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Our Waldorf School Perspective

By Terri Hirning, Special Contributor to Fearless Parent We attend a Waldorf school for my son (almost 10), who is recovering from autism, and my daughter (7) who is neurotypical. I could not be happier! As we navigated the best educational choices for our children, we struggled like many families do, to find the right fit. We began in a traditional public school. My
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When Unschooling is the Right Choice

by Amy Yardley Starting with the disclosures, both of my parents taught public school for their entire careers. My mom ended her career in administration as a principal. My brother and I were hugely successful in the public school system. We got good grades and played competitive sports. We enjoyed clubs, friends, and fun times and went off to college for more of the
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School Choices: Mistakes and a Leap of Faith

by Louise Kuo Habakus When my boys were ready, I didn’t focus on a wide range of school choices. I had preconceived notions about the kind of place they should attend. These ideas were shaped by my own experience. My father worked for IBM. We moved a lot, and I attended many kinds of schools (public, private, boarding, alternative) in different countries (US, Kuwait,
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School Choices: Life Was Simpler Then

by Louise Kuo Habakus School… Then. I remember elementary school. It was my world. My parents took great care in raising me, but they knew little about my day to day reality in school. They met my friends and attended teacher conferences. They heard occasional tales of woe, boredom, or triumph, which punctuated a seemingly uninterrupted sequence of days between early September and mid-June. But that
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