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Infant Vaccine Schedule Endangers the Immune System

by Cindy Stolten and Rita Hoffman © 2017 Fearless Parent Editor’s note: This is the fourth post in a series as reading background for The Truth About Vaccines docuseries. We scoured the scientific literature to understand the impacts on the infant immune system. This new white paper summarizes over 60 peer-reviewed (PubMed) studies on the 14 infant vaccines. The authors thank Louise Kuo Habakus for helping to make
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Dear Legislators, Leave the Religious Exemption Alone!

This update is for educational purposes only. It is shared by Louise Kuo Habakus as a parent and citizen. Scroll down for updates. My testimony: Note: New Jersey is one of many states attempting to eliminate or severely abridge parental and individual rights by changing existing laws to compel vaccination. This morning, several dozen parents and professionals are headed to Trenton to oppose S1147,
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