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Herd Immunity: Owned & Controlled or Free & Equal?


by Elliott Freed

The government is a private corporation and you are not the owner. Either you are the stock of the government, part of the herd owned by those who own the government, or you are a free human being.

When the government mandates that you must do something, you have two choices. One is to do as you are told, thereby accepting your role as a herd animal owned and controlled. The other is to recognize your own freedom and your equality with all men and women on the planet. No masters. No servants.

If you get this, it will not matter to you that the government schools, which are really just training centers that prepare children to be good and compliant members of the herd, are now force branding the blood of the calves.

If you get this, you will simply pull your children from the herd and enter into the land of freedom. In fact, you are already in it. If you do not realize this you only need shift your perspective.

There are two hidden keys that few people are aware of. The first is easier to see. It is that we cannot do this alone. We are social animals. We need communities and relationships. We can only do this in communities.

The second hidden key is what few people will allow themselves to see. If you are not content to be equal with all other men and women on the planet, you will be trying to get ahead. You will believe in the hierarchies of money, fame, and power.

If you can accept your equality with all, you can easily walk away from the barnyard without fear. It will be easy. There will be no feeling of trauma. To take your children out of the schools of the ranchers will feel like a relief, a liberation. You will easily recognize the opportunity to create a more humane, more lively and joyful community.

If you cannot accept your equality with all, you will cling to your place in the pecking order and feel betrayed when your rancher demands more of you. When they demand even the blood of your calves for branding, either you will submit as over 90% have already willingly done and many of the hold outs are now doing, or you will not.

If you do not submit, you have two choices. One is to beg and plead with the rancher to be more kind in their branding, to apply the branding iron to a less painful area of the body, or in a more gentle way. The other is to hop the fence and be done with the ranch altogether. To enter into the wilderness.

The wilderness can seem like a frightening place to barnyard animals, animals used to the confines of the pens and corrals. It can seem wild and untamed, but it is not. It has a deeper, more complex, more creative and dynamic order. The order of the wild is juicy and alive. It creeps and crawls. It soars and dives. It is soft and quiet, yet deadly missteps are possible. There is no rancher to build your fences for you. There is only life regulating itself in spontaneous creation and destruction, all things entwined, being born, living, and dying.

The wild is frightening to the domesticated herd.

Is it now the only option for those who do not want the blood of their children branded?


I for one prefer it. You might find that you do, too.

Come out. Hop the fence. Push open the gate. It is not locked. Join me and the growing number of living men and women who have left the barnyard, have left the pens and corrals, the stalls and cubicles. It is indeed a wild world. And it is alive.

A version of this post appeared on Elliott’s blog: Reality Distilled into Words. It is republished with his permission and our gratitude.

elliott freed headshotElliott Freed studied medicine in China. He worked as a medical editor, both in China and the U.S.. Elliott taught Chinese medicine at his alma mater, The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (San Francisco), and given seminars at UCSF and Bastyr University. He had a private medical practice in Sonoma County, California for six years where his specialty was difficult cases. Elliott is the author of Vaccine Primer: An Inoculation. In the past year Elliott has renewed an old interest in vaccination and has dedicated himself to reading all that he can on the issue to develop a comprehensive understanding of all its facets, especially focusing on the medical sciences and what we know of the effect vaccines have on the human body and the immune system.


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  • Paula


    Good beginning, but this worm hole goes much deeper than you could ever imagine. Nice to see it addressed in such a simple and gentle manner, most people just scream it in your face, which is not at all helpful.

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