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A Mind of Your Own When It Counts… Act Now!

by Louise Kuo Habakus Our Medical Director Kelly Brogan’s new book, A Mind of Your Own, launches today. It’s brilliant and by all rights should be sitting atop the New York Times bestseller list this week. I’m stewing, however, because it’s been blacklisted by all major media outlets. We can still get this done on our own power, of course, and we will. I’ll
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A Mother’s Prayer — What to Do When It’s Really Hard

by Louise Kuo Habakus Do you have a sick child? Perhaps she’s chronically ill or suffers from pain or a disability that requires tremendous courage to make it through the day. Maybe he has a condition that’s rare or incurable or mysterious, and modern medicine comes up shockingly short. What’s a mom to do? The most heroic people I know are parents, and especially
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Gentle Parenting is Fearless — Episode 87

#87 — Gentle Parenting is Fearless ** October 21, 2015 Guest // Alison Smith ** Host // Carla Atherton Modern parenting can be an exercise in extremes and contradictions. We’re afraid to let kids walk to the park by themselves but we leave them unattended for hours with the entire internet in their pockets. We enroll them in private schools, hire private tutors, run them around to extra
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Essure Dangers: Permanent Birth Control Pain — Episode 85

Listen to Fearless Parent Radio™ on Wednesdays at 7pm ET online on PRN.fm or by phone by dialing (401) 347-0456. Once the show has aired, listen on our Archived Shows page, iTunes, or Podbean. Check back here to keep tabs on our upcoming shows! #85 — Essure Dangers: Permanent Birth Control Pain ** October 7, 2015 Host // Lisa Bloomquist Essure is a kind of non-surgical sterilization
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Did You Consent To The Pill?

by Kelly Brogan, MD As a physician, informed consent means I have an obligation to my patients. I must research and relay what I can about a given intervention’s risks, known and unknown, in the context of the purported benefits, and potential alternatives. The prescription of the pill, which interferes with reproductive hormones, is an example of an egregious lapse in true informed consent.
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Noise Hurts: The Truth Behind Noise Pollution

by Michael Lentin with Louise Kuo Habakus I swear I was thinking “location, location, location” when we bought our new house. I was thinking about the Norman Rockwell-esque downtown a stone’s throw from our bedroom. I was thinking meandering strolls to the brownstone library, to the doll-sized antique store, and to Ms. Potter’s heavenly bakery. But my small town fantasy was rudely interrupted at 9:00 that
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Moms on the Brink – Episode 17

March 26, 2014 — Katrina Alcorn with Louise Kuo Habakus and Alison MacNeil View on Amazon.com To an increasing number of working mothers at every income level, “having it all” is accompanied by insomnia, depression, anxiety, medication, and overwhelming feelings of failure. Women are twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as men. One in ten women takes anti-depressants, and that number skyrockets
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