Breastfeeding In America is Dangerous and Obscene – Part 1

by Cornelia Mazzan I was walking around the mall last weekend and noticed that a section of stores were blocked off to prepare for a new shop to open. On the white plywood walls of the divider were larger-than-life glossy photos of smiling women in bras, all with quite a bit of their breasts showing. Another Victoria’s Secret is Coming Soon! Contrast that with
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Youth Sports and Bad Behavior

by Louise Kuo Habakus The past two days at Fearless Parent, we have been talking about “The Good” and “The Bad” things that go along with having kids play competitive sports, from one mom’s point of view. Today we’re going to hear from some experts… about “The Ugly.” We’re talking about youth sports and bad behavior. Yikes… something’s not right The sensational media headlines about
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The Youth Sports “Arms Race”

by Louise Kuo Habakus Yesterday we were talking here at Fearless Parent about all the good things that go along with having kids play competitive sports. Today we’re talking about the, um, not-so-good things. Youth sports has become an arms race and it’s really hard to keep up. Balance. I don’t like this word. It suggests an ideal state in which the key aspects of our
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Youth Sports and Life Lessons

Note: when Fearless Parent changed its URL in 2013, we inadvertently lost all the “likes” to this post. This series also appeared in Pathways Magazine by Louise Kuo Habakus There’s a lot of good about youth sports. Sports keep our kids active, engaged, and out of trouble. And they teach some really important life lessons. Americans just love sports. We watch and play sports.
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Pregnant and Pre-Polluted

by Kelly Brogan, MD ABIHM I wasn’t always a clean living crusader… until I learned that we’re not giving our babies the best start. Many women start out pregnant and pre-polluted. Pregnancy has a way of turning on that just-tell-me-what-to-do-to-get-this-right-NOW switch. Five years ago, that switch was activated for me when a friend gave me Green Babies, Sage Moms when I was expecting my
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The Doctor-Patient Relationship: Going Out of Our Comfort Zone

by Maggie Kozel, MD On June 5th, 2013 I had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion in Summit, NJ sponsored by Fearless Parent. I am a practicing pediatrician, and my practice is pretty mainstream. But I have also written extensively about healthcare reform – specifically about the way healthcare industries and special interests now shape clinical clinical practice at least as much
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happy mother with baby

Women After Pregnancy

By Jennifer Margulis Our theme this week has been babies. If you’ve been stopping by, you’ve already read about how you can’t spoil a baby and fun baby games. Today we’re talking about women after pregnancy. And babies. The babies, with their floppy heads and constant drool are pretty cute. Women after pregnancy? If you’re a woman and you’ve just had your first baby
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Fun Baby Games

by Jennifer Margulis We read and talk a lot about baby poop (smells like apricots, looks like scrambled eggs) and baby sleep (they usually aren’t letting us get enough) but what about baby fun? There are so many fun games to play with babies, even before they are old enough to play catch or go on a pretend African Safari. You already know about
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Can You Spoil a Baby?

by Jennifer Margulis “Oh Jenny, you can’t pick her up every time she cries,” my mom chided as I scooped my three-day-old out of her bassinette and into my arms. My newborn quieted immediately but I seethed inside. Why didn’t my mother understand that I had a physical, primal, urgent need to hold my daughter as much as my daughter needed to be held?
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Disconnect to Connect

by Christine Gross-Loh I am used to staying in touch with people and accessing the news online whenever I want. I spent an enormous amount of time on my phone and computer over the past year, while writing and launching my new book, Parenting Without Borders. There were edits I was eager to see, updates I had to keep up with; lots of emails I “had” to respond
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