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Are CDC-Funded Vaccine Nonprofits Sufficiently Independent?

by Louise Kuo Habakus I just finished reading a feature article published in The British Medical Journal by BMJ associate editor, Peter Doshi, PhD: “The unofficial vaccine educators: are CDC funded nonprofits sufficiently independent?” Those who raise concerns about vaccine policy are often asked, “Why aren’t you more balanced?” Perhaps the best response is Doshi’s piece. Is it desirable to seek balance when writing
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The HPV Vaccine Whistleblower — Episode 95

Since the HPV vaccine was introduced to the public in 2006, it has been surrounded in controversy: conspicuously fast tracked by the FDA; speedily endorsed by the CDC; rapidly introduced to be mandated by nearly every state in the US; unusually challenged by some of the media and medical establishment, including the New England Journal of Medicine, the New York Times, and even one of its inventors; hailed
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