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School Violence, Psych Meds, and Our Children

by Kelly Brogan, MD, with Louise Kuo Habakus Editor’s note: We acknowledge with great compassion that this is a particularly challenging topic for the many families who make the difficult decision to put their children on psych meds. We believe all parents must be given the most accurate information about these medications, including side effects, the necessity of properly tapering off medication, the lack
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Saturday Night Fever

by Alison MacNeil Summer may feel like a funny time to be talking about fevers but during the recent heat wave, my kids had colds with fevers. In the past I would have reached for the Tylenol hoping to bring that fever right down. When my daughter was little she would ask for “the purple medicine” when she felt awful. I have many memories
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The Doctor-Patient Relationship: Going Out of Our Comfort Zone

by Maggie Kozel, MD On June 5th, 2013 I had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion in Summit, NJ sponsored by Fearless Parent. I am a practicing pediatrician, and my practice is pretty mainstream. But I have also written extensively about healthcare reform – specifically about the way healthcare industries and special interests now shape clinical clinical practice at least as much
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Can You Spoil a Baby?

by Jennifer Margulis “Oh Jenny, you can’t pick her up every time she cries,” my mom chided as I scooped my three-day-old out of her bassinette and into my arms. My newborn quieted immediately but I seethed inside. Why didn’t my mother understand that I had a physical, primal, urgent need to hold my daughter as much as my daughter needed to be held?
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What’s Going On Elsewhere? Are America’s Health Practices Really The Best?

  by Alison MacNeil I grew up believing America had the best medical system in the world. I didn’t just believe it. I knew it. We dominate in technology. We have the smartest scientists doing the most state-of-the-art research at the world’s top universities and think tanks. We are a global leader in providing humanitarian aid to impoverished nations. I also grew up believing
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