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Vaccines During Pregnancy: Making An Informed Decision – Episode 53

Episode #53 ** December 3, 2014 Guest // Suzanne Humphries, MD ** Host // Kelly Brogan, MD Listen to Fearless Parent Radio online on PRN.fm at 7pm ET or on your phone by dialing (619) 550-0869. Once the show has aired, listen via our Archived Shows page, iTunes, or Podbean. The CDC website has information on Vaccines for Pregnant Women and Guidelines for Vaccinating Pregnant Women. Here,
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“The Fearless Parent” Keynote @ AutismOne 2015

“Children can get better, many can recover, and the answers will not come by doing what you are told.” Sayer Ji, founder of GreenMedInfo Kelly Brogan, MD, holistic psychiatrist  Larry Palevsky, MD, holistic pediatrician Louise Kuo Habakus, author and activist are proud to deliver  the keynote presentation “The Fearless Parent” at the Autism One Conference on May 22, 2015 In an era of rising chronic,
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Are You “Bought”? The Film That Will Blow Your Mind

by Louise Kuo Habakus Bought is a new documentary film about our health and it’s a total home run. You can purchase the DVD or download the film by clicking the above image or this link. BOUGHT is the movie you’ve been waiting for. It’s the movie that you will tell your family and friends: “OK, just 90 minutes and I won’t say another word.” It’s the movie
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Holistic Perinatal Wellness – Episode 44

#44 – Holistic Perinatal Wellness ** October 1, 2014 Guest // Jeanne Ohm, DC ** Host // Kelly Brogan, MD Listen to Fearless Parent Radio online on PRN.fm or on your phone by dialing (619) 550-0869. Once the show has aired, listen on our Archived Shows page, iTunes, or Podbean. There’s a lot going on during the weeks and months before and after birth.
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Top 7 Ways to Keep Baby Safe

by Louise Kuo Habakus The luscious baby photos in parenting magazines belie today’s new childhood normal. Frazzled parents-to-be are fretting about chronic illness, obesity, and developmental delays. Using the Three Pillars of Radiant Health as our guide — respect the microbiome, food is medicine, less is more — we sally forth with 7 bold and brave ways to keep baby safe. So how do
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The Three Pillars of Radiant Health

by Louise Kuo Habakus Hey parents, this new normal ain’t ok Two hundred years ago, English poet William Wordsworth bemoaned man’s preoccupation with the material world and our lost connection to nature and what truly matters. Can you relate? We are so attuned to the rhythms of social and daily commerce around us that new realities normalize and we settle for them. Even when
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A Doula’s Reflections on Life and Death – Episode 34

July 23, 2014 — Amy Wright Glenn with Cornelia Mazzan This is a beautiful gem of a book, written by a woman who looked within and then outside her inherited Mormon faith and traditions to find insights into life’s biggest questions about love, pain, and mystery. Critical of the corruption found in the denial of feminine intuition and curiosity, Amy Wright Glenn remained hungry
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Infertility Medicine – Episode 15

March 12, 2014 — Victoria Maizes, MD with Kelly Brogan, MD View on Amazon.com This week’s show features an illuminating conversation between two medical doctors, one integrative and the other a functional medicine practitioner, on reproductive health and maximizing the odds of conceiving a healthy child. Show Highlights: 1. Couples can sometimes be too utilitarian and goal-oriented when it comes to conception. Conceiving and
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The Big (Fertility) Lie — Episode 14

March 5, 2014 — Tanya Selveratnam with Louise Kuo Habakus and Alison MacNeil Download Tanya’s Toolkit HERE View on Amazon.com Hello, Fearless Parent Listeners. I am thrilled to be invited to appear on the show. I was inspired to write The Big Lie after my third miscarriage at the age of 40 in fall 2011. I wrote the book that I wished I could
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Ultrasound and Autism

by Manuel Casanova, MD, Special Contributor to Fearless Parent Editor’s note: For more information, we invite you to listen to our recent radio show featuring the author, and to read his latest blog on this subject. Author’s Note: Excessive, non-indicated use of ultrasound is dangerous and may be tied to the ever increasing prevalence of some neurodevelopmental conditions. Urgent government regulation is needed. Selling
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