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Fearless Parent Radio - Heart Beat - Lea and Stacey Martino

Healing Your Love Relationship with Stacey Martino – Episode 102

#102 — Healing Your Love Relationship with Stacey Martino ** February 8, 2017 Guest // Stacey Martino, Relationship Coach ** Host // Lea @ Maverick Kitchen As a Fearless Parent, you’ve turned over every rock to achieve maximum physical health for you and your family. But when is the last time you’ve “taken the temperature” of your relationship? There is growing evidence that relationship
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The Epic Troubleshooting Guide to Coffee Enemas

Editor’s note: Don’t run away too quickly. This is one of the best detox interventions around — effective, low cost, and easy. I’m serious. It’s a cornerstone intervention for those in the know, including physicians with some of the most extraordinary patient outcomes (think stage 4 pancreatic cancer). The Merck Manual [1] included it as a standard procedure until 1972. All you need is a
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