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Imagine the Perfect Vaccine


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Editor’s note: Perfect vaccine, eh? If you mutter something about the perfect oxymoron, I wouldn’t blame you. For the 70+ doses of 16 vaccines children receive today, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of health coming through that needle. Over half of US kids are chronically ill and parents are expressing a lot of concerns about vaccines. Vaccine safety is their top medical research priority. One in three believes vaccines cause autism. Vaccine refusal is on the rise; so much so that the American Academy of Pediatrics felt compelled to create a vaccine refusal documentation protocol… and special interests are pressing for the elimination of parent-directed vaccine exemptions. Yikes!

We agree with pediatrician Larry Palevsky who explains that symptoms of illness and disease are a necessary childhood rite of passage — that we must allow kids to get sick so they can be well. We also understand that it’s a big step to navigate, from questioning vaccines to celebrating vomit, diarrhea, fevers, and mucus (I call them the Four Messengers of Health). If you’re thinking about vaccinating your children, you deserve to know that there’s a safe, effective, pain-free, stress-free alternative delivered by medically-licensed professionals.

by Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom, CCH, PhD

Imagine a perfect vaccine

Imagine vaccination with no adjuvants, no mercury or aluminum, no human diploid cells, no chicken embryo or monkey kidney tissue, no live viruses, no MSG, no formaldehyde, no porcine gelatin, no adventitious agents… you get the idea (but here’s the CDC’s list of vaccine ingredients in case you want to know more).

Imagine a 100% pain-free option to boost immunity.

Imagine an intervention that eschewed germ warfare and worked synergistically with the microbial world.

Imagine a process that allows your child’s immune system to respond and develop  appropriately, in a way that supports robust health, the way Mother Nature intended.

The sort of empowerment made possible by such a vaccine would truly make you a fearless parent.

It’s called homeoprophylaxis (HP)

Guess what? I’m no dreamer! This is available today. It’s called homeo-prohylaxis, or HP for short. Homeo- is a prefix that means same, similar, or like. A prophylaxis is a measure taken to maintain health and prevent the spread of disease. Let me explain.

For over 200 years, HP has been well-utilized in many countries around the world. It has been successully applied to major epidemics [1], short term illness such as influenza [2], and long term protection for childhood diseases [3]. HP educates and supports the innate immune system. Research has been conducted in South America, Cuba, Australia, India, Europe and the U.S.

HP is different than vaccination

HP shares the same goals as conventional vaccination: safety, protection, and social responsibility. This is where the similarities end. The differences are as follows:

  • HP is administered orally by way of small pellets consisting of nosodes derived from the specific disease. This is where immune function naturally begins. We are accustomed to encountering disease via our noses (breathing) and our mouths (eating/swallowing). When disease makes contact with mucous membranes and elicits secretory IgA, a series of cascading immune reactions are naturally triggered and the stage is set for innate lifelong immunity.
  • Only one disease at a time is given. This is how illness occurs in nature. The developing immune system recognizes one disease, begins an immune response by producing a fever, creates a discharge or eruption, and then resolves the episode of illness by developing lifelong immunity to a specific virus. No confusion, no viral competition, no crossed signals, no system overload!
  • HP contains no adjuvants, no chemicals, no preservatives, no antibiotics, no foreign proteins, no human or animal cells of any kind. It contains just the disease and nothing else. It’s clean, green, and sustainable. According to Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, MA, Executive Director, Teleosis Institute, “Ecologically Sustainable Medicine gives you greater health and well-being while promoting the health and utility of your family, your community and the global ecosystem.” [4]

Real world application

Used in Cuba for 3.2 million people during a leptospirosis epidemic in 2008, HP reduced the incidence of disease by 84% [5].

In my own practice I have used HP for hundreds of children. Unlike conventional vaccination, there has never been a death, an injury, or an adverse event. Parents love the flexibility of the program for childhood diseases. They love seeing their children’s immune systems respond gently and naturally.

If you cringe at the thought of injecting your tiny newborn with chemicals and additives, and your investigation into vaccines has led you to desire another option, you deserve to learn more about HP. There IS another way.

My own experiences turned me into a fearless mom. After my youngest daughter suffered a vaccine injury, I did my homework by devoting myself to researching vaccines for 15 years. One size does not fill all children. I hit the books and graduated from a four-year homeopathic medical school. I completed over 2,000 hours of post-graduate work. Through the course of my studies, I discovered something called HP. Seemingly too good to be true, I thoroughly investigated it, met with researchers, and then started using it with my own patients. Last year I held a conference to introduce those researchers to the public! HP is safe, effective, and completely non-toxic.

Certification by medically-licensed professionals

I’m committed to getting the word out about HP, supporting a robust training process, and ensuring that the intervention is delivered by medically licensed professionals.

If you’re a parent, you deserve to be confident about the clinician’s skills

Be able to offer a viable option to all your patients, whether they are pregnant, immunocompromised, or just skeptical of vaccines?

I offer initial training by Dr Isaac Golden, the world’s leading authority on homeoprophylaxis, in easy to access online modules you can take on your own schedule.  I then provide all the necessary details to put HP into practice – forms, remedy access, FAQ’s for parents, and more.  Once ready, you can have a link to your site on the Worldwide Choice site so parents can find you.

Plan to attend the second international conference of doctors, immunologists, and researchers presenting more information about HP called “Homeoprophylaxis: The Evidence Based Choice” in October of this year.  More information can be found at: www.worldwidechoice.org.

Looking for more support?

If you’re interested in HP for your children, please go to Free and Healthy Children International for more information. There you’ll find information on purchasing a homeophrophylaxis program and finding a local practitioner who can provider supervision. You can also contact Cilla directly at homeopath2@comcast.net who works with people by phone and Skype.


[1]  Use of the nosode Meningococcinum as a preventive against meningitis. Journal of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, 1975 Dec 68(4), 211-219.

[2] Homeopathic medicines for prevention of influenza and acute respiratory tract infections in children: blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial Camila Monteiro Siqueira, Fortune Homsani, Venıcio Feo da Veiga, Carlos Lyrio, Haroldo Mattos, Sonia Regina Lambert Passos, Jose Nelson Couceiro, and Carla Holandino Quaresma.

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Cilla Whatcott headshotCilla Whatcott, RD Hom, CCH, PhD holds a diploma from the four-year professional program at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, Minneapolis, MN and a PhD in Homeopathy from Kingdom College. She is an instructor at Normandale Community College and the author of There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis. She is co-founder of Free and Healthy Children International and co-author of The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis. Cilla holds post graduate certification as a CEASE therapist for reversing environmental  injury. She is the director of Worldwide Choice, an organization training medically licensed providers to administer homeoprophylaxis and to offer homeoprophylaxis programs to families for travel, or in place of childhood vaccines. Cilla speaks internationally and blogs extensively. She directed an international conference about homeoprophylaxis with leading researchers from Australia, Germany, and The Netherlands. As the mother to children adopted from Russia, Taiwan and China, and one biological child, Cilla’s deepest desire is to help mothers and children everywhere.



  • Jonathan

    Does homeoprophylaxis leave titers that can be tested and verified through blood test, demonstrating the immunity?

    • Cilla

      There have been some cases where titers show up after HP. Generally we say “not to count on titers” for the following reason. Many people are high responders, low responders, or non-responders. Also there are many cases with high antibodies when people still contract the illness, and other cases with no antibodies when people do NOT contract the illness. With this in mind, antibodies are not really the ‘gold standard’ of immunity.

      At the upcoming conference in October, Dr Gambrell may share how patients in her practice HAVE shown titers after HP. Also Dr Bracho (Cuba leptospirosis study) injected rats with leptospirosis after administering HP and 80% didn’t contract lepto and had NO antibodies.

      As homeopaths we say it’s really about ‘susceptibility’ instead of antibody production. Even amongst immunologists there is a difference of opinion regarding what creates true immunity – strong antibody production or strong cellular immunity. HP primarily boosts cellular, or innate, immunity

  • Laura Jane Muth via Facebook

    Natural Immunity.

    • Cilla

      Yes! HP is all about natural immunity. It provides the disease just as nature created it and offers all the benefits with none of the risks. After all, Mother Nature knew what she was doing with childhood diseases. Studies are showing us that those who contract them have added protection against cancers, brain tumors, asthma, and more.

  • Filomena Laforgia via Facebook

    One that was never given…

  • Holly Makanoeich via Facebook

    No more designer vaccines. That is what they seem to want to tailor to. They say kids will miss less school and parents can work. Well, that’s if we didn’t neurologically impair so many children.

    • Cilla

      Hundreds of new vaccines are in the pipeline. They are developing them for acne, obesity, and more! These are the “cash cows” of the vaccine industry since Pharma was excused from all liability for vaccines since 1986.

  • Linda Betzold via Facebook

    Couldn’t we just teach parents how to support the immune system, and skip the vax.

    • Cilla

      Yes, you are right Linda, supporting the immune system is essential. Nutrition, chiropractic, healthy emotional environments are all key to robust immunity. The interesting results from Dr Isaac Golden’s study showed how kids receiving Homeoprophylaxis had even better long term health outcomes than non-vaccinated children. His conjecture was that HP was exercising the immune system in a way very similar to actually catching the diseases, yet posing none of the risks.

  • Erinn Carmody Lepper via Facebook

    I hear non vac kids are so healthy per school nurses…these parents know what healthy eating is

    • Cilla

      This is what I see in my practice, Erinn. Unvaccinated children seem to have immune systems that respond in a more typical way; they mount an immune response and clear a virus effectively!
      I see more and more chronic illness amongst fully vaccinated children. Asthma, kids with a cold from November until May, gut disorders, seizures, are all on the increase, and the incidence of neurologically impaired children is heartbreaking to observe.

  • Jennifer Lind via Facebook

    There are no safe vaccines ~ they are categorically declared “unavoidably unsafe” evidenced by all the injury and damage they do.

    • Cilla

      You’re correct, Jennifer. Since that court ruling it seems obvious that no parent would choose to inject a child with a risky vaccine. One size does NOT fit all and while some children go unharmed, how will we know if our child is one of those or not? Russian roulette…..

  • Jeanne Ohm via Facebook

    Yes, it’s called the Power Within…

  • HP is awesome

    we used HP for our two boys and they are both health and well. In fact all of my siblings ( their are 7 of us) used HP for the majority of their children 21 in total. They are all fit, healthy and well, no allergies, no autism, no asthma no chronic disease. Perfect health. Further to the support of HP one of my sisters has 5 children and she gave the first 3 the entire HP schedule but she slacked off with the last two kids as a result they both contracted whooping cough. The other kids that had been HP treated didn’t not get whooping cough even though they were expose to it!!! Evidence that HP works.

    • Cilla Whatcott

      Wow! What a great testimony. I know in my practice I have frequently seen HP children exposed to pertussis and NOT contract it. This is confirmed by Isaac’s study with a 91% effectiveness rate for those positively exposed to the disease. It never ceases to amaze me even after seeing case after case of healthy kid and happy parent!

  • Cilla

    That’s right Jeanne. We possess that amazing power to heal – every cell with the intelligence to do so. That’s why chiropractic, homeopathy, nutrition and other methods that support that natural power are what parents are seeking more and more. We are all waking up to the intelligence of the body!

  • HP Lovecraft

    Do you even know what a human diploid cell is?! Our bodies are MADE of diploid cells.

  • Aimee Nicole

    Homeoprophylaxis goes against the idea of homeopathic medicine. You don’t treat what’s not there.

    • Cilla Whatcott

      In cases where you are treating specific pathology that’s correct. You match the remedy to the characteristics of the symptom picture.
      However, homeoprophylaxis is applied differently. Hahnemann (the father of homeopathy) used HP himself in a prophylactic manner with scarlet fever very successfully. So successfully that it was mandated in Prussia to be used during outbreaks. The concept is more about familiarizing the vital force with the frequency of the disease. In doing so, the body can naturally mount an immune response if/when encountering the disease. Or…..will repel the disease altogether. Because we aren’t matching the symptom picture of the individual, we do not see aggravations.

  • Erwin Alber

    This article got off to a great start but then went from bad to worse, as far as I am concerned.

    While I’m all for constitutional homeopathic treatments to boost immunity, I’m totally opposed to homeprophylaxis. This is because HP is in my opinion just another unnecessary interference with the organism’s immune functions based on the erroneous idea that diseases need to be prevented.

    The alternative to vaccination is in my books not homeoprophylaxis, but simply to not vaccinate, that is to keep one’s child vaccine free. After all, if say childhood diseases are prevented with homeoprophylaxis, how are children to benefit from these infections they miss out on? It’s in my opinion blatant nonsense promoted by people who should know better and/or who want to cash in on parents’ fear and ignorance.

  • Jeni Clark

    Thank you Cilla! Great post! Spread the word! Easy, affordable, healthy alternative!

  • Cilla Whatcott

    Erwin, I completely agree with the concept that natural disease is an immune booster. This actually IS what HP accomplishes. It does not “interfere” with natural immune function at all. It supports innate immunity. It isn’t “preventing” disease in the way that the world fears disease and tries to annihilate it; it supports the body to work WITH natural disease.

    The alternative to not vaccinate is definitely a viable choice. But what if a child is not capable of mounting an immune response and suffers inordinately? This is to be avoided. The best part of HP is that children DO benefit from the disease, but in a safer form (diluted and potentized) that cannot harm. HP carries all the benefits of natural disease contraction and resolution with none of the risks.

    Furthermore, Dr Golden’s 15 year study showed that kids taking HP had even better long term health outcomes than those who were unvaccinated.

    As far as cashing in on parents fear, I have to disagree with you here. HP does exactly the opposite! It empowers parents tremendously. It places the power in their hands to administer the small pellets. Parents can see the immune system mount a gentle response. They may witness a minor runny nose or fussiness for a brief period and then will observe enhanced vitality, just the way nature intended.

    The many parents I have worked with frequently report that they love seeing their child develop a strong immune system in such a gentle and affirming manner.

  • Anonymous

    Unless your child has PID from birth and their body does not naturally produce IGg or IgA. This is not caused by a vaccine I had natural delivery and did not believe in vaccines until my daughter was born! A small cold has her struggling to breathe with constant respiratory infections every month! This article acts like it cures everything by just natural body reaction and that is ridiculous. My child is sick and in pain we eat organic and healthy foods. If my child catches the measles she could die same for children in chemo and during recovery from chemo! Why is natural selection such an option anymore when we can protect others by vaccinating! We all vaccinate now and my other children are healthy strong and rarely get sick. These articles make me sad. I hope that you never have to rely on other moms vaccinating their kids to keep your child safe!

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