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Every Child Deserves to be Healthy

by Mandy Lee Having a child present with chronic illness at birth is a real game-changer. It allowed me to genuinely refocus what “healthy” meant as recovery was the only option. You can hear our encouraging message on Fearless Parent Radio, Episode #69 — “Fostering Nutrition.” It took us a few years to begin sharing our discoveries. We’ve been in the trenches, with our
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What About the Immunocompromised?

by Levi Quackenboss Immunocompromised: immune system suppression due to any medical condition, drug or treatment. Proclaiming the need to protect immunocompromised children from the unvaccinated is the cause du jour, isn’t it? Let’s force-vaccinate the American population of children in order to protect all of their immune-deficient classmates. Herd immunity! Protect those that can’t be vaccinated by vaccinating those who can! What does it
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Reversing ADHD Without Meds – Episode 46

#46 – Reversing ADHD Without Meds ** October 15, 2014 Guest // Jenn Giustra-Kozek, LPC ** Host // Beth Lambert Listen to Fearless Parent Radio online on PRN.fm or on your phone by dialing (619) 550-0869. Once the show has aired, listen on our Archived Shows page, iTunes, or Podbean. View on Amazon.com The number of children diagnosed with ADHD in this country has
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Brain Science for Generation Stress – Episode 16

March 19, 2014 — Kristen Race, PhD with Louise Kuo Habakus and Alison MacNeil Download Kristen’s Handout HERE View on Amazon.com Children spend 7 hours 38 minutes per day using entertainment media. And due to media multitasking (i.e., surfing while texting), they actually pack 10 hours 45 minutes of media content into those 7+ hours. Do you wonder about your kid’s brain on Nintendo?
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School Violence, Psych Meds, and Our Children

by Kelly Brogan, MD, with Louise Kuo Habakus Editor’s note: We acknowledge with great compassion that this is a particularly challenging topic for the many families who make the difficult decision to put their children on psych meds. We believe all parents must be given the most accurate information about these medications, including side effects, the necessity of properly tapering off medication, the lack
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Lessons of Grief through the Eyes of Our Children

by Mary Romaniec, Special Contributor to Fearless Parent A few weeks ago we attended the funeral of a neighbor. Diane* was 52 years old and had battled Stage 4 lung cancer for over five years. She was an active non-smoker with three adorable children, a great husband, and an incredible job in a financial company. Our 15 year-old daughters are friends. On the day
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