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Your Toolbox for Autism Recovery

by Jerry M. Kantor, CCH, LAc, MMHS

Editor’s Note: If your child has an autism diagnosis (or other chronic condition), you will know what it means to get well-intentioned advice. A lot of the counsel you receive will focus on the physical plane, i.e., dietary intervention, supplements, physical and occupational therapies. Some children can do remarkably well there. Many children, however, will require work on an energetic plane. Does the word “energetic” put you outside of your comfort zone? It did for me. I initially avoided homeopathy because I didn’t understand it. I was overwhelmed and frankly relieved to be able to dismiss an entire modality without having to do any further research. I came around a few years later and it now resonates powerfully.

With this introduction, I’m so pleased to introduce you to Jerry Kantor. He’s a gifted, compassionate, and courageous healer. He has just published a new book, Autism Reversal Toolbox, that should be on every parent’s bookshelf. Even if you’re not wrestling with autism, chances are you will recognize your child in some of these pages (peek at the table of contents here).

To your journey. – Louise Kuo Habakus


1739-autism-reversal-toolboxAutism is hard to treat. Don’t let anyone fool you. But a great deal can be done. Dealt with patiently and properly, it can be reversed in many instances.

My aim has been to support the ASD community and to share with practitioners what I have learned in my extensive treating experience.

First, parents need to know that homeopathy is likely the single most powerful treatment modality available to the ASD community.

Second, they need to learn what a healthy baby “is” in analytical (i.e., physical) but also energetic terms, and then become fearlessly informed as to the modern world’s hazards putting that healthy child at risk. Sidestepping or offsetting these hazards consistently is a key to care and recovery.

Autism is Autoimmune

Overload of environmental toxicity contributes to what has now become an autoimmune problem within which the appearance of the autism epidemic is but one feature. Autism is not a special “carve out,” occurring in an irrevocable, genetic vacuum. Today’s children are chronically ill; 43% have at least one chronic illness, rising to 54% when obesity and developmental delays are included (Academic Pediatrics, 2011).

Among Autism Reversal Toolbox’s breakthrough concepts is an insistence on identifying autism in many instances as an autoimmune issue. I believe I am the first to state this in a homeopathy or even medical text. But wait… this is hot off the presses: First Medical Textbook Devoted to Research Linking Vaccines to Autoimmunity. This new tome is co-edited by Yehuda Schoenfeld, MD, editor-in-chief of Autoimmunity Reviews, co-editor of the Journal of Autoimmunity, and the leading autoimmunity researcher of our time.

The Autism Miasm

The word miasm means cloud, fog, or unwholesome atmosphere. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, introduced this term in his book The Chronic Diseases, which was published in 1828. It was an revolutionary idea. He identified three miasms that are responsible for all diseases of a chronic nature.

Within the homeopathic context, Autism Reversal Toolbox identifies and discusses in detail a new miasm, which is a legacy of disease susceptibility. I call this Neural Autoimmunity Miasm (NAIM). Much of the book is devoted to unpacking this notion and revealing its implications for autism treatment. The concept of miasms is significant because it helps to explain why some children seem impervious and resistant to all treatment. It is a missing piece offering powerful connections.

The Power of Energetic Medicine

In chronic illness, it’s critical to shift the body’s energetic pattern. Parents need to understand why homeopathy works, as well something about the latest tweaks homeopaths are applying to our methods on behalf of reversing ASD. While some of this information may seem too esoteric, theoretical, or foreign, I’ve seen the commitment and determination of parents seeking to help their children and have learned never to underestimate the intelligence fearless parents. I am encouraged by the possibility that parents will knowledgeably engage their own homeopaths in regard to the book’s methods and recommendations.

Parents will gain from discovering preventive strategies as well as dozens of interventions they can do at home, including Qi Gong massage and grounding. In the event you already have a family homeopath, acquainting that practitioner with this book may support a more effective partnership in the care of your child. (Please keep in mind that homeopathy is not a do-it-yourself modality and requires the support of a well-trained homeopath.)

Autism Reversal Toolbox contains eight detailed cases that illustrate how to change remedy or potency, and provide guidance for avoiding aggravations in the CEASE (toxicity clearing) method of homeopathy. It also includes an understanding of autism based on Traditional Chinese Medicine; parallel understandings from the spiritual standpoint of homeopathy’s godfather, Emanuel Swedenborg; an introduction to the Homotoxicology approach of Dr. Heinrich Reckeweg; and insights into the neuro-biochemistry of autism. My hope is that it will prove to be a lasting contribution to the field of autism research and as well as highly practical clinical guide.

Jerry-Kantor-headshotJerry Kantor, CCH, LAc, MMHS is executive director of the National Institute of Whole Health in Wellesley, MA and principal owner of Vital Force Health Care, a homeopathy and acupuncture practice specializing in mental illness, autism spectrum ailments, ADHD, chronic disease, and infertility. He has taught at Harvard Medical School since 1999, has staff credentials at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. In addition to the Autism Reversal ToolboxJerry is also the author of Interpreting Chronic Illness, the Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine and The Toxic Relationship Cure, Clearing Traumatic Damage from a Boss, Parent, Lover or Friend. Jerry graduated from Nanjing College of Traditional Medicine’s Advanced Acupuncture Program for Foreign Students and the New England School of Acupuncture. He holds a fourth degree black belt in Aikido. Read more about Jerry’s work at VitalForceHealthCare.com.


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