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How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor — Episode 99

#99 — How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor ** April 20, 2016 Guest // Sally Mendelsohn, CNM ** Host //  Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD Do you have a pediatrician you love? Do you even know what that could look like? In the current polarized medical climate, finding a like-minded — or even open minded — pediatrician is not always easy. But…
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ADHD Solutions Beyond Drug Pushing

Editor’s note: This is part 2 in a series of pragmatic steps for parents saying no to ADHD meds as a first-line response (Part 1). by Kelly Brogan, MD “She has a remarkable ability to attend and stay on task,” said my daughter’s nursery school teachers as we sat together on diminutive, paint-splotched furniture. My mind wandered to greater, unstated questions: what is happening to
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The New Feminism: Taking It Back

by Kelly Brogan, MD We must balance woman and mother A Kundalini practitioner recently shared with me the symbology of the Adi Shakti. It’s a mesmerizing interlocking of a karmic circle, a double-edged weapon, and two encompassing swords. This is a representation of primal feminine power from a tradition that champions, not male-female equality, but all that is incomparable about a woman’s energy. In
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Ultrasound and Autism

by Manuel Casanova, MD, Special Contributor to Fearless Parent Editor’s note: For more information, we invite you to listen to our recent radio show featuring the author, and to read his latest blog on this subject. Author’s Note: Excessive, non-indicated use of ultrasound is dangerous and may be tied to the ever increasing prevalence of some neurodevelopmental conditions. Urgent government regulation is needed. Selling
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