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Many Thanks…

We couldn’t do this work without YOU.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful supporters, friends, and all the incredible people who help spread the word far and wide about the ways our world could be a healthier and happier place for all of us on the planet…

This list is incomplete… and growing every day.

  • Stacy Allan
  • Ed and Teri Arranga
  • Dina Aurichio
  • Patty Avelino
  • Katie Beecher
  • Mindy Carton
  • Melanie Dragone
  • Nancy Freeman and The Nest
  • Ron Habakus
  • Elizabeth Hathway
  • Sandra Holbrook
  • Sue Judge, JD
  • Robert Krakow, JD
  • Casi Leahy and Bosom Buddies
  • Jennifer Limekiller
  • Dawn Loughborough
  • Alison MacNeil
  • Alan Mazzan
  • Josie Nelson
  • Jason Pucci
  • Lisa Purdon
  • Lisa Rudley
  • Beth Salerno, CPD
  • Jen Shunk
  • Joanna Terlicki
  • the TMRs!
  • Rebecca Tucker
  • Liz Wanfried
  • Beth Worton
  • Katie Wright

and all our experts!