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Top Ten Reasons Why This Attorney Chose a Home Birth

By Valerie Borek, Esq. For those of you wondering about what happens in the brain of an attorney when she becomes a mother, here’s a glimpse. For me, it was life changing. Saying I had a baptism by fire in birth rights, motherhood, and even in just being a woman, is an understatement. My eyes were opened to the injustice of maternity care in
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A Doula’s Reflections on Life and Death – Episode 34

July 23, 2014 — Amy Wright Glenn with Cornelia Mazzan This is a beautiful gem of a book, written by a woman who looked within and then outside her inherited Mormon faith and traditions to find insights into life’s biggest questions about love, pain, and mystery. Critical of the corruption found in the denial of feminine intuition and curiosity, Amy Wright Glenn remained hungry
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Fearless Home Birth – Episode 8

January 15, 2014 — Anne Margolis, CNM with Kelly Brogan, MD Click here for a FREE Download from Anne Margolis Something is urgently wrong with the way that American women are giving birth. Can it be that we are doing it in the wrong place? With the wrong types of professionals? Under the bright lights and prodding equipment of modern medicine? We rank near
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