, food is medicine, less is more — we sally forth with 7 bold and brave ways to keep baby safe. So how do
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The Three Pillars of Radiant Health

by Louise Kuo Habakus Hey parents, this new normal ain’t ok Two hundred years ago, English poet William Wordsworth bemoaned man’s preoccupation with the material world and our lost connection to nature and what truly matters. Can you relate? We are so attuned to the rhythms of social and daily commerce around us that new realities normalize and we settle for them. Even when
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Is Genetically Modified Yeast Making Us Fat?

by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, Special Contributors to Fearless Parent The current contentious GMO debate focuses on the health impacts of foods that have been genetically engineered on purpose for taste/texture, resistance to pests/disease, and other qualities. It appears, however, that the food supply may already be contaminated by accident with genetically modified microorganisms designed for other purposes. And these “inadvertent” GMOs are associated with a
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5/3/14 Stirring the Pot: How Food Makes Us Sick, Keeps Us Well & Drives Us Crazy

View Other Past Events Event DVD available for donation or purchase Details here An open conversation with five acclaimed experts — Listen as these professionals share the latest research on food and our health. Concerned about GMOs? Curious about the gluten-free and Paleo craze? Is sugar poison to some? Confused about balancing calories, fats, and nutrient density? We’ll delve into the science behind the
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