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What is Transhumanism? — Episode 105

#105 — What is Transhumanism? ** August 23, 2017 Guest // Zoltan Istvan ** Host // Pratik Chougule, JD  Look around and you’ll see humanity not just engaged with technology but integrated in ways that are unexpected, sophisticated, fascinating, and for many of us, fundamentally alarming. There’s a nostalgia for the simplicity of the pre-internet past… for the time that my teenage kids call “ye olden days.”
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Teen Boundaries Around Tech Usage — Episode 96

#96 — Teen Boundaries Around Tech Usage ** February 24, 2016 Guest // Emily Roberts, MA, LPC ** Host //  Carla Atherton Do you have trouble talking to your teens about creating boundaries around their usage of technology? Do you feel like they are sometimes lost to you, immersed in a world of blue lights and virtual relationships? Do you want your teenager to have communication
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Social Scaffolding for the Drama Years – Episode 11

February 5, 2014 — Haley Kilpatrick with Louise Kuo Habakus and Alison MacNeil Remember middle school? Most of us are immediately transported to the corner of Lord of the Flies and Mean Girls. Haley Kilpatrick, the author of The Drama Years, tells parents of tweens to pay close attention. There’s a lot going on and the stakes are high. Our kids are navigating puberty,
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Disconnect to Connect

by Christine Gross-Loh I am used to staying in touch with people and accessing the news online whenever I want. I spent an enormous amount of time on my phone and computer over the past year, while writing and launching my new book, Parenting Without Borders. There were edits I was eager to see, updates I had to keep up with; lots of emails I “had” to respond
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