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Supplementing For Low Vitamin D? Not So Fast…

Note from Fearless Parent’s Medical Director, Kelly Brogan, MD: The moment that a substance is adopted by mainstream medicine and used “pharmaceutically” without attention to underlying drivers of deficiency, it’s time to expand our thinking. What follows is an exploration of a theoretical model supporting an alternative understanding about vitamin D deficiency in chronic illness and what it might represent. My Functional Medicine colleagues and I debate
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Sunscreen and the Fear of Sunlight

by Alison MacNeil Anyone else wondering about sunscreen and the fear of sunlight? I’m a fan of letting my kids get a little sun in the summer, an eyebrow-raising approach in this day and age. I realized the importance of sunshine on my children’s skin when testing revealed that my son’s Vitamin D levels plummeted after his regression into Autism. It’s been very hard
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