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Cell tower hypocrisy Fearless Parent

Cell Tower Hypocrisy: Rescuing Firefighters Not Kids

by Susan Foster Editor’s note: California is once again in a trendsetting legislative battle with dramatic implications for our collective public health. Big Telecom wants fewer impediments to deliver next generation connectivity: more, faster, e-ver-y-where. It’s time to say: NO. The technology we love is harming us and, most of all, our precious children who absorb ten times more radiation than adults, with their thinner
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Noise Hurts: The Truth Behind Noise Pollution

by Michael Lentin with Louise Kuo Habakus I swear I was thinking “location, location, location” when we bought our new house. I was thinking about the Norman Rockwell-esque downtown a stone’s throw from our bedroom. I was thinking meandering strolls to the brownstone library, to the doll-sized antique store, and to Ms. Potter’s heavenly bakery. But my small town fantasy was rudely interrupted at 9:00 that
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maxed out

Moms on the Brink – Episode 17

March 26, 2014 — Katrina Alcorn with Louise Kuo Habakus and Alison MacNeil View on Amazon.com To an increasing number of working mothers at every income level, “having it all” is accompanied by insomnia, depression, anxiety, medication, and overwhelming feelings of failure. Women are twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as men. One in ten women takes anti-depressants, and that number skyrockets
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Let’s Be H.O.W. During the Holidays. (Honest. Open. Willing)

by Stephanie Martel, Guest Blogger for Fearless Parent Navigating the holidays can be a tricky landscape– there are usually too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Can you relate? I have found with the right support and mindset in place, creating new traditions and fun memories can help you avoid ruffling a few feathers. This is a call to all of you hard working
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Bullying: I’m Naming Names – Part 2

Note: when Fearless Parent changed its URL in 2013, we were able to keep all the comments but inadvertently lost all the “likes” to this post. Read Part 1 here. by Louise Kuo Habakus My son was bullied at Oak Hill Academy After reading about Rebecca Sedwick, a 12 year-old who killed herself after she was tormented by bullying, I was moved to tell
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