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It’s All About the Germs!

by Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom, CCH, PhD We’ve been arguing about germs for a long time. They first said germs do not exist Ignaz Semmelweis (1816-1865), a Hungarian physician, died in an insane asylum in 1865 at the age of 47. He was committed there for suggesting that childbed fever and deaths were being caused by germs; germs on the filthy hands of doctors dissecting
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Feminine Medicine: 5 Unsung Pioneers

by Erika Janik Editor’s note: The divine feminine — shakti to shiva, yin to yang — is a part of us all. Nowhere is this more true than in medicine. As we gear up for the launch of our Medical Director Kelly Brogan’s saber rattling new book, A Mind of Your Own, we are thrilled to recognize that her work is part of a long and great
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Your Toolbox for Autism Recovery

by Jerry M. Kantor, CCH, LAc, MMHS Editor’s Note: If your child has an autism diagnosis (or other chronic condition), you will know what it means to get well-intentioned advice. A lot of the counsel you receive will focus on the physical plane, i.e., dietary intervention, supplements, physical and occupational therapies. Some children can do remarkably well there. Many children, however, will require work
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The Best Kept Detox Secret: Homotoxicology

by Louise Kuo Habakus We know toxins are bad but it’s difficult to get our heads wrapped around specifics… you know, the nitty gritty questions that we can’t ask conventional doctors: Which toxins are the worst? How bad are they really? What does our body do with the toxins exactly? What symptoms should we expect to see as our toxicity levels rise? How do we, uh,
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Homeopathy & Women’s Health – Episode 58

#55 – Homeopathy & Women’s Health ** January 7, 2015 Guest // Jerry M. Kantor, CCH, LAc, MMHS ** Host // Mary Coyle, DIHom Listen to Fearless Parent Radio online on PRN.fm at 7pm ET or on your phone by dialing (401) 347-0456. Once the show has aired, listen via our Archived Shows page, iTunes, or Podbean. Most women will experience at one time in
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