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A Medical Doctor Unconventionalized by Autism — Episode 100

#100 — A Medical Doctor Unconventionalized by Autism ** November 30, 2016 Guest // Andrea Libutti, MD ** Host // Mary Coyle, DI Hom When she was told that her 20-month-old son had autism, Andrea Libutti MD was devastated. Therapists said he would never communicate with others, nor would he ever form meaningful relationships. Still, Andrea refused to accept that dim prognosis and instead embarked
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Emotions: A Root Cause of Illness – Episode 38

Emotions are a part of our human experience. To consider that emotions are a root cause of illness, we look to the whole. Holism starts with the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (thanks, Aristotle). And it builds on the realization that great insights can be gleaned in understanding how the parts relate to each other. Because they
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