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5 Things Your Dentist Isn’t Telling You

by Victor Zeines, DDS, Special Contributor to Fearless Parent What lies beneath my holistic practice of dental hygiene is a long-held belief that the health of the mouth works in concert with your total health. Understanding preventive measures and exploring interrelated conditions are essential. I have seen remarkable, positive changes for patients who follow a holistic path. There is still a great deal of
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In a Nutshell: Parenting Through Cold & Flu Season

by Cornelia Mazzan Wow, what a week it has been here at Fearless Parent! We launched Fearless Parent Radio on Wednesday morning, kicked off a fabulous event in Springfield, NJ on Thursday night, and still found time for all the many details of self-care, work, and family life. Stay tuned for what next week holds! 😉 Today I’m taking a deep breath and reflecting on
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