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The Ethics of Eating Meat and Our Food Co-op

by Louise Kuo Habakus The ethics of eating meat I eat meat. I don’t eat a lot of it but I know I need it to be a regular part of my diet. I’ve tried being a vegetarian. I love vegetables (and legumes) but they’re not enough for me. I’m starving. When I eat grains for complete protein, I end up compensating and then
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Which Nutritional Supplements Are Right For Me? — Episode 97

#97 — Which Nutritional Supplements Are Right For Me? ** April 13, 2016 Guest // Tieraona Low Dog, MD ** Host //  Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD We are constantly bombarded by mixed messages that a given nutritional supplement is good for us one day, and the next day it’s not. With more than 30,000 dietary supplements in the marketplace and new studies coming out every day,
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Health Lessons From Hollywood — Episode 93

#93 – Health Lessons From Hollywood ** December 9, 2015 Guest // Suzanne Somers ** Host // Kelly Brogan, MD Yes, we want to be healthy. Once we stop nodding at the basic platitudes — sound sleep, regular exercise, smart nutrition —  however, we’re left wrestling with the brutal realities of living in the real world: It’s hard to be healthy. I’m not smart enough to reconcile so
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America’s New Normal: Chronically Ill Kids

Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Sign up here. © 2016 Fearless Parent Note: The entirety of this post is copyright protected. If you wish to share, please obtain prior written permission with details for partial use and link back for attribution. Thank you. by Judy Converse, MPH RD LD When it comes to this topic of chronically ill kids, do you have
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Beyond Diet & Nutrition: Overlooked Healing Strategies — Episode 79

#79 — Beyond Diet & Nutrition: Overlooked Healing Strategies ** August 19, 2015 Guest // Patricia Lemer, LPC ** Host // Beth Lambert Listen to Fearless Parent Radio online on PRN.fm at 7pm ET or on your phone by dialing (401) 347-0456. Once the show has aired, listen via our Archived Shows page, iTunes, or Podbean. When a child is sick and parents are in “get it done”
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Toxicity, Hydration, and Healing — Episode 75

Our Tribute to Nick Gonzalez, MD (1948-2015) #75 – Toxicity, Hydration, and Healing ** July 1, 2015 Guest // Nicholas Gonzalez, MD ** Host // Sayer Ji Why do we get sick? What is cancer? Are dietary changes, coffee enemas, and large amounts of supplements and enzymes truly able to accomplish miracles? How can a world renowned cancer doctor also help patients with CFS, MS, and other intractable,
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10 Tips to Ease Your Child Into the GAPS Diet

by Melanie Christner When you dared to become a parent, you probably had no idea what a journey you were setting out on… how strongly you would want your child to flourish and succeed… and how barriers to that flourishing would hurt your parent heart. Being a parent of a child who has been hurt, taken sick, or wounded… or who is simply not
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How We As Parents Can Look Beyond the Labeling of Our Children

by Maria Rickert Hong Diagnosis labeling, that is. It doesn’t matter what label your child has been given. What you need to know is that a  label is often harmful. It restricts, pathologizes, stigmatizes… it kills hope. If a clinician believes bowel disease is intrinsic to autism then she may tell you there’s nothing that can be done about GI pain. Doctors, like all of
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Radical Remission of Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Terry Wahls – Episode 61

#61 – Radical Remission of Autoimmune Disease ** January 28, 2015 Guest // Terry Wahls, MD ** Host // Kelly Brogan, MD Listen to Fearless Parent Radio online on PRN.fm at 7pm ET or on your phone by dialing (401) 347-0456. Once the show has aired, listen via our Archived Shows page, iTunes, or Podbean. View on Amazon. Imagine that you or a loved
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ADHD Solutions Beyond Drug Pushing

Editor’s note: This is part 2 in a series of pragmatic steps for parents saying no to ADHD meds as a first-line response (Part 1). by Kelly Brogan, MD “She has a remarkable ability to attend and stay on task,” said my daughter’s nursery school teachers as we sat together on diminutive, paint-splotched furniture. My mind wandered to greater, unstated questions: what is happening to
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