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Health Lessons From Hollywood — Episode 93

#93 – Health Lessons From Hollywood ** December 9, 2015 Guest // Suzanne Somers ** Host // Kelly Brogan, MD Yes, we want to be healthy. Once we stop nodding at the basic platitudes — sound sleep, regular exercise, smart nutrition —  however, we’re left wrestling with the brutal realities of living in the real world: It’s hard to be healthy. I’m not smart enough to reconcile so
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Supplementing For Low Vitamin D? Not So Fast…

Note from Fearless Parent’s Medical Director, Kelly Brogan, MD: The moment that a substance is adopted by mainstream medicine and used “pharmaceutically” without attention to underlying drivers of deficiency, it’s time to expand our thinking. What follows is an exploration of a theoretical model supporting an alternative understanding about vitamin D deficiency in chronic illness and what it might represent. My Functional Medicine colleagues and I debate
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