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Just Say No to ADHD Meds

Editor’s note: 11% of children (20% of all boys) are diagnosed with ADHD. Most are medicated because parents are told it is chronic and lifelong and drugs are the “best chance” to get kids on track. Did you know that side effects include psychosis and death? This is Part 1 in a two part series that explores pragmatic steps for parents saying no to ADHD meds as a first-line
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Children’s Asthma & Allergies – Episode 33

July 16, 2014 — Amala Holt with Larry Palevsky, MD Amala Holt’s son had significant asthma and food allergies, and her daughter had eczema and skin rashes. She consulted with Dr. Larry in 2012 and 2013 for guidance regarding both children. Dr. Larry and Amala will talk through her journey. She will speak about her deep concern about her children’s health struggles, the advice
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