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Feminine Medicine: 5 Unsung Pioneers

by Erika Janik Editor’s note: The divine feminine — shakti to shiva, yin to yang — is a part of us all. Nowhere is this more true than in medicine. As we gear up for the launch of our Medical Director Kelly Brogan’s saber rattling new book, A Mind of Your Own, we are thrilled to recognize that her work is part of a long and great
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Surprising Lessons From Medical History – Episode 22

April 30, 2014 — Erika Janik with Louise Kuo Habakus View on Amazon.com What does healthy living mean to you? Organic and green. Eco and sustainable. Chemical-free. It’s the Whole Foods mom, wearing organic cotton and bamboo yoga gear, sipping green juice, jumping into her Prius after a trip to her acupuncturist, and heading to the local landscaping store to buy organic tomato plants
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